Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Overall Program of Chinese Football Reform

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000014349 / 2015-00023
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Office of the State Council
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March 08, 2015

Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Overall Program of Chinese Football Reform

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National Office [2015] No. 11
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March 16, 2015

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The General Office of the State Council on issuing Chinese football
Notice of the overall plan for reform and development
National Office [2015] No. 11

People’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, deputy commissions of the State Council, and directly affiliated institutions:
  The “Overall Program of China Football Reform and Development” has been consent to you, please implement it carefully.

                              Office of the State Council
                              March 8, 2015
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China Football Reform Development Overall Program

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping sang football as a development of sports as a development of sports, building a sports power, and building a schedule. General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly determined that my country’s football business, Li Keqiang highly attaches great importance to sportswear and sports industry work such as football, and many special research deployments in the State Council, and my country’s football reform has ushered in unprecedented opportunities.
  Football has a wide range of social influence and is deeply loved by the masses. Development and revitalizing football, improving national physical fitness, rich cultural life, promoting patriotic collective spirit, cultivating sports culture, developing sports industries, achieving sports strong country dreams, is also actively promoting economic, social, cultural construction . my country’s football has achieved good results in Asia. Since the early 1990s, the football began to explore the development of professional football. The lack of lack of supervision, leading to the weak social foundation of football, the industry’s wind and competition order, and the exercise performance continues to decline.
  Since 2009, through the gaming of the gambling, it is necessary to rectify the campus football, and the football cause is good, ushered in a new climax. But relative to the rapidly developing world and Asian football, my country’s football is still in full. Revitalizing football is an inevitable requirement for building sports powers, and it is also the enthusiasm of the people. Unwavering the reform, revitalize football, and use this as a breakthrough, deepening the reform of sports management system, and is the physical front, the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Party and the Eighteenth Plenary Session, the spirit of the Plenary Session, and meet the people Looking forward to improving the image of China’s sports countries, achieving practical actions of sports strong country dreams. In order to implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment is specially formulated.
  First, the overall requirements
  (1) Guiding ideas. Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory, “Three Represents” important ideas, and the scientific development concept, comprehensively implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Eighth Plenary Session, and in-depth study and implement the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Spirit, the development of football reform as an important measure of building sports powers, adhere to the problem-oriented, reform and innovation system, follow football development rules, promote the spirit of Chinese sports, strengthen ideological style and team construction, and strive to establish professional efficient, complete system, democratic, open, Flexible, the legal system is sound, and the powerful system mechanism is guaranteed, and my country’s football is constantly moving.
  (2) Basic principles.
  - Based on the national conditions and borrowing international experience. From my country’s football reality, learn from the experience of developed football, and go out of a Chinese characteristic football reform and development new road, fully realize football social value and function.
  - It is long-term combination with a solid foundation. Strengthen the top design, pay attention to strategic implementation; consolidate the population foundation, facility basis, management foundation, cultural foundation, sustainable force of football development, long time.
  - Innovative reconstruction combines with problem governance. Emancipating ideology, transforming concept, optimizing elements, innovation development platform; respecting law, handling the current relationship with long-term, key points and general, scale and efficiency, strengthening scientific governance, cracking development problems.
  - The national system is combined with the market mechanism. Give full play to the advantages of socialist system, integrate resources, form a synergy; give full play to market mechanisms, motivation vitality, create fair integrity, and encourage protection equal competition.
  - Develop football and promote fitness in promoting national fitness. Realize popularity and improvement, the masses of football and competitive football promote each other, promote the coordinated development of football, and improve the national fitness, and enhance the people’s physical fitness.
  (3) Main goals. Incorporate development football into economic and social development, implement the “three steps” strategy.
  - Recent goals: Improve the environment and atmosphere of football development, rationalize football management system, formulate football medium-long development planning, innovate Chinese characteristic football management model, form a pattern of coordinated development of football and football industry.
  - Medium-term goals: The population of young football has increased significantly, and the professional league organization and competition level reach the first-class Asian, the national men’s football team is among Asian, and women’s foot will return to the world’s first-class strong team.
  - Forward goals: Chinese football achieved comprehensive development, football became a general participation of sports, the whole society formed a healthy football culture; professional league organization and competition level entered the world’s advanced ranks; actively bid to host International Football World Cup; Men’s football international competitiveness is significantly improved and enters the world strong team.
  Second, adjust the reform of the Chinese Football Association
  (4) Clear positioning and functions. As a public welfare and extensive representative, professional and authoritative national football, the Chinese Football Sports is the only legal body representing my country’s participating in International Football Organization. It is mainly responsible for unite the national football power, promoting football. Develop football talents, develop industry standards, develop and improve professional league systems, and build management national football teams.
  (5) Adjusting the establishment of a Chinese Football Association. According to the principle of political and social responsibility, the principles of autonomous self-governing, the establishment of the Chinese Football Association, changing the two brands of the Chinese Football Association and the Sports General Administration Football Movement Management Center, a set of homework. The Chinese Football Association and the Sports General Administration have autonomics in internal institutional settings, work plan, financial and compensation management, personnel management, international professional exchanges, etc.
  (6) Optimize the leadership mechanism. The Chinese Football Association does not have administrative levels. The composition of its leading institutions should reflect extensive representation and professionalism, from the State Council Sports Administration Representative, Local and Industrial Football Association, a representative, a well-known football profession, a member of the society and an expert Representative, etc.
  (7) Improve internal management mechanism. Improve the internal governance structure of the Chinese Football Association, power operation procedures, and work rules, establish decision-making rights, execution rights, and supervise the mechanism of mutual contraction and mutual coordination. Strengthen its own construction, Guangnan, absorb football, sports management, economy, law, international professional exchanges, etc. Excellent talents enrich the workforce, improve the quality of personnel; strengthen industry self-discipline, and focus on solving problems in the field of football; enhance service awareness, Overcoming the tendency of administration. The Chinese Football Association operates in accordance with the legal mechanism of the community, and the financial disclosure is implemented, and audit and supervision are accepted.
  (8) Improve the Association Management System. Members of the Chinese Football Association should reflect geographical coverage and wide industry. Location, the Industry Football Association refers to the establishment of the China Football Association management system, and accesses the Chinese Football Association in accordance with the Charter of China Football Association, and accepts the guidance and management of the Chinese Football Association industry. Location, industry football associations should be responsible for the construction, competition, training, various football activities of the industry, and publicity. After hard work, gradually formation of the national, organized complete, management efficient, collaborative, and adapt to the management search news system of modern football management operations.
  (9) Strengthening the leadership of the party. Improve the organization of the Football Association Party, in accordance with the principles of the party management cadres and talent policies, strengthen the ideological and political work and the daily management of the cadres. The Chinese Football Association established a party committee and was led by the party group of the Sports General Administration.
  Third, the reform is perfect for professional football club construction and operation mode
  (10) Promoting the health and stability of the club. Strict access, standardize the management of professional football clubs, and give full play to its main status and important role in the professional league. The club should pay attention to its own construction, improve the rules and regulations, strengthen self-discipline breaking news english politics management, comply with industry rules, and actively undertake social responsibility and accept social supervision. Encourage local governments to create conditions, guide a group of excellent clubs to relatively stabilize in football foundation, football development representative and demonstration-strong cities, avoid clubs with investors to change, lack of stable relying, positive Cultivate stable fans and urban football culture.
  (11) Optimize the club equity structure. Implement a government, enterprise, personal multivariate investment, encourage the club’s local government to invest in resource investment in football venues, form a reasonable investment source structure, and promote the realization of the club’s domain, encourage conditions with a conditional club to gradually implement the names of non-enterprise. Improve the club legal governance structure, hello google now accelerate the construction of modern enterprise systems, based in the long-term, system planning, and strive to build a 100-year club.
  (12) Promote the formation of a reasonable talent structure in the club. Formulate the introduction of club talents and salary management, explore the implementation of the team and player’s salary, effectively prevent the player’s value from vital, disorderly competition. The research introduces relevant policies and decision-making mechanisms such as high-level foreign aid quota restrictions, and handles foreign aids to the relationship with local players. Strengthen the management contract management of the club, severely investigate the violations of “Yin and Yany Contracts”, and correct the payment in time. Adjust the club athlete’s transfer fee policy and reduce the club burden.
  Fourth, improve the improvement of football competition system and professional league system
  (13) Strengthen the design of the competition system. Improve the competition structure, expand the scale of the competition, increase the type of competition, gradually form a stable competition, level clear, connect, and all over urban and rural competition. In particular, pay attention to the organic linkage of the professional league, regional race, the youth race, the campus football event, and achieve the scientific scientificization of competition. Establish and improve the adolescent league system. Actively advocate and organize industry, communities, enterprises, troops, middle-aged, five-person system, beach football and other events.
  (14) Adjusting the formation of a professional league council. Establish a professional league council with independent community legal person, responsible for organizing and managing professional league, reasonably constructing a medium super, China A, and China B league system. China Football Association conducts supervision from the Basic Policy System, Club Acceptance, Discipline and Arbitration, and Decision of Major, and Parties to the Council. The Council represents the discussion and decision-making of the Chinese Football Association and participated in the discussions and decisions on issues.
  (Fifteen) Perfect the competition reward system. Develop the characteristics of football projects, reward standards that are different from other sports projects.
  (16) Maintaining the order of the competition. Adhere to the fair competition and establish a good snack. The event organization and sports administrative department will strengthen management, all divisions, and improve security measures. The public security organs are responsible for strengthening supervision of football event safety order, organizing the management and maintenance of public security order in the competition and surrounding areas, and combating criminal activities according to law. Guide the fans and civilization, obey the law.
  (17) Strengthening industry management. Perfect the referee fair law enforcement, coaches and athletes obey the law-abiding constraints. Strictly prevent, severely investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in football industries, improve disciplinary penalties, industry relief systems and mechanisms. The football management department has strengthened collaboration with public inspection law, establish and improve the cooperation mechanism of illegal reporting mechanisms and closely connect, effectively prevent, timely detection, and resolutely crack down on criminal behavior such as fake gambling.
  (18) Promote international event exchange. Promote Chinese football to actively participate in international football events, enhance communication, and improve the level. Research and promote the application of the International Football World Cup.
  V. Reform promotes the development of campus football
  (19) Playing football education. Deepen school sports reforms, cultivate comprehensive development talents, use campus football as expanded football size, consolidate football talents, improve students’ comprehensive quality, promote parents, social identity and support, let more Teen students love football, enjoy football, enabling the effective way to participate in football into the experience, adapt to social rules and moral norms.
  (20) Promoting the popularization of campus football. All local primary and secondary schools are listed in the teaching content of football into physical education, and the proportion of schools is increased. Popularization with support characteristics, high-primary and secondary schools with good foundation, high enthusiasm, national primary and secondary school campus football characteristics, on the basis of more than 5,000, 2020, reached 50,000 in 2025, Among them, a school of women’s football accounts for a certain proportion. Improve the insurance mechanism, promote the government purchase service, improve the level of campus football security, and relieve students, parents and schools.
  (21) Promote cultural learning and football skills together. Strengthen the teaching management of football specialty cultural courses, improve the examination enrollment policy, and motivate students to actively participate in football learning and training. Allowing football special students to reasonably flow within a certain range in a certain range of admissions, and achieve a good special development environment.
  (22) Promoting the growth of the football talents in adolescents. Promote the establishment of a large and medium-sized school campus football team, we will improve the university, high school, junior high school, primary school four-level football competition system, and explore the assessment of college football competitions into college sports.
  (23) Expanding the team of teachers. Through training existing special, part-time football teachers and recruits, improve the level of teaching coach, encourage overseas high level football coaches. By 2020, a round of training for 50,000 campus football special, part-time football teachers. Improve policy measures, strengthen professional education, and create conditions for physical education teachers for retired athletes.
  Sixth, popularize development social football
  (Twenty-four) Promote the popularity of football. Adhere to people-oriented, promote social football accelerated development, and continue to expand the scale of football population. Encourage organs, institutions, people’s organizations, troops and enterprises to formulate or jointly formulate football teams to carry out colorful social football activities. Pay attention to the development of social football from funding, venues, time, competition, coaching and other aspects. The people’s groups such as the trade unions, the Communist Youth League, and the Women’s Federation have played their respective advantages and promoted social football development.
  (25) Promote social football and professional football. Through the increasing population of social football, the level is continuously improved, and a solid foundation and talent foundation for professional football development. Promote the popularity and improvement of social football by accelerating developing professional football
  Seven, improve the development of football professional talents
  (Twenty-six) Expanding the growth channels and space of football players. Increase cultivation, improve the selection mechanism, and make excellent football players. Enhance the campus football, social football talents cultivate awareness, broaden their vocational football selection, smooth outstanding seedlings from the campus football, social football to the growth channel of professional football. Do a good job in the combination of body education, strengthen cultural education, tempering and personal influence, and promote the comprehensive development of football players. Encourage football clubs, companies and other social forces to select professional players, and youth players will receive training to football developed countries, and strive to rank among foreign high-level professional leagues.
  (27) Strengthening the training of football professionals. According to the principles of grading, classification management, constructing multi-level, multivariate training organizations such as national, regional, industry, professional institutions, social power, and strengthen training for professional talents such as football coaches, referees, lecturers. Give full play to the role of football theory research and football professionals in sports colleges and sports research institutes. Strengthen international exchanges, introduce a group of high-level foreign lecturers to implement scale training on my country’s trainer, referee, lecturers.
  (28) Strengthening the training of football management. Strengthen the professional power of the football associations, clubs, etc., enhance the quality of personnel and work levels. Create a professional and international management team that adapts to modern football management needs.
  (29) Establishing a Football Specialist College and School. Adapt to football talent training needs, relying on the establishment of a football college, actively explore new football schools that establish cultural education and football.
  (30) Do a good job in the employment of football players. Coordinate market mechanisms and policy guidance, and support football players to re-develop the platform, support the necessary training and assessment, serve as football coaches, referee, lecturer, or to enterprises and institutions and troops to become the backbone of football activities, or Enter the Football Association, the football club is engaged in football management and service work.
  Eight, promote the reform of national football team
  (31) Carefully build a national team. Give full play to the system advantage, strengthen the leadership of the organization, enhance the national honor and social responsibility, promote the spirit of Chinese sports, build a skill, work style, can fight hard, national football team to win glory, to promote the people of the people, to stimulate teenagers Passion, promoting national football development. Increase the reform, form a technical route that meets the physical and mental characteristics of players and the development trend of contemporary football, and steadily enhances the national team level.
  (32) Perfecting the selection mechanism of the player. Adhere to the current, eye-catching, adhering to technology and style, adhere to open, equality, competition, preferred selection of excellent players who are strongly desirable, and the quality of the will have a first-class good player to enter the national team. The national team players will be tested from various professional clubs. Through the dynamic selection mechanism, the national teams will make the national teams set up at the time, the technical skills, and the best teams work together. Strengthen the national team reserve talent reserves, improve the adolescent football talent discovery and selection mechanism, establish a database for the top teen players and long-term tracking, dynamically adjust the list of options.
  (33) Improve service guarantee capabilities. Strengthen the protection of national team funds, reward policies, base construction, logistics services, intelligence information, etc., improve service level. Newly built 2 national football training bases to meet the national team different seasons competitions and training needs. Hiring domestic and foreign professional talents, in-depth development of football theory, technical tactics, medical rehabilitation, team management, and play research on national team guidance.
  (34) Strengthen the construction of the coaching team. Establish a strict national team coach and management team selection, assessment evaluation mechanism, and strengthen contract management. Implement the coach responsibility system, implement a termination target assessment for the coaches team and management service team, and make the responsibility and the rights and interests, incentives and constraints.
  (35) Coordinate national team and club demand. Scientifically develop national team work planning and management system in accordance with my country’s national conditions and professional football laws. Improve the national team with the professional league and other level of coordination system, comprehensively grasp the national team event cycle and domestic event arrangements. The club should focus on the overall situation and fully support the construction of the national team.
  Jiu, strengthen football field construction management
  (36) Expanding the number of football sites. Studying the development planning of national football sites. Incorporating the construction of the football field into the overall planning of urbanization and new rural construction, clear rigidity requirements, and is implemented by governments at all levels. Constructing football fields in terms of local conditions, making full use of cities and rural wasteland, idle land, park, forest belts, roof, civil air defense engineering, etc., build a large number of simple and practical non-standard football fields. Creative conditions meet the requirements of campus football activities.
  (37) Policy support for the construction of football venue. Construction of social capital into football venue should implement preferential policies in land, taxation, finance.
  (38) Improve the capacity and integrated efficiency of site facilities. According to the separation and non-profit principles of management, through the entrusted authorization, purchase services, the tendering selection of professional social organizations or companies is responsible for managing the operation of public football fields, promoting low prices of public football or free to society. Promoting the school football field low price or free to society in the extracurricular time, establishing school and social sharing mechanisms.
  Ten, improve the investment mechanism
  (39) Increasing financial investment. Governments at all levels should increase investment in football, based on the maintenance of the right to build, campus football, teen football, women’s football, national team construction, teaching scientific research and other aspects. Sports, education and other departments should be tilted in the development of football reform when arranging relevant funding.
  (Forty) Established the Chinese Football Development Foundation. As a non-profit legal person, the Foundation conducts fundraising, and accepts donations and funds football charity activities. Encourage all kinds of enterprises and institutions, social forces and individual donations, and donation funds can be deducted when calculating corporate income tax, personal income tax should be deducted. The Foundation is operated according to the regulations, strengthens information disclosure, accepting social supervision.
  (41) Strengthening the efforts of lottery public welfare funds to support football. Every year, certain funds are arranged from central centralized lottery public welfare funds, funding the China Football Development Foundation, specializes in supporting adolescent football talent training and football charity activities. Actively study the promotion of football lottery issued with the Chinese Football Professional League as a quiz object.
  (42) Strengthening the development of football industry. Increase football intangible assets development and protection, through the development of a competitive brand, develop football attached products, cultivate football service market, explore the integration of football industries and related industries, build a full-scale, full process football industry chain, and continuously increase football industry income To form a variety of economic components to share the pattern of football industries.
  (Forty-three) increase the development of China’s football association market. Continuously increase the market development income of the league, cup, national team, etc. Accelerate the relationship between subordinate business companies, in accordance with the renovation of the modern enterprise system, gradually become the real market entity, and introduce new competitive subjects, establish a pattern for market, equal competition.
  (Forty-four) Establish a competitive mechanism for the market of football competition TV. Innovative mechanism, realize the orderly competition of football match TV. Reform the distribution mechanism for the transfer of the football event to ensure that the organizers and entities of the competition becoming the main beneficiary. Innovative football events broadcast and promotion operations, explore traditional media and new media integration development in football, increase new media market income.
  (Forty-five) Encourage social forces to develop football. Guide a strong well-known enterprise and personal investment professional football club, sponsor football events and public welfare projects, and give play to the demonstration and driving role of support football, broaden the channels of clubs and football development funds.
  XI, strengthen the leadership of football work
  (Forty-six) Establishing a joint meeting system of football reform and development. In order to continuously promote the development of football reform, ensure the implementation of this program, establish a joint meeting system of football reform and development. The General Administration of Physical Education should strengthen policy research and macro guidance on football reform. The Ministry of Education should fulfill the responsibility of the campus football competent. All aspects should be duty, each responsible, each other, cooperate, and jointly promote the development of football reform.
  (47) Incorporate football work in an important work schedule. All places include football reform and development into important agenda, liberate ideas, clear goals, pay close attention to implementation, integrate resources, coordinate strength, bold exploration, and form characteristics. Local sports administrative departments are responsible for supporting the local football associations and promoting football development in the region.
  (Forty-eight) Strengthen the construction of football industries and the rule of law. Strengthen the ideological and moral education and professional ethics education in the football field, strengthen the homogenesis of sports team spirit and will, cultivate patriotic dedication, perseverance, unity and struggle, and strive to form a revitalization of Chinese football development, which is beneficial to social harmony progress mental strength. Adapt to the development of football development and industry characteristics, improve national laws and regulations and football industry normative rules, and make football governance institutional foundations. Form a football, a football, a football, a law enforcement and supervision system, and establish a fair and transparent rule of law.
  (Forty-nine) Creating a good public opinion environment. Propaganda guides the masses to objectively understand the current situation of football, establish a reasonable expectation, and reasonable look at the loss. Innovative football propaganda mode, strengthening football news management and public opinion guidance work, and maximizing the consensus of football reform.
  (Fifty) Play a typical way. Choose a batch of football foundation, develop football conditions, high work enthusiasm, strengthen support and guidance, summarize typical experience in promoting football reform, with point, and promote increase.

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Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Overall Program of Chinese Football Reform