Expert: Messi’s micro-face is angry when talking about La Portta

Messi recently accepted the “Daily Sports” interview, google recent news Barcelona President La Port Tower is not appropriate about his remarks, this hurt himself. Micro-expression, non-language exchange experts Martin Ovejero analyzed the expression of Messi to interview video in six programs. He said that Messi is anger.

Messi talked about the President of Barcelona at the interview. He said: “In the case of staying in Barcelona, ??I have tried all efforts. I didn’t ask me to play free. I decreased 50% salary according to the requirements. I have done everything, this doesn’t have any questions, I am willing to provide more help for the club. My wish is to stay in Barcelona. I think that La Porta is not it news today suitable, they hurt me. I think he thinks him. I think he is. It doesn’t matter, this is like taking some things away from you without having to bear the consequences or responsible, and will also breaking news delhi live make people have a doubt that I don’t match. After that, I didn’t carry it with La Porta Talk. ”

Micro-expressions, non-language exchange experts Martin Oviel Roa analyzed Messi, said that Messi’s micro-face is angry, this shows Messi to La Porta speech. Question. It is worth mentioning that although there is a bit uncomfortable between Messi and La Porta, the Argentine is true love to Barcelona. He also said at the same time, he is willing to return to Barcelona in the future with the identity of the technician to help Catalonia’s giants continue to be one of the world’s best teams.