On November 1, the world football transfer broke the news.

17: 00 – Barcelona club is reluctant to pay any economic compensation for Harvey, they ask Harvey to pay the breach of contract.

16: 20 – Messi mentioned in an interview that I don’t think I can get this year’s Golden Games. At that time, no one and I said that I can kick the Barceloni sabarimala online ticket reservationfor free. They hurt me for free.

If possible, I will do my best for Barcelona again. I love this creeper, Barcelona is always the best team in the world.

16: 00- Newcastle plans to offer 30 million euros in the winter, complete Tony Cross’s transfer, and also is also Manchester City.

15: 35 – Monaco responded to Liverpool, Chelsea and other teams, their requirements for Joan Minsi won’t be less than 40 million euros.

15: 21 – Nuno’s handsome position has been in jeopardy, and the hot stab is invited to invite Consti, and they also hope to return to Chetino.

14: 35 – In order to reinforce the team, Juventus is aimed at 3 targets, Dort Siter, Bayern’s Torus, or recalls Rove Ravera.

14: 28-Kongti is talking to the pike, he asked the talents to introduce 3 to 4 players in the winter, and provide him with a contract for three today’s sensational news years and 15 million euro year.

13: 59 – Dortmund Sports Director said that Hallant may go to a larger club in the future, but we will invest all the power to leave him.

13: 01 – Sevoras will leave Real Madrid in the winter, Betis intends to sign him with the way to buy, and the Roman club is also interested in him.

12: 06- Juventus launches Culssevsky price of 30 million euros, Florence has expressed its interest.

12: 00-Liverpool, Manchester United, Bayern’s intentional US new Star Pei Pei admitted that his dream is to join the Real Madrid.

11: 48- Juventus prepared a 4 million euro annual salary for 33 years old, and the contract period was a new contract for 2 years.

10: 51important news of 2020 in india – Leipzi Red Bull Front Front’s Kunku talked about the possibility of returning to Paris, he said, if there is a chance, why not?

10: 12-Sun newspaper broke the news, Manchester United was shocked with strange women in the bar, everyone can live in Baidu.

9: 29 – Araba said in an interview with a player: There is no meaning of the Bayern Club, but the Real Madrid is more than Bayern.

9: 00 – Due to the injury of Ramos, the Paris Club has begun to consider whether to terminate the contract with Ramos.