"Daily Sports": La Port Tower believes that Messi should play free to Barcelon

On November 2nd, Messi arrived in Big Paris. At present, what is the feeling of ourselves, the Spanish “Daily Sports” published a long eureka forbes water purifier service centre number interview with Messi.

Editor-in-chief Mascaro said that he interviewed Messi, and Messi is very disappointed with President Barcelona, ??mainly Messi feels that he was taken by La Port Tower! Mascaro said: “La Porta even said Messi can accept free for Barcelona.”

Mascaro said that in order to stay in Barcelon, Messi khabar ndtv news did drop the salary, but when he went to the club to sign the contract, Barcelona told him that the club could not pay these wages. This makes Messi who have just won the Championship championship very sad, because he thinks he has to meet the club demand, he agreed. Of course, he may not think that La Porta hopes that today delhi news headlines Messi wants Messi to play free.

At the time, La Porttali used him to say that the very good appearance of Messi has won the election, but when the Chairman is not so going? Maybe Raborda believes that Messi loves Barcelona, ??so you can play freely for Barcelona, ??but the Messi team believes that it is impossible.

Saying young and beautiful movie 2013 Messi Can, still can’t play free to Barcelona? why? Love, will you play free?