Bayern transfer: Alaba replaces the broker, will Austria Liu Xing leave Munich?

According to German media reports, Bayern players Allaba may leave Munich in this summer, Real Madrid and Barcelona intentionally introduce players.

Allaba has recently signed contract with brokers, and Zahawi is also a broker of news and Balai Wandoski, who was responsible for La Wan and Bayern’s renewal, and is very familiar with Bayern’s high level. “Sports Pictures” editor Fark updated news, and also confirmed that Araba and Zahawi have not reached a consistent, there is no signature. However, basically determined that Zahave will contribute to Araba to stay in Bayern, or go far from Spain.

Since the beginning of the 16 years old, Araba has played more than 350 games in Bayern, step by step, which is a world-class superstar, and Bayern who news today is indispensable. Bayern blem Robei Europe’s European football, became a strong ink history in the history of football, and inseparable from them, lam and Allaba were also flying behind them.

I saw a lot of comments that I can put away Araba from the perspective of tactical perspective. The author said it did not agree.

This season, Bayern after the fire injury, Eight million attraction, the old injury, Dagle Cross ligament torn. Alaba began to kick defenders and became an indispensable ring of middle and defense lines. Alfosso Davis was transformed into the left back of the left side, but the opponent was crushed with the violent speed, and the fans came out of Araba.

Alfonso’s performance has all won the heart of the club and fans, and the future should also occupy the main force of the left defender. After Lucas Erninand, after returning, there is a strong choice at the left back guard. In other words, Bayern has three world-class players on the left back. Because of this, many fans think that Allaba is not indispensable.

This reminds me of the story of last summer, after Luashe joined Bayern, we were still thinking about the world-class back defense line, and then suddenly wake up Huamels transfer Dortmund. Then Alaba became a sideware, and even Kikishi had a guest to guard, and Hu Mels appeared as always stable.

Back to the tactical adjustment. Alfonso’s strength has been recognized by the strength of the left defender, Lucas Ernande can serve as the middle guard, and Allaba can transform into the back waist. Whether it is defensive, or inserted, and the power of the ball, Allaba can say tough, not to mention the long-fired cannon, transformation into the back waist is very likely, and he has also played this position before . And with the growth of age, the decline in players is inevitable. For the role of side guards, the waist position after the speed of the speed is not good. For Allabel, multi-faced players in Allaba, for any club is a strong guarantee. Three left back guards can have a good performance in other locations. Three people can cover the left half of the entire course, which is undoubtedly greatly rich in Frei’s incense.

The rest can only be a contract. 8 million European annual salary, if it is renewed again, it should be went to the top salary of Bayern. Even if I go to other places, it is not casual that can be borne, Barcelona should be a treasure because of the chaotic salary structure, and Real Madrid is still possible. I personally prefer Araba to remain in Bayern, and the salary of salary or row after La Wan after renewal. Allaba, whether it is the Mia San Mia spirit of Bayern, or the tactical arrangement capacity requirement, is an important pen on the Dianfang red painting.

Helseys once rejected his furniture and creatures and clearly said that Allaba is a non-selling, and today, there is some change in things. Leaving, current Arab’s salary is currently 8 million euros after tax; leaving, then Bayern is a general.

For personal ideas, I hope that Allaba can stay. Leave it, you are the left of Andh, the confusion of Alaji is also because of you; leave it, after many years, I fantasize like the old brother of the big brother, including tears, shouting MIA San Mia leaves.

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