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Italy VS Switzerland

Italy’s current situation:Italy has been carried out in 6 rounds, and there are 2 rounds. At present, 14 points in Italy, 14 points in Switzerland, 8 points in Bulgaria, 5 points in Northern Ireland and Lithuania 3 points, Northern Ireland and Lithuania have been eliminated, Bulgaria also Basically eliminated, the situation of this group will be the first return of Italy and Switzerland. According to the rules, the first can be directly out of the group, the group can only kick the addition, Italy is in the last preliminaries. On the addition, this time I believe that they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, and they are expected to win the first Swiss lock group.

The team main Barera, Bellardi, Pelegri recently have a record record, the performance is good, the offensive end is excellent, and the team has been able to get a record record, the team The ball is actively enterprising, and the number of balls in the nearly three events in the team exceeds 2 goals, and the main scene is relatively firm. In the past, 10 homes were only defeated, but they won the 6 games. Overall performance.

In the world rankings, Italy ranks 4th, Switzerland, the world, the world, the world’s strong team, from the player’s strength, Italy is stronger than Switzerland, in the European Cup this summer, Italy shows excellent performance, group match 3 All the fields are all, kicking into 7 goals, one goal is not lost, the uptack is significantly increased, the knockout is continuous, after promoting the final final, and England kicks 1-1 in regular time, and finally launched the European Cup champion, The overall strength is quite good.

Switzerland’s current situation:Switzerland is not good, although the whole is not as good as Italy, but they are in this year’s European Cup or good performance, Switzerland 1 wins 1 won in the European Cup Group 1 win, in the best group, third out, knockout They played with the World Cup Champion French team. In the case of 1-3 behind, they played into 3-3, and finally, I won the French, and the 8th game was also kicked to the final game with another World Cup. Spain. Although the final Chelsea Jersey point is lost, the strength is still quite good, the team mainly enabo, Sterff, Gaverolavic wrapped in 4 grains, the foot is quite, the team passed 8 The field events remained continuous score and won four games. The status is quite stable. The European pre-selected in Switzerland can be zero opponents. At present, the defensive end is more good, and the strong team is not weak.

This field: Although Switzerland lost to Italy in the European Cup Group this summer, after entering the Manchester United Jersey world, the two teams handed over Switzerland 0-0 kicking flat italy, and did not let the Italian goal, In the first 6 rounds of groups, the two teams were 4 wins and 2 flat, 12 Italian scored 12, 10 Switzerland, the ball is the same, both parties are basically almost the same, the two teams pay attention to the defensive team .

The two teams have played again, I believe that there is no change in style. Dialogue is directly dialogue in this round of two teams. This game is the first place in the group. It Liverpool Jersey is related to the opportunity to go directly. The two teams will certainly not rush to the attack, maybe First make a good defense, patiently look for opportunities, then take the other party, this game goal is not a lot, initially giving it to Italy’s good support, there is a loss of weakening in the later period, the difficulty is not very difficult, it is too easy to avoid The individual is more optimistic about at least one point in Switzerland.#Italy#

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After Li Tie Competh, the paragraph is full of flying: Wikipedia was changed to "Mr. Oman" | Li Tie | Wikipedia | Oman

  Original title: After Li Tie Competition, Duan Tianfei: The whole network “change Li Tie” dreams back to Jinzhou, Wikipedia is changed to “Mr. Oman Football”

  In the sixth round of the 1999th, the Chinese team was home to Qatar at home. In the case of 1: 0 in Golden State, because Li Tie has changed the passing of the midfielder, the whole fan shouted “change Li Tie”. After more than 20 years, Li Tie also sat on the coach. However, after the national football 1: 1 draws Oman’s game, the voice of “Changing Li Tie” came again to cover the sky, and people Chelsea Jersey can’t help but dream back to Jinzhou.

Wikipedia with fansWikipedia with fans 

  Because of a lifelong change, the current national football coach Li Tie rate team ended on November Mbappé Jersey12th, in the game of Arman, in the case of 1: 0, 1: 1. This score means that the national football team enters the 2022 World Cup final stage hopes, fans are dissatisfied with Li Tie to reach a new height. The upstream journalist saw that an angry fan made a substantial change in Li Tie’s Wiki Encyclopedia: Oman’s football player, who won Aman’s football, current Oman’s coach … Although it is spoof, but the fans are angry in the heart of the fans A spot. At the same time, there are also many Duan Si Li Tie’s paragraph birth. The fans also shouted “change Li Tie”, I hope he take the initiative to take the initiative to vent the depression.

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  Since Wikipedia’s settings can be edited, tampering with the vast way to the Chinese fans has become one of the ventilation pathways of Chinese fans. A screenshot of a Wiki Encyclopedia Li Tiellist is constantly forwarded in the fans. I saw that Li Tie’s introduction was changed to “Oman’s football player, who won the Mr. Oman Football, is the main coach of Oman National Team.” Li Tie’s birth location was also changed to “Amanda Batana Muscat”. There is a fan after seeing the screenshot, “Oman is a mysterious change person, and it is true! Keep Oman’s hopes of the World Cup!” Li Tie, but also known as Li Jin, No.

  After all, in this game of Oman, Li Tie’s changeman was summed up by the fans. Oman caused threats! The possibility of replacing the Liverpool JerseyAlanva and finally get the goal again! One word! Absolute! “

  There is also a fan to Li Tie’s commentary to: “Li Tie used half-time to prove that his previous tactics and employers may be wrong, and then be a little unwilling, the second half is inspected, it is really wrong!” There are still many fans. In Luo Guofu, “Luo Guofu is rich in Yue Fei, the prosperity of the front kill, the guarantee of the country, but was recalled by the thief twelve gold medals!” “Oman is not right, and choose to replace the strongest No. 10. Li Tie saw 1: 0, and choosing the strongest Rochemical replacement. “

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National football on the 12th issue journey

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Editor in charge: Zhang Jianli

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"Double Eleven" is coming, want to help baby taste development? You can’t miss this kind!

But why modern China’s football will kick this stinky, this is because the royal family is more inclined to hunting, so the 蹴 蹴 will begin, in the modern times, the country pays more attention to industrial and Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey technology, not for sports is not Very emphasis, especially for football, basketball and other playing exercises are not enough, this leads to our national football, there is no foundation at the beginning, so the national football has never played well, almost a lost game.

However, China has already recognized this problem, and began to pay attention to the development of young football. Although some achievements, the reality is still having Liverpool Jersey a lot of young people and parents will not choose to let children choose football, they prefer to learn cultural classes, walk This road is not the main business, even if it is playing football, more is to play the role of exercise. But the development of young football is very important. It takes a good coach to cultivate them, guide them to make more formal, more systematic training, and have the opportunity to fight for the national team, this is helpful for Chinese football, but Nowadays, people who are now giving their children to play football are also relatively small, because football is a confrontational movement, it is easy to be injured in the training process, falling, sprained is home to the house, like fracture, there is Mbappé Jersey no happening, so the home is generally Willing to let the children are suffering from this bitter.

Why did Chen Yu Ting are in the air? Let the military strike in the interview, lead the female football into the 2023 World Cup

Sports projects in China this year have always been very intense in games and training, and new cycles have begun, all athletes are also preparing for events or have entered the stadium.

Today, Xiaobang took everyone to talk about the recent Chinese men’s football. Over the end, the men’s football national team also became more fierce, next to the national team and Oman men. The football team is about to kick.

Li Tie as the main coach has always wanted to apply for the home of the game to us, but the desire of dreams has not passed. Therefore, all the men’s team players in the national team must go to Siagia to carry out football competitions again. This situation also makes our Chinese men’s football team have a fear, and fans also feel that they hope that they hope that they have to play good results. NS!

After all, I reviewed the previous game, in the first four football games, our national team’s football only got three points of grades! This makes our football national team’s future in the future, and many fans are very angry and questioned, and there are many fans who cry, let Li Tie quickly go home!

Cheap Soccer JerseyLater, everyone also knew that Li Tie was now in the Chinese men’s football team, and the annual salary plus various subsidies and bonuses.1000WThis makes everyone accept it anymore, let him leave, the voice of the main coach has been more and more strong, because now Li Tie breaks the jar of broken attitude, plus special stubborn coaching style, which makes many fans I feel that he once again serves a Chinese men’s football team, and the purpose is not just simple.

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Not only because of your favorite football, but also because of the high-quality coach! Although the vast number of fans and fans don’t like Li Tie, and they will attack him together.

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However, the attitude towards the Chinese Football Association, but Li Tie is quite stable in the national team’s coach. In fact, the Football Association also understands that the Chinese men’s football is facing, but Li Tie has left this position, then the football association must Looking for a higher annual salary of foreign coaches to coach, because from the domestic current situation, it is difficult to accept this stall! !

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We have just analyzed this situation in front, and there is a place to give Li Tie. They all know that he has also known as heroes and gods in his career.

Lionel messi JerseyBecause Fan Zhiyi is the first athlete who got the Asian football, and at that time, he was also the most successful athlete of the Chinese man football team. After all, Chelsei, who had not been famous, was to follow Fan Zhiyi. The latterior work, and in order to earn a tip, I also give him shoes, from this to see how high it is glory!

Since Fan Zhiyi left the man’s football career and retired, he turned to the Shanghai Men’s Football Youth Team to carry out the main coach, in this team, Fan Zhiyi has been led by a very good coach, let Shanghai The young athletes of men’s football are very good at the field, and he has also become a great successor of Xu Genbao’s football school!

This time, Li Tie, who is called Fan Zhiyi and the current men’s football team form a very distinct contrast. He said in a reporter’s interview. If Li Tie is not good, I will come!

Now he leads the results of our football national team, the football association should let more people like our people try it, from all aspects, I have no reason why the main coach is not? Then I lead the men’s football national team as long as I don’t have the results in the field, then I don’t want it!

After Fan Zhiyi received an interview, Li Tie was in the situation. After all, he released the big words. No a few people dared to say, no one, but undertake this responsibility, but can not tell the salary, Like Li Tie’s green yellow on the ground, green to the end, he will get a lot of hands!

Now, Fan Zhiyi said, also let the fans of the national teams have triggered a snoring and controversial, the fans also force Fan Zhiyi, and the reason why he can say this, and his temper personality is also related, because he will not be because It is a relationship household, in the team to delay the time, affect the results of the game! I will not talk to the player while I am squeezing people!

Just like Li Tie, this will wait for the relationship between the relationship between the relationship, it is really not afraid of the straightness like Fan Zhiyi, shouting out their names in an interview?

Nowadays, the men’s football national team also has a very good athlete, and there is a good ability to make a good results in the field, but only the coach affects a team. So now Fan Zhiyi has occurred like this, we have to see how the next football association will pick up and adjust!

Dear fans, do you think Fan Zhiyi is suitable for a new coach for men’s football? Welcome to the discussion of the region ………

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China’s first football history as the first foreign aid

Waluo Jia’s full name that carat Rostov (Vladimir Nakhratov), ??was the first foreign aid since the Chinese professional football. Played Shanghai Shenhua, Guangdong Hongyuan. Winner of the 1994 A League Liverpool Jersey best foreign aid in 1995, Chinese A League championship.

Chinese soccer professional since 1994, ushered in the name of countless kinds of foreign aid. Compared to today’s big gathering, the original foreign aid are often lacking fame, and some even the most basic information is also difficult to find. But a Russian foreign aid 名叫瓦洛嘉 but in the hearts of many fans in Shanghai left a very deep impression on the students amateur players to join the Shanghai Shenhua at the age of 21, became the first batch of Chinese football history of foreign aid, also the first foreign aid striker.

Xu Genbao Cheap Soccer Jersey Russian election assistance in person, watching videos pick in the amateur striker

Wa Luojia be joining Shenhua, is Xu Genbao personally to bring it in Shanghai. The end of 1993, not even 50-year-old Xu Genbao led the Orangemen are following Miru with the impact of World Cup tickets. After playing in the group stage of the second phase, Xu Genbao Shanghai Sports Commission received a message asking him to come back to take over the Shanghai team. Considered again, Xu Genbao decided to resign from the national team duties, returned to his hometown Shanghai. Followed by municipal leaders decided to set up a club, but it is the coach Xu Genbao. In October, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Xu Genbao instructed Gong Xueping, and pick up foreign aid to Russia. This is the first trip abroad in search of Chinese football foreign aid, Xu Genbao later wrote in his autobiography, “when starting mind that programs do not just remember Gong, vice mayor gave me the indication is: ‘The introduction is victory.'”

In fact this is not just a lack of looking for foreign aid program, strictly speaking, it is nothing, no psychological level, no plans signings position, even the club itself have not been established. After repeated questioning vice mayor, Xu Genbao just got this psychological level “of about $ 1,000 a month now.” Under the professional appeal, Xu Genbao bite the bullet came to the cold Russian.

The first stop is the club Zenit St. Petersburg, Russia, Xu Genbao to find a number of outstanding players in this big club in the former Soviet Union, but the other side of the asking price to $ 200,000 transfer fee and a $ 8,000 monthly salary, psychology and Xu Genbao a huge price gap. Upon seeing the other side Zenit has recommended a second team, Xu Genbao also pick on a player, but additional conditions in the negotiations and this player’s asking for too much, strength and not so good, only to give up.

Zenit hit with a bloody nose, Xu Genbao recommended by others, Smith went to the local club. That Smith is a second division team in Russia, belonging to the amateur club. Smith saw that the boss Xu Genbao very welcome, invite this potential business partners to watch the team’s game. Xu Genbao spot fancy two players, Smith and that captain and goalkeeper Sarah Coutts, that was 比赛瓦洛嘉 did not play, Xu Genbao finally selected him through the video, the idea was “luck.”

Everything is going well, salsa monthly salary is $ 1,000, Coutts $ 600 Waluo Jia $ 500. But the two sides in the contract signed by Xu Genbao made difficult because the Shanghai club has not established what he called the team is good? Xu Genbao Naoliao half-head, decided to temporarily named “Oriental Club.” In this way, only 21-year-old followed Waluo Jia Xu Genbao went to Shanghai, began a period of quite legendary time.

Shenhua Group took over, the club was formally established in December 1993, which is well known to fans of the Shanghai Shenhua club officially hired coach Xu Genbao do. In January 1994, Waluo Jia were officially reported to the team, and his teammates began preparing for work as well as Xu Genbao ready for the new season.

Joining Shenhua is being questioned, the end of the season as “Outstanding Youth”

From amateur to professional clubs club, arrived in Shanghai on the first day of training Waluo Jia had suffered a psychological gap, Shenhua was very bad conditions, poor training site conditions, no decent shelter, food quality is also very general. Waluo Jia and salsa more directly describe sleeping wooden bed looks like a prison. Finally, Xu Genbao for them to find a hotel, breakfast and dinner can eat Western food at the hotel, lunch and teammates, “such as cutting boards around a big table to eat the same big pot” (Xu Genbao autobiography language), as the travel club sent them a man a bicycle. In addition to the daily room and board, training is also a problem. Waluo Jia and salsa day only morning training in the amateur clubs, and almost no strength training, is the result of foreign aid are trained in a Russian hit on the back, muscle soreness after training, not accustomed to. There are players reflect these Russia to the “yellow hair” level it is not enough, even the young players not as good as his teammates in the evaluation Waluo Jia said: “He really did not play, he came to Shenhua after that, there are a lot of basic things we taught him, so much that he was in Shenhua training, might as well say he is learning in Shenhua. “Finally, Waluo Jia and salsa or stayed, the Coutts because the problem of income returned to Russia, until mid-season before re-joining Shenhua, but only participated in the game.

It turns out that although Valojia will not play in teammates, he can go to the ball.

Finally, I finally ushered in the first game of the league. Shenhua said in the face of Shenyang Sea Lion. Valojia won the main striker, and his partner is a famous national strength. Li Xiao. In the end, Valojia opened a record for Shenhua in the game, helping the team’s 3-2 to open the door. The whole season came down, Shenhua opened 4 battles, but the team has been in touch with the other party, as well as some of the main performance, etc. 1-6 Improvised Guangzhou Sun God and so on. However, it is good to have a rebound in the final stage, and finally got the League 3, completed the goal of the top 6 season. Valo Jiazhi and Li Xiaogeng tacit understanding, Li Xiao picked up 11 goals, Valojia also scored 10 goals, became a star player in the league, and the excellent performance made him continue to stay in the team. At the end of the season, Valojia has also selected the Northern Northern All-Star Platform, and the Hongkou District of Shanghai also comes to the top ten outstanding young people in Hongkou District.

At the end of the season, Xu Genbao went to Russia’s new foreign aid again in the north. This destination is St. Petersburg and Moscow, in Moscowsbad and St. Petersburg Zitei selection players. However, pockets turned a large circle, and Xu Genbao brought back Wasi and High Jiao players from Sch Middle. After completing the quotation, Xu Genbao also went to Valojia in the home of St. Petersburg, visited his family. At that time, Valo Jia was shackled with someone else, co-use toilet and kitchen, but he doubled in China than he doubled in Russia, more than 4 to 5 times higher than that of ordinary employee, which also let the tile The mother of Luo Jia was very grateful to Xu Genbao to his care.

Equipped with hepatitis, leaving Shenhua, still do not forget football

However, before the start of the 1995 season, Li Xiao was found to have hepatitis. Valojia suddenly lost a good partner, and the league opponent has also learned his characteristics, this young striker is gradually lost in the new season. The first 2 game Shenhua 1 flat 1 is 1 flat, the team has been in difficult, and the deputy mayor of Gong Xueping also proposed “Wauroba” with the team. The top of Valo Jia is another young striker Xie Hui. In the first appearance and Sichuan competition, he scored a name of the headball of the goal. Valojia is still difficult to go into the ball, gradually becoming a substitute, even if the Xie Hui is from the team to participate in the National Olympics, the starting is another teenager. At the end of the season, Shenhua won the 6-point advantage, and all this seems to have been related to Waurob, and he is not surprisingly abandoned by the team. Wauroba after leaving Shenhua did not leave China, but joined the Guangdong Hongyuan in the south. Hongyuan is the 4th place in the League in the 1995 season, and the best competitor of Shenhua compete for the champion. However, this time I didn’t let Valojia find back the ball state, and the 16 games only scored 1 Lionel messi Jersey goal. After a short effectiveness, he returned to Russia. After returning to China, Valoda’s football career did not improve, but in China’s savings made him to purchase his own house and car and married his girlfriend. In addition, before joining Shenhua, he also returned to the campus. Because the school retained the student status, Valojia successfully completed his school, until the graduate graduated, received a graduation certificate of chemical engineers. During reading, Although Valojia has no more accumulation in football, he has never given up the beloved football. He adds sports coaching professional to guide the children to play, and become a indoor football club after retiring. The coach has also obtained the champion of the European Five People’s Championships.

Return to Shanghai Memories, Chelsea Jersey China’s glory

In 2014, Valojia signed a 7-day tourist visa. Since the waist bag and the old team Frienda Salsa came to Shanghai, once again saw the Shenhua fans, returned to Shenhua Base. When I was interviewed, Valoda recalled the life of myself in Shanghai. “At that time, we also specially went to the Bund to see the Oriental Pearl Tower in the construction, people said that this will become the highest architecture in Asia, unfortunately, Until arrived, I didn’t see the construction of the completion. “” I remember that I was also awarded the award of the Hongkou District ‘Top’ Top ‘Top’ ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”, the Award of the Bund. Said, there is a Nobel Prize winner, there is a famous band command. And I was only 21 years old, it was a furhead, I haven’t seen anything, I saw such a grand Soccer Jersey Discount ceremony, I only feel I There is a kind of shock. I didn’t understand the meaning of this, or I didn’t fully understand. Until so many years later, I recall again, I think it is really very for myself. After all, in one Among the life of a person, especially a foreigner’s life, I have such a honor, such a moment, really can be able to be with my own child. “

In 2018, the World Cup came to Russia, Valojia and his friends appreciate the world’s football style in their own house, and the Chinese football he used to take once again with the World Cup.

Brazil’s villain player Jobson, the four girls also sent photos to show off, finally self-sufficiency

Although the British has created football, the ball has Lionel messi Jersey carried forward in the Brazilian feet. The Samba Legion continued to emerge in the world-class star, which was directly dominated by the world. But people have no more people, from the slums coming out of the slum, there is no good education, flying Huang Tengda, performed a stealing incident. From the ball Wang Beli, the wolf Romario, and then the rack of the flagner in Today is almost all of them. Ferrone is to avoid the exhaustion of the family, do the birth surgery, Xiao Luo Shen Yan, leading to the decline, no one cares. When the Samba army can get rid of the beautiful gods, it is estimated that only God knows.

In Brazil, Jobson did not have a good name. He was born in the slum, and he contacted football early Chelsea Jersey and could be talent. After playing for a few years, the name did not kick, but it became a qualified player. There is no more than 10 million worth, can be in Bayia, there are millions of his worth. There are luxury homes, there are luxury cars, this young man naturally tail. Everyday luxury homes, go to the bar to carnival at night, he lives at the emperor’s life. A person like him is drunk, Brazil has hundreds of thousands. But this guy likes to stimulate and walk in the illegal edge.

The so-called man walks by the river, which is unpaid. In 2009, Jobson conducted a drug test. As a result, this is positive. In this regard, he shouted, saying that he was innocent. Please don’t make you clear, only herself Football Shirts Wholesale clear. Subsequently, the Bopafo Club official announced the contract. Other clubs are afraid to reflect on the fire, and they have been respected. In an instant, Jobson is like crossing the mouse, everyone is disappearing. After three years of five years, Jobson can turn over. But he did not stand on the green venue again, but always beloved at home.

The ancient language has a cloud, and the wine is full of lust. Jobson, who is free of the whole day, does not care about the disaster of prison. He went to some girls to participate in the banquet, under the mobilization of alcohol, this guy encouraged them. Under the influence of alcohol and drug, a girl became groggy. Jobson saw, bringing four girls in her home. Soccer Jersey Discount In that luxury home, he is like a beast, for what you want. Afterwards, Jobson also sent a photo to show off.

It is only very unfortunate that Jobson has not begun to tell this glorious deed, and the police will find the door to the door is an alleged rape. It turned out that several girls with him in the spring are not adults, one is 13 years old, one 14 years old, two 13 years old. Regardless of the country, adultery of prostitutes will be assured. After this is exposed, the Liverpool Jersey fifth girl stands up again and accuses Jobson’s animal line. Nowadays, the player can repent to God, please spend money, please ask some big lawyers. Otherwise, I will enhance the prison, I will definitely be hurt by the prison.

In the history of the football, there is more than Jobson, who is like the Sunderland of the Premier League, Johnson, is arrested by the police because of the incident of the trouserdes, and thus jail. French star Ben Zema and Ribel have also been involved in the broth. This is a lot of time for nearly 7 months, and the two star life is stirred up. Later, the two escaped. Just than the above three, Jobson is more distant.