Tiktok’s signing superstead bowl NFL North American market influence is not the highest

China Daily Beijing February 4th Beijing Time 2021 February 8, the 55th Super Bowl will be held in Raymond James Stadium, Tampawan.

Although the competition has not yet begun, this super bowl has booked its historical value in advance – when the new crown epidemic is raging globally, the 55th super bowl is held, not only for the fans who love the football, not only send it in this special time. A deeper point of view; deeper meaning is that it is held, and it is believed that human beings will never return and will eventually get the final victory of the battle between the viruses.

Super Bowl View in the Epidemic

In 2020, the new crown epidemic situation has spread globally. When many international sports competitions, there were news that athletes were unfortunately infected with new crown. In the face of the epidemic, NFL cost $ 100 million, and 954,830 nucleic acid tests were conducted. This is the 55th super bowl to hold The bottom gas and guarantee. 24,700 fans will be fortunate to the Raymond James Stadium at Tampawan, watch the most special super bowl at the scene, 66,000 people’s cardboard seats will be sold at $ 100 / position, buyers can not only play After getting a set of photos for social release, a bigger temptation is to purchase the US native fans of this super bowl of human cardboard seats, will have the opportunity to draw 2 56th super bowls. NFL officially announced that the income sold by the humanoid cardboard seats will be donated to charities.

At the same time, domestic NFL fans can read the live broadcast of this super bowl through Tencent Sports, Baishong, Five-Star Sports and Guangdong Sports.

There is no doubt that in the face of the epidemic, NFL has made the policy of responding and created a new galaxy, which provides a solution to the global 380 million fans.

NFL fans raised business value

As a large number of commercial values ??in the four major occupational alliances in North America, NFL’s dominant status is based on its faithful fans. Data show that more than 68% of the population over the age of 12, which is NFL fans, while in the world, NFL has harvested 19.6 million overseas fans. In 2019, there were 80 sports events in the United States lived in the United States, and NFL’s events accounted for 80 seats, and 23 were NFL events in 25 games in the highest ratings. Such a high eye of eye-catching rate is only enough to attract sponsors, not to mention from brand exposure, not to mention, NFL’s true value of sponsor, far from the level of brand exposure.

Nielsen Fanlinks released 2019 fans survey data show that NFL sponsor brands are in non-NFL fans, NFL general fans and NFL dead fans’s penetration rate, 26.9%, 29.1% and 29.7%, average annual, only NFL only The fans provide a sponsor brand with $ 38 million sales revenue. More importantly, gokul election news the NFL fans have a trial of sponsor brands, which is more than 17 percentage points higher than its competition, and this value is further enlarged to 61%. “Reliable, trustworthy, well-known, my favorite, worth recommending to friends,” is the first impression of NFL fans on NFL sponsor brands. Compared with other events, the NFL sponsored brand in the heart of the fans, and the four major events of North America natural gas latest news with 43%.

Perhaps because of this, Tiktok and Triller, which are competitors who compete, participate in this superbit in different forms before the 55th Super Bowl of the 55th Super Bowl. Tiktok took the lead in making it difficult to sign a contract with NFL in January, and become a sponsor of this superb bowl preheating link, fans can watch wonderful content on the NFL Tiktok official account; Triller followed, consumed millions of dollars as cost Prepare a video advertisement in the superb bowl time.

“Although Tiktok has a wide range of users, we have also set a good achievement of 65 million users a month.” The person in charge of Triller said that they are looking supreme court of india latest news forward to using advertisements in the 55th super bowl, achieving Tiktok’s catchment – this is not People think of the first cooperation of Apple and Super Bowl in 1984. At that year, Apple was released in the superblush of “1984”, which was “1984”, which made its products Macintosh.

Can Triller copy Apple’s success in 1984? This is worth looking forward to.

NFL’s significance to China

Since 2007, NFL has established an office in China. In 10 years, NFL rugby is presented in China’s popularity. In 2020 under the influence of the epidemic, nearly 10,000 people (under 12 years old) are regularly participated in organized football training, with more than 80 teams and more than 4,000 players with more than 80 teams with organized amateur adult equipment league.

The 2019-2020 season, NFL rugby-related video content has earned more than 700 million playback, with an average of more than 32 million video views per week. The 54th superb bowl ratings in 2020 is still high, and the short video is broadcast over 160 million, and more than 88 million viewers have watched the superb bowl of event through different media platforms.

In 2020, when He Pei, who came from Shaoguan, Guangdong, became the Chinese people who debuted NCAA Rugby League. He released a signal: more and more Z generation China youth, is becoming a football enthusiast and participant, but mount American The highest race of football NFL is becoming the goal of working hard.

But this is not NFL to all the significance of the Chinese market. From a business perspective, Chinese companies that are interested in innovation in the US market, the NFL is very likely to achieve the effect of half-time, as the highest value of North America, the commercial value of NFL, only with its fans Growth and further climbing.

Source: China Daily Network

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