Mourning Shaanxi Football Planst

Referring to the name of Shangqing, Shaanxi fans should be very familiar with understanding. In 1996, Shangqing was still the captain of the Bayi team. When Jia Xiquan guided the head of Shaanxi National Force, Shangqing also followed the national strength team. Shangqing can be said that the Handong of the Shaanxi National Force team has experienced that the Shaanxi National Force from all the stages of brilliant to decline, his dedication, dare to act, is the back of the team, and there is “desperate Samo”.

Born in Shenyang, Liaoning, is thin, and when he is six years times of india current news old, his father’s Queoshui player Shang Jiaqi guided in order to exercise Xiaodianqing’s body, decided to send his son to learn to swim. But Shangqing is not interested in a pool, but in turn, it has a strong interest in the green field, and the father must learn to play.

Under the guidance of his father, Xiaodianqing quickly mastered the basic technology of football. At the age of nine, the basic skills of the basic merits were admitted to the Shenyang Junior School and received a three-year formal training. The coach’s evaluation of Shangqing is his brain spirit, fast speed, good technology, is a very good football seedllar.

In 1981, the 13-year-old Shangqing has shown a certain talent in football. In order to let his son get a greater development, Shang Jiaqi guidance is ready to join Shangqing to join the Bayi team, but Liaoning refuses to let go. But in the insistence abp maza election news of Shang Jiaqi, Shangqing finally encompassed.

At the Bayi team, Shangqing has been strictly trained, and he has experienced the military camp nervous life baptism, he quickly gave it. In 1984, Li Zhizhe made him hit the middle guards according to the tall and rampage. After that, a series of good luck came in him. In 1985, Shangqing first was seen in Gao Fengwen. I was selected into the national team. I participated in the first U16 World Championship; I was guided by Xiao Yizhen to the National Youth Team; in 1987, Xu Genbao was selected to guide the two teams of the training. Participated in the 14th College Student Sports Association.

After retiring, Shangqing became an assistant coach, assisted the Klos, Louis and other national strength teams, four soldiers, and act as a firefighting captain, and was regarded as a successor of the national strength team. In September 2003, with Carlos invited the chairman of Guili ibn24 Club, Li Zhimin and the executive vice leaf, the team announced the team’s personnel appointment: Shangqing served as the head of the national strength team. Thirty-six-year-old Shangqing guidance first became the main coach.

But in the 2004 season, with Wang Po entered the main Shaanxi National Force team, the team affairs said that he said, Shangqing guided the head of the team, but in fact, in daily training, leading to the troops Aspect, Shangqing guidance does not speak at all. At that time, the Guili Club’s operation was in trouble, often in the market, and the club decision-making layer did not trust the ability of Shangqing’s guidance, and pushed the team’s achievements in a head, helpless, and took the initiative. It is the only choice for Shangqing guidance. In June 2004, Shangqing guided the main coach of Shaanxi National Force Team.

Quiet guidance of Zhuang Yong

After leaving the Shaanxi National Force team, at the end of 2004, Shangqing guided the instructions of friends Xie Yongxin, and coached the news 18 tv channel Hunan Hunan Army. Regrettably, the 2005 League has not yet started. Since the Hunan Army Club has a serious problem, in order to not destroy his own reputation, Shangqing guidance and Xie Yongxin guidance will leave “it is right.”

Later, Shangqing’s instructions have been a deputy general manager, team leader and head coach. However, Shangqing’s guidance has never forgotten the fans of the three Qin Dadi. At the end of 2017, Shangqing guided the guidance of Jojo Zhao Hongchang, served as Changan Competitive Club Assistant Trainer. However, Shangqing guidance only bid a good night because of the physical reasons for a season. At that time, the outside world did not report the condition of Shangqing, from him, no return to the team, many fans faintly felt a disturbing.

Yesterday afternoon, Shangqing guided the unfortunateness of the lung cancer to the world, fifty-four years old. Borrowed the report of Shaanxi Changan Athletics: We english news lost a real northwest wolf, a person who loves Shaanxi football. I hope that in another place, our never give up friend – Mr. Shang Qing can continue to enjoy the happiness of football brought him.

Mourning Shangqing Guide

I hope Shang Qing guids all the way, and there are football accompanying paradise.