Big scandal!The widow is exposed to the Golden Globe Journey to harass, the Hollywood actress is treated as a play object?

bihar cm news The Golden Globe is the most important award outside Oscar in the US film and television. It is also the most popular event in the United States.Getting the Golden Globe, may change the life of the actor and director.

But this month, in the United States, the dtc newsUnited States is headed by “the widow” Sheri Johnson and “Green Giant”, and set off the movement of the organizer of the Golden Games.

After Waynestan, Hollywood still staged sexual harassment, racial discrimination and corruption in one after another.

Scarlett explodes harassment, boycott the Golden Globe Award

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The organizer of the Golden Globe, or the organizer is an organization called “Hollywood Foreign News Association” (HFPA), composed of hundreds of journalists and columnist. They play a decisive role for the awards of the Golden Globe.

Such a “authoritative” organization, the member was burst with greedy old white male.Organize internal rejection of female reporters to join and have the same fluctuates with holuses Waynestan. The Golden Games of them are not only filled with corruption and deactivation, but also more seriously discriminate against women and ethnic minorities.

February “Los Angeles Times” issued a survey article to accuse the HFPA and the Golden Globe Award, but did not pick up water. Until a few days ago, this issue was once again attached. Because there is finally a big star dare to stand up and face the Golden Games.

The people who speaking this sound are Scarleti Johnson, she has won five golden game nominated, but the first time to accuse Hollywood controlled Hollywood controlled by HFPA, to harass her and other actresses.

The widow is asked in the women’s team, is asked to wear underwear.

Skye said she has faced a member of the HFPA organization many times, and it is discriminatory interview and sexual harassment.HFPA is an organization that never knows to respect women, so she will urge more performance art industry to boycott the Golden Awards unless they reform.

At the Women’s Federation, only how the oligan keeps your body.

The widow is actually mentioned many times before he has been gender in the circle. She has entered the film industry in her teens. I haven’t been a few years of Sheri to find that I can’t say “no” machine. She said she was using all the old men around him, so that she could not Recognizing that you are a valuable person.

Just like HFPA, Hollywood’s high-level organizations are known. The oligant recalled that she found that she couldn’t move the rules of the upper power, so that she had to convince her to play a “cool girl.” Forced yourself to play with them, even accepted their sexual harassment.

“In order to continue your career, I must compromise.”But the widow said that she couldn’t keep in touch with the bad behaviors of the high-level harsh, nor did she hurt other actresses. So she decided to make HFPA’s behavior.

Immediately, the power of the widow is taken by Mark Mark Ruffalo. He criticizes HFPA’s behavior is disappointing and supports the ignon boycotting HFPA. And said HFPA’s behavior, let yourself be ashamed as the Golden Globe.

Soon the boycott has risen to between film and television companies. Net fly and Amazon have issued a statement to stop cooperation with HFPA. You may feel that because an actress’s complaint, you will resist a grand prize, which is exaggerated.

But in fact, many actors have endured Hollywood endless disadvantages, big men, moral corruption and corruption too long too long.

Hollywood is a variety of associations, a power circle formed by a large factory, the top of each circle, is pressing an actress. Therefore, even after one of the big insects, Waynestein is still a talents.

Many famous actresses tell them that they are discriminated against, harass, and have no way in the US entertainment industry. In Hollywood, all rules have been developed by the award organizers, the film factory and the big director, and most of these people are so-called “old white men”.

Therefore, women’s actors are quite a fate of tremendous toys.

The Actress Reese Witherspoon is known as the image of blonde sweetheart girl in the early stage of the occupation. She actually wanted to transform, playing mother’s role challenged themselves.

But the broker obstructed her: “If you play your mother, then you will ruin, they will think you are an old woman, no one wants to find you.”

But even if you don’t want to play my mother? Reese was 37 years old by Hollywood’s financial adviser warning “to save money immediately”, because “The actress like you is about 40 years old career.”

Golden Globe and Oscar have nominated Maggie Gyllenhal encountered more ridiculous things. At the age of 37, she came to the audition to inform her too old, “I can’t play the affiliate of the 55-year-old male protagonist.”

Maggie feels angry and ridiculous, but this is indeed Hollywood’s hidden rules. Media company Vocativ analyzed Hollywood blockbuster in the past five years and found a tempting model:Young male must be with age, the old man must match the little girl.

Take the A soup brother, when he was 24 years old, “Zhuang Zhi Yun”, the heroine was Maigeli than him. When I arrived at the 51st “tomorrow edge”, the heroine was a small 20-year-old Emily Brown.

They will always only favor the two or thirty-year-old actresses, and they will see the sexual charm in the traditional female actors. This is the case that the experience of Rose McGowan, an actress Rose McGowan standing out in Waynestan.

She was told by the broker to stay long hair, otherwise “Corner Director will not want to make love with you, if they don’t want to make love with you, you will not hire you.” More sadly, her broker is also a woman.

Rose McGowan’s styling comparison

“I heard this sentence from an elderly woman, she has become a high-rise mouthpiece, which is too sad.

But if you meet the beautiful sexy in their mouth, you will get a job, but lose respect. Mila Kunis, a young woman, is very painful in Hollywood.

She once wrote that he was insulted, crowded, deliberately ignored. There have been producers threaten her to shoot half nude photos, otherwise I will never want to mix Hollywood.

After marriage with actor Ashton Kutcher, discrimination is still continuing, she is called “Kutcher’s wife and mother”, not actress Mila.

This is largely related to Hollywood lack of female high-rise, female big director and producer. Avatar’s heroine Zoe Saldana said that when the film was played, it would be very disturbed during the film, because the crew was very small.

“You have almost no chance to cooperate with female director. Some female producers will not stand in order to stand out against some male high-rise malodors. If there is something, you will definitely be disadvantageous.”

When the sexual harassment, the actress will be “calculated”, and the same situation also happened to the scriptures in the script.

Stone sister Emma Stone is like an actor after moving with the actor, there is still no row. She has created a series of very interesting chin for her own character, but she was not written by the crew. Later, the stone sister learned that they were given to the group of male presenses without permission of her segment.

“The story of the woman” Actress Elisabeth Moss submitted to the film factory was hooded, she only learned that she was because the male executives of the film were unanimously thought that “this script is too female.”

Therefore, in this lack of diverse women, Hollywood, women’s executives and directedations, actors are pressed or violated, but nowhere is natural and natural.

If you pay attention to Hollywood interview, it will be unsurprised to find that in addition to those acting artists or extremely fortunate actresses, almost no female is famous. Everyone can say a few examples of sexual assault, discrimination, and stress.

Some people succumb to the rules have become the vested interests of helper or malodous rules. Some people are lucky enough to hear their complaints today, and some have already disappeared in the crowd.

Widow public accusation of rutland

The widow can stand up to resist HFPA, which is very big for Hollywood. Not only is women, but the entire movie ecology, because the problem of HFPA is far more than a breath.

The most “water” award, crazy bribery

In February, in the survey of HFPA, many of the operation details of the black box behind the Golden Globe Awards were shocking.

If, Oscar consolidates the art status of director and actor, then the Golden Games guarantees the entertainment and business value of nominated movies.

No one hires money, HFPA’s golden arbiter, has a huge power like the goddess. As mentioned earlier, the members of HFPA are a group of reporters, and the Golden Games is a tool for them. The film quality is good, they are not very care. And Waynestan and others who are willing to do a movie public relations with high prices can be said to be a willingness to fight.

Many of the HFPA members are only fixed income of ordinary writers, but they have monopolized Hollywood information from this association to hinder other media reports. This creates a movie to get exposure, it is unable to escape the review of the HFPA Association.

From another perspective, if the money is in place, the negative news of the crew can also help the film.

Therefore, the time period of the golden award nominated every year is the time when they are big. They can get together with stars, live in five-star hotels, participate in the ongoing dinner, and give high gifts.

For example, in 1999, the core members of HFPA were found to collect 82 famous watches to exchange the “Sixth Goddess” awards for Sharon Stone.

In the survey, they often charge the welfare provided by the film company and the manufacturer to exchange or vote for a movie. Even selling media qualification certificates, let some strange twelfth line artists or media enter the red carpet scene.

A senior public relations personnel revealed that they have received “suggestions” from HFPA individual members in the past 10 years. Tell them, just pay 5,000 to $ 10,000, they can lobby other members to nominate movies.

This money doesn’t look much wrong? However, it is a group of people who have no professional literacy, nor do you have any good articles, purely relying on the power to close the people. It is these people to build Hollywood’s largest awards.

How can the movie industry develop healthy?

In 2019, “Emily in Paris”, the film-filled Fang Faun in the Square of the Golden Games, please have more than 30 HFPA members to Paris, France, and live a luxury five-star hotel in $ 1400 for one night. . For them, they are at the private museum, “Received like the king”.

Although you may feel that the Golden Gluten Motif is stupid to make black boxes, they are very good, they are just this difference.

Oscar public relations costs are usually very high, and there are 10,300 members of the association, there is always a true artist who doesn’t eat this set.

However, the Golden Globe Award is different, and the members of HFPA only have only 90, and the public relations golden ball award seems to have a lot of economics, and there is no lower limit.

Therefore, there will be a lot of strategies to simply give up Oscar, focus on the Raiders Golden Award. This is really not open for HFPA, and opens a year. The public relations fee is enough for a year, and the gift and luxurious holidays that are given a film, and the star has become a favorite of acquainted people, it is the benefits of their free.

Therefore, the Golden Globe is considered more and more “water” in these years. As early as a few years ago, Ricky Gervais and Gary Oldman publicly licked the gold content of this oman to india flight news today award.

The entertainment circle is the most likely to produce discrimination and corruption, which is more closed than other industries, more confidently of power. HFPA monopoly awards and reports have obtained power, and Waynestein controls the production factory to obtain power, and various director uses power to suppress scandals.

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Hollywood’s rot is not starting with Waynestan, nor will it end from him. However, Waynestan’s fall gave the opportunity to have a sense of justice like the widow and Mark, pointed out that it has been mistaken and ugly over the years, which is the first step in changing …

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