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The most realistic data, the most comprehensive simulation, “Football Manager” is in the past two decades for more than 20 years. It doesn’t have a beautiful picture, but it is still able to attract a large number of enthusiasts with gay, there are many active players. As the five major leagues started, the new generation of “Football Manager 2022” is about to be listed. In the face of this “New Year” series, we will definitely have a question: What is it changed compared to “Football Manager 2021”?

After all, the core selling dot database of “Football Manager” can be directly introduced into the old version. Because the single mode is dominated, if the system changes is not large enough, the player may lack attractive.

More real engine evolution

Not long time, I can feel this huge improvement on the animation engine. The players’ “slip”, and “transient” before the ball, almost no longer exist, all the ball movements, it seems to feel the earth. The players’ turn also have a lot of progress, faster turning speed, let the players can quickly adjust the face quickly, to achieve “one football”, play the convergence of the row of clouds; more smooth turning action, Let the players who are good at playing technology, sometimes it can make a fancy highlight such as “Marseille Rotating”, bringing me more visual enjoyment.

Beautiful football “putting the ball into the ball”

Engine improvement and player AI improvements, but also make changes in the game. The header is the most intuitive point, and its frequent frequency and score rate have greatly improved, which has become the most threatened offensive means. Most score opportunities are from the sidewalk, or the heads in the ball. When I manage Paris, only 1 meter 69 Messi is even higher, and I have to rely on the head.

In addition, the striker is more reasonable when playing a single knife. In the past few generations, the striker’s single knife had encountered the fate of “Hundreds of Messi, Temple”, eventually only chasing the viewer. In this work, I often see the forward ball, or draw a beautiful arc with a pick-up, which seems to be more diverse in the shooting choice, and let me see excitement.

Rules change

Synchronous with realities, is also a major feature of “Football Manager”. Britain offsum, new crown epidemic … These incidents have affected the game content in the previous generation. This year’s football big event is the new golden owner of the Newcastle, and the championship has changed.

In October this year, the British Old Bad Club Newcastle was acquired with a 32 million asset of Saudi, which became the world’s “richest” football club. The game also reflects this major event, and the New card has 230 million euros transfer funds, enough to buy many big players. The team is back on the Lord of Saudi, with sufficient investment support, nor does it have to worry about the damage of the Financial Affairs Act. This makes the Newcastle a “true protagonist” this.

Right transfer budget 233 million attention

Like reality, this European Champion League has also been fully canceled away from the entry rules. This rule refers to two rounds in the knockout. If the two teams have the same amount of goals, they will determine the winners with the number of passengers. After canceling, the two teams that score will continue to perform overtime and penalty battles to decide the final winner. This change is also more difficult to stage like “Rome reverse Barcelona”.

The new rules of the Champions League have also increased

These changes allow games to reflect the real world more truly, but also add a lot of generations to the team.

Very convenient system optimization

It seems a very complex system that makes many people always look at the “Football Manager”. But today, this series has become very friendly. Members of the employed coach groups can help players share most team management matters, training, renewal, conference, friendly games … As long as the player does not want to do, it can be pushed to the assistant coach. The generation is an introduction of a new “staff meeting” system to make the convenience further.

Arrange personal training, change the player positioning, adjust the positioning of the ball … These trivial and essential things, in the past generation, it is recommended to send to the player inbox in the form of the report. And this lengthy report always makes me don’t want to read. Good in the new staff conference system, has a substantial improvement in efficiency. In the face of the various proposals of the coach group, I just need to read it, and you can quickly handle a lot of items quickly all the way. The frequency of the meeting can be adjusted to January once a week. If the player doesn’t like this form, you can also choose to recover email reports.

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In addition, many systems have also received further optimization: the original “Team Report” menu, evolved into a “data center”, pay more attention to data visualization on the UI; transfers deadline, it will switch into a new interface, In the countdown, I feel that the broker’s success is improved for the game; the player’s rating has become a letter system from the original percent system, which is more visual; the middle and defend has added “Bian Defang” tactical options, More in line with the modern Sanzhong Health system, can be pulled by the attack, inner …

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There are also many detail modifications such as worth, VAR probability, and pinching humanoid, which makes the system more user-friendly and makes players’ game experience more convenient.

“Who is in the database? Mero.

The database is always ahead of the football game, which can be in line with the latest transfer window of the time, reflecting the performance of the actress, and updates the “demon” of high potential. Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey The most worthless place in the database in the database, is the new east of the “Double Double Pride” Messi and C Roz.

When C Luo once again ponced Mansha No. 7 jersey, the cheers of the old Trafford Stadium, as if I returned to twelve years ago. In the Manchester United Lathouse, C Luo, who has just returned home has been distributed in the game, and only 550,000 ohms, and it can be stupid compared with Messi, which is more than 1.7 million Eugs. The full game ranked fourth CA (current capabilities), strong body and nice headband technology, also made him a good performance in the new engine. When Manchester United is no longer subject to the Vampire owner of the United States and “Ren Yusi”, it is still a powerful compete for the European champion in the game.

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Big Paris has also become a true Galaxy warship after promoting superstars such as Messi and Ramos. However, the promising star Mabpe has decided to continue to renew, regardless of what the player uses any means, he will free transfer after a year. Players can choose to open him, if they are properly operated, they can directly switch the new star Halland.

Of course, players can also choose Liverpool, which is still versioning, or lead Barcelona to renew the revival, or use a low-level league team to board the peak. The huge database is enough to meet the players’ needs.

Some regret

The copyright of the “Football Manager” is not as comprehensive as “FIFA”. Most players’ avatars are “blackheads”. Due to copyright disputes, the name of the MAN UTD is also forced to replace “MAN UFC). However, players can still choose to play “false name correction patches” and avatar bags to solve these problems.

Too strong header, also makes some time the game is monotonous. I want to see players to go into the way with more skill, not a simple air bomb, can only expect the official version to adjust the appropriate balance.

Overall rating:

Compared with the previous generation, “Football Manager 2022” has no big breakthrough, but some small repairs that fall into practice make players have a more comfortable experience. The engine upgrade makes the game process, and the system improves many operations more convenient, and the database and rules that are in line with real-world, they have become the reasons for players to buy this generation.

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After Li Tie Competh, the paragraph is full of flying: Wikipedia was changed to "Mr. Oman" | Li Tie | Wikipedia | Oman

  Original title: After Li Tie Competition, Duan Tianfei: The whole network “change Li Tie” dreams back to Jinzhou, Wikipedia is changed to “Mr. Oman Football”

  In the sixth round of the 1999th, the Chinese team was home to Qatar at home. In the case of 1: 0 in Golden State, because Li Tie has changed the passing of the midfielder, the whole fan shouted “change Li Tie”. After more than 20 years, Li Tie also sat on the coach. However, after the national football 1: 1 draws Oman’s game, the voice of “Changing Li Tie” came again to cover the sky, and people Chelsea Jersey can’t help but dream back to Jinzhou.

Wikipedia with fansWikipedia with fans 

  Because of a lifelong change, the current national football coach Li Tie rate team ended on November Mbappé Jersey12th, in the game of Arman, in the case of 1: 0, 1: 1. This score means that the national football team enters the 2022 World Cup final stage hopes, fans are dissatisfied with Li Tie to reach a new height. The upstream journalist saw that an angry fan made a substantial change in Li Tie’s Wiki Encyclopedia: Oman’s football player, who won Aman’s football, current Oman’s coach … Although it is spoof, but the fans are angry in the heart of the fans A spot. At the same time, there are also many Duan Si Li Tie’s paragraph birth. The fans also shouted “change Li Tie”, I hope he take the initiative to take the initiative to vent the depression.

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  Since Wikipedia’s settings can be edited, tampering with the vast way to the Chinese fans has become one of the ventilation pathways of Chinese fans. A screenshot of a Wiki Encyclopedia Li Tiellist is constantly forwarded in the fans. I saw that Li Tie’s introduction was changed to “Oman’s football player, who won the Mr. Oman Football, is the main coach of Oman National Team.” Li Tie’s birth location was also changed to “Amanda Batana Muscat”. There is a fan after seeing the screenshot, “Oman is a mysterious change person, and it is true! Keep Oman’s hopes of the World Cup!” Li Tie, but also known as Li Jin, No.

  After all, in this game of Oman, Li Tie’s changeman was summed up by the fans. Oman caused threats! The possibility of replacing the Liverpool JerseyAlanva and finally get the goal again! One word! Absolute! “

  There is also a fan to Li Tie’s commentary to: “Li Tie used half-time to prove that his previous tactics and employers may be wrong, and then be a little unwilling, the second half is inspected, it is really wrong!” There are still many fans. In Luo Guofu, “Luo Guofu is rich in Yue Fei, the prosperity of the front kill, the guarantee of the country, but was recalled by the thief twelve gold medals!” “Oman is not right, and choose to replace the strongest No. 10. Li Tie saw 1: 0, and choosing the strongest Rochemical replacement. “

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National football on the 12th issue journey

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Editor in charge: Zhang Jianli

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"Double Eleven" is coming, want to help baby taste development? You can’t miss this kind!

But why modern China’s football will kick this stinky, this is because the royal family is more inclined to hunting, so the 蹴 蹴 will begin, in the modern times, the country pays more attention to industrial and Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey technology, not for sports is not Very emphasis, especially for football, basketball and other playing exercises are not enough, this leads to our national football, there is no foundation at the beginning, so the national football has never played well, almost a lost game.

However, China has already recognized this problem, and began to pay attention to the development of young football. Although some achievements, the reality is still having Liverpool Jersey a lot of young people and parents will not choose to let children choose football, they prefer to learn cultural classes, walk This road is not the main business, even if it is playing football, more is to play the role of exercise. But the development of young football is very important. It takes a good coach to cultivate them, guide them to make more formal, more systematic training, and have the opportunity to fight for the national team, this is helpful for Chinese football, but Nowadays, people who are now giving their children to play football are also relatively small, because football is a confrontational movement, it is easy to be injured in the training process, falling, sprained is home to the house, like fracture, there is Mbappé Jersey no happening, so the home is generally Willing to let the children are suffering from this bitter.

Chinese football is too crazy! China A is more than 100 million! Medium super month salary 10,000

Chinese football, there is a paid

In the past, Zhao Hejing, Beijing Guo’an, and also added it to the “Observation of the Truck”.

Yesterday evening, Zhao Hejing then updated his Weibo again after the birthday of half a year, but the beginning is a sentence: “The payment of the two-year time, the club once a promise, and once again lost a letter.”

Almost before and after, several Guizhou players such as Wang Chiang Liang, Wang Shou Tang, Lin Jiahao have released the same text and maps on their Weibo.

Obviously, this is a collective action between some players.

According to the “Request for Coordination of Wages”, the total length of the Guizhou team has taken more than 14 months. As for the bonus and performance salary, the arrears have lasted three seasons, from the 2019 season There have been problems, and the arrears are close to 100 million yuan.

At the beginning of this year, the players were negotiated with the club. After receiving the commitment of the wage in the club, the players completed the signature on the salary confirmation table, and the clubs were also completed.

This is also a case in the past two years: If you don’t sign, the club cannot complete access, and you will be separated from the jurisdiction of the Football Association and League, and the difficulty of launching will further increase; after signature, at least in the future, I have a door, but also provide a little feasibility for the transfer of the club.

According to the original schedule, the 4th stage of the China League will start in mid-November, so today is also the time to enter each other.

However, the current status of the Guizhou team is “even the basic training venue cannot be guaranteed, the player can only hold the physical condition in the gym, cement,”, “unmanned team status”, the player can not contact Manchester United Jersey the team’s responsibility people.

Perhaps it is because of this, players publish a launter situation in their social media, and decide not to enter the Division in accordance with the news of the media reporter.

However, it is very sad that this is not a key to the relevant media.

The reason is that it is also very simple: the payment is nothing to do. For most Chinese professional clubs, only the difference of arrears and unruly differences have been exploded.

According to the relevant reporter’s news, even in the top superchard, the team does not exceed the five families, pay attention to the “do not owe the salary” here, does not mean that the salary, performance and bonuse can be Press time.

The highest Kits Football Kits exposure is the case, then in relatively lack of people, China B league, even if it is small, the situation is basically no relatively good possibilities.

Just before the Guizhou team broke out, Tianjin Jinmei Tiger has also appeared in the Super Club.

It can also guarantee wages, the bonuses are issued on time, and the salary in September is not issued, and each person only received 10,000 yuan.

Will this? Will not continue? When can I make the salary? These problems are currently unknown, and the players can only prepare the next game with the mood.

Throughout the current Chinese football, the club that does not pay for it is already a good club, which can be reflected in grades. This season’s Football Association, Shandong Mbappé Jersey Taishan, Henan Lushan Longmen, Shanghai Harbor and Shanghai Shenhua, is a team that is currently operative and optimistic, and in the China Character list, the top three are expected to enter the next season. Super League Meizhou Hakka, Wuhan Third Town and Zhejiang Team, even when Chinese football is crazy, they have relatively rational, and they have not brought too much burden now.

At this point, it is precisely that Weibo certification is still the “Guizhou Hengfeng Football Club Chairman”, “said that he was reflected in the interview last year.

When I talked about the difference between the Super League and China League, Wen Yuting said that the team’s investment in Zhongchao is blind, which has the objective reasons for the market thermalness, and there is also a subjective reason why it is insufficient. “We really eat. A lot of losses.

In her opinion, the downgrade has become a good thing. After all, this makes the parent company aware that heavy gold investment is unsustainable, but under various hits, this has changed, I am afraid it is not enough.

In accordance with the current situation, there are still many teams that have not been exploded, everyone is almost hard.

When China’s football gold medal bubble is the most exaggerated, the correlation method of attraction adjustment fee has not played, which has become a bad debt of the Chinese Football Association unable to handle, and it is not that it is not.

However, from the perspective of curbing the golden football, the biggest problem that is useless to adjust the adjustment fee is to waste the most valuable time window. When the policy of expenditure, the parent company behind the club is actually unable to carry out high investment, so it has become a “collapse of the market”.

Therefore, in the process of cracked in China’s football, Chinese football managers also have their own responsibilities.

Previously, I have been doing wrong, I can’t be wrong in the future.

According to the encounter of Guizhou players, the so-called salary prize confirmation table can be completely restored. This piece of paper does not have the effect of supervising the club.

The joint industrial and commercial departments conducted a transparent inspection of the club fiscal, and the legal support for the players on the players were what the Chinese Football Association, and even higher-level managers should do.

Only this, the tubling of the Chinese football is likely to be completely cured.

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CCTV5 live harbor vs Shenhua: Oscar suspension affects the big harbor 5-1 leading stable counterattack

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The Lii is the world’s famous, the World Cup champion coach, and the Guangzhou team and national football team coached the peak period. At that time, the annual salary of the national football is as high as 20 million euros, which is the top annual salary of Kits Football Kits the world football.Due to the “skirt” relationship of the Lipper, his assistant Madoni also coached the Olympics, and the result was true.The newbie coach in Canarvaro, in the Guangzhou Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseyteam to get a 5-year big contract for the annual salary of 12 million euros, more reasons are the relationship between Liubi, the European top coach in Concerti, the salary of the coaching of Intermi is 12 millionEuro, Xiaozuji’s level of coaches in Serie A is also around 3 million euros.