Not win the Chinese team to resign? Oman coach formal rumor: media fabrications!

Chinese football has been a final “puzzle”: Why China has over one billion people, was stunned 11 can not find one of the best players in the world? Every Chinese football encounter a major setback, this puzzle fans and the the hindu current affairs app media will always be timely throws, called the football version of “Needham difficult problem.”

The problem is not difficult to answer, because even though there are more than one billion Chinese people, but it does not mean that Chinese football has more than 10 million people in the talent pool. The number of registered players in China was dropped only eight thousand optimistic estimates in recent years has only 10 million people up and down, the proportion of the population is almost negligible. This proves that from one side, China’s “football people”, in fact, not much.

A recent example is a small country coach Yang Chen said in a recent interview, 06 age small country, the country selection is only 500 available. Since small selection basis, and that the only course available even less, in fact, this term U16 national youth hey google what’s the news today expedition “Gold Cup” of 40 players, the coaching staff from R & F Soccer Schools Football Association and UEFA Cup elite selection camp, a total of less than 100 players were selected out.

The argument according to Yang Chen, currently the best player in the country this age, basic “can see have been seen.” One can imagine, this team how weak talent pool.

This is a very harsh reality: If the Chinese football likened to a pyramid, so few players in this age group as the Chinese football, “Taki”, number theory, should be more abundant fishes U16 country; however, only the face 500 people composed of “Taki”, the part of higher-level pyramid – even Chinese football, “spire”, how the future development, can not help people feel pessimistic.

You know, those 500 people do not have the so-called “elite.” Yang Chen mentioned more aaj tak ke news channel than once in an interview, he thinks less of this session player Technology 06 individual country “not clear”, the lack of features, especially the lack of good seed in the backcourt. According to this argument, if you do horizontal comparison with other Asian teams, our small country is not only a small number of players, but also the level of “food”, then the Chinese football this, probably have to lose at the “starting line” of the.

In fact, 06 countries have less set thousands of pet in one. Since “worst in the history” of the 99/00 session of the National Youth, Chinese football has been filled with an “renaissance” of optimism. At that time a lot of media, experts and fans believe that Chinese football at the foot of these players might realize after the age of 01 “rise” because these players have not experienced the most super dark, chaotic era, and catch up with the Super “Golden ten year “bonus, closer in training and organization” occupation “, should be the emergence of a group of people.

However, the first to be high hopes for the 01 National Youth is currently still only a handful of people, played in the overall level is not high in the B struggling; 03 National Youth still waiting to see the stage, but also “thunder, little rain.” And when the technical and tactical less aware of 06 countries so scarce selection basis and unsatisfactory, we can hardly place too high expectations for these younger teenager who.

He said Chinese football a good day yet to come, but no one knows what a good day will come when.

After the overheated investment in the past decade, Chinese football has rapidly cooled to an “ice age.” Super League symbolizes the highest achievements of Chinese professional football, it has basically been “waste” out; 40 national football finals after a scene in front of the Asian teams’ true form. ” At the same time, a large number of domestic clubs, youth organizations survive in deep trouble; how serious if we are still not aware of the problem, then this small country in 06 stretched on the selection, then points to a most unfavorable assumptions: Chinese football the foundation for development, has again been shaken.

Perhaps it was because aware of the problem, the Chinese Football Association was desperate gamble World Cup. Indeed, as long as the national football broke into the World Cup finals, all the contradictions can be masked. But just 20 years ago, it masked contradictions still exist, these things might focus on the outbreak in one day, let the Chinese football once again plunged into grave disaster.
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