20 games 14 goals! C Luo Wei is out of the excision, rushing 2 major records + history first, Manchester United European crown

The 2021 Jin Gallery competition is very fierce, many stars have the opportunity to take this award, the latest Golden Globe Dodget, Paris is the number one hot, Paris 4-1 Barcelona and 3-2 beat Bayern, made Mbpe rose countless, the Golden Games compete for battle, he took the Bayern star Rai Wan, and C Luo top local news stories todayranked 3rd on the list, some unexpectedly, Barcelon star Messi only ranked 8th Bit, it was low!

Mbpe ranked 1st in the popular list of the Golden Ball Award, in fact, there is no controversy. In 2021, Mbpe has a satisfactory performance in the Champions League knockout. Under his outstanding play, Paris 4-1 hit Barcelona, ??he Into 3 balls, and 3-2 defeated Bayern, Mbpeme’s two-degree, two games, let Paris become a big popularity in the Champions League. At present, Mbpe won the odds of the Golden Games 3.50, ranked 1st in the Golden Bull List.

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If the 2020 Golden Radon is selected normally, then La Wan has no suspense, but the “French football” has canceled the selection, which makes the Poland Star, and he can only reap them again in 2021. At present, Lawan is ranking 2 in the Golden Ball Awards, and he wins this award’s odds 6.50, which is the second hot.

# 3 of Juventus Sustic Cron, he won the odds of the Golden Globe awards 7.00. Many fans believe that C-Roof is a little unfair, because Juventus out of the latest big news Champions League game, in Serie A State, Guomi also locks the league champion, and the Zebra Legion can only fight for Champions League. However, C Luo has an opportunity to have a counterattack. If Portugal performs excellent in Europe, even the championship, then C Luo has a chance to win the Golden Globe.

On this list, ranking # 4 of the 7th star is Manchester United’s Bruno – Fernandez, Manchester City, Paris, Nemar, Dort’s Hallant, and Barcelona head star Messi The ranking is just the 8th, it is current new not as good as the ranking of Halland.

Messi wins the odds of the Golden Games, which is 15.00. It has the opportunity to win the championship in Barcelona, ??and Argentina may also rank 8th in Messi, independently, is indeed a big mistake, knowing, in 2021, Messi has handed over very dreamy personal data. The only flaw is that in a strong dialogue, Messi’s performance is not satisfactory, in the game against Hua, he has been dumb.

After official news Messi, the two world-class shooters Harry Kane, Suarez also ranked among the top 10, and they were also obvious in the performance of this season!

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