Public channel | "olive" in hard work! Shanxi wishes two gold one silver! Football game is perfect!

Continuous rainy days dropped to cool the summer day

But the Erqing Council is still hot

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July 8th – July 17

Erqing Fair Football Tournament

Shanxi football training base continues

From Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangzhou, etc.

706 athletes of 51 representatives in 16 provinces and cities

Head 7 group gold medals

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July 17

Shanxi Swallow Football Team 60: 0

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Great victory Zhejiang Haiwang Football Team

Winning the club group men’s 1 group of 15 people champions

Erqinghui football project came to an end

6 teams representing our province

Got a total of two gold one silver

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In the fierce, the big score will win

Zhang Yifan coach in Shanxi Squad

Winning it in anticipation

Zhang Yifan: “It should also be expected, our Shanxi team adolescent strength www rajasthan patrika hindi news is getting stronger and stronger. Especially the men’s 15 people system, our hospital leaders and all aspects are very supportive. They have always been in accordance with the coaches. The intent is performed, and they played the level of 15 people system in Shanxi team, and our coach team is very satisfied. “

This winner will benefit very much.

The level of the team has also improved

But the champion is not the end of them.

The player Dai Zhendong said: “Step into adults in this game, and then play an adult game in the future. Strive to make contributions to the country in the future, strive to enter the national team!”

In addition, Taiyuan Longxiang team gets

Club Group Women’s Group 7 People Championship

Shanxi Summon Get

Club group women’s A group 7 human army

Rugby project

Mainly divided into three kinds of English, American and Australia

In the impression of the public

Rugby usually refers to the fierce competition

A American football that is rough, wearing protective gear hits

British football is relatively gentle

Mack and football players like

This competition is based on English football.

No matter which football

“Discipline Strict Gentleman’s Style”

Sports spirit is constant

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