Ustelioven Heroes | Fiji defended 7 people rugby gold medal Take the cargo plane to Tokyo to create a legend

On July 28th, the 2020 Olympic Men’s Seven Rugby Finals in Tokyo Stadium, Ocean Province, Fiji team defeated the New Zealand team at 27-0, winning the Dawuzhou Deby won the gold medal, this is the Fiji football team Two consecutive sessions have been won in this emerging Olympic project. According to Fiji Media “Fiji Daily”, Fiji Prime Minister Mbini Malama will call the team to congratulate the team in the first time after the team won. The Fiji football team took the story of the fans of the frozen fish to arrive in Tokyo, and the hardships and legend of this gold medal.

In the future consumer share news group competition of this Olympic Games, the Fiji team as a B group of seeds is like a broken bamboo. He has defeated the host Japanese team, the Canadian team and the British team, except that the difference between the Japanese team is 5, the rest is overwhelming The two-digit division wins. Next, the Fiji team also gathered in the Australian team of 19 to 0 in the four-six-final session, and did not allow the opponent to get the score. The semi-finals, the Fiji team made a breath, and the 26-14 reversed the South America Jinji Argentina, and the strong kills the final. On the evening of the 28th, they encountered the New Zealand team of Tangzhou opponents, mutual death, and got the final victory at 27-12, got this precious gold medal, successfully defended. This is also the first medal that Fiji won in this Olympic Games is the telangana lockdown news today 2021 most integrated gold medal.

For the Population of only 890,000 Ocean Province, the arrival of this gold medal is simple, it is not easy. Simple is because this football team has absolute power, not to refer to a small country, can win gold medals at the Olympics, and is a championship, this gold medal is so precious. If it is not a seven-person rugby, from the Rio, it has been included in the Olympic game project. How difficult is this Oceania small country to get a medal. According to the “Fiji Daily” report, in order to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games, in order to defend this champion, Fiji has given a full support for the football team. In April this year, Fiji ushered in the second wave of new crown epidemics, and the government quickly blocked the country and shut down all foreign flights. The Fiji team was in order to participate in the Olympics. All the players were isolated for more than a month, and they set off in the beginning of July, set up a cargo plane that transported a frozen fish, and he had a lot of effort to arrive in Tokyo. These efforts have not been in vain. This time the championship once again established Fiji’s dominant position cyber attack newsin 7 people ‘s football, bringing spiritual encouragement to Fiji, which gave epidemic, this is the power of sports.

Fiji’s national population is less than 900,000, and the official registered rugby player has reached 80,000, which means that there is a rugby player every 10 Fiji people. 7 The human football is extremely popular in Fiji. It is the national ball of Fiji. Almost all the nationals have a fanatical interest. The boys are proud of entering the Fiji Nationality, and the domestic large and small rugby club is even more. Number. The Fiji man’s football team has an uncomfortable status and brilliant honor in the history of 7 human tn news live rugby.

Almost every Fiji family wants a football star in the family. In the training of the ladie of the Fiji national team, you can often see the parents who come in the far road sleep in the corridor of the training camp, waiting to watch the child. Our training. Fiji is underdeveloped, many of the poor people don’t even get a real football, but the enthusiasm for rugby makes them practice with an air vial, coconut, etc., like “ball” Bailei’s kick socks Surprising, this is also one of the reasons why Fiji rugby can be in the world’s top ranks.

Text / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Liu Ilin

Editor / Xu Wei

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