"Wang Guan" "Football Coach" "After the Wings Abandoned", the 73rd Emmy Award

Xinhua News Agency, September 19 (Reporter Alpine) The 73rd United States “Golden Dime Emmy Award” held awards ceremony in Los Angeles on the 19th, “Wang Guan” “Football Coach” and “Lang Wing abandoned” becomes a winner, respectively The best episode awards in the three fields ndtv election 2019 of plots, comedies and limited dramas.

Nafei’s “Wang Crown” swept the seven awards of the drama, world news channel including the most weight of the total drama, the best episode. The “Wang Guan” tells the history of the British Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family continues to adjust the external world in the change.

In the “Wang Crown”, the Olivia Coleman who plays Elizabeth II and Josh Okonena, who played Charles prince, respectively captured the best actress awards and dramas the best actor awards. Tobians Mentus and Jilin Anderson have taken the Best Male and Girl Actuation by “Crown”. The drama also harvested the Drama Best Director Award and the Best Screenworm.

“Football Coach” smile proud comedy award, capture the best episodes of comedies, best male protagonists, best male support and best female support four awards. Jane Samat won current news in india today the Best Active Activity Award for Comeds with “Desperate Writing”.

Limited the drama field, the Nafei drama “After the Wings abandoned”, the best drama awards and the best director prizes are available. Kate Winzlet has won the Best Actress Award of the Outstanding Operation with “Dongcheng Dream”, which has also gained the best men and women worthy of the drama. “Harston” actor Yene McRigo got the best male protagonist defined by the drama. (over)
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