Messi appeared in Argentina, the strength of Uruguay Surarez, Bolton’s slight advantage

Italy VS Switzerland

Italy’s current situation:Italy has been carried out in 6 rounds, and there are 2 rounds. At present, 14 points in Italy, 14 points in Switzerland, 8 points in Bulgaria, 5 points in Northern Ireland and Lithuania 3 points, Northern Ireland and Lithuania have been eliminated, Bulgaria also Basically eliminated, the situation of this group will be the first return of Italy and Switzerland. According to the rules, the first can be directly out of the group, the group can only kick the addition, Italy is in the last preliminaries. On the addition, this time I believe that they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, and they are expected to win the first Swiss lock group.

The team main Barera, Bellardi, Pelegri recently have a record record, the performance is good, the offensive end is excellent, and the team has been able to get a record record, the team The ball is actively enterprising, and the number of balls in the nearly three events in the team exceeds 2 goals, and the main scene is relatively firm. In the past, 10 homes were only defeated, but they won the 6 games. Overall performance.

In the world rankings, Italy ranks 4th, Switzerland, the world, the world, the world’s strong team, from the player’s strength, Italy is stronger than Switzerland, in the European Cup this summer, Italy shows excellent performance, group match 3 All the fields are all, kicking into 7 goals, one goal is not lost, the uptack is significantly increased, the knockout is continuous, after promoting the final final, and England kicks 1-1 in regular time, and finally launched the European Cup champion, The overall strength is quite good.

Switzerland’s current situation:Switzerland is not good, although the whole is not as good as Italy, but they are in this year’s European Cup or good performance, Switzerland 1 wins 1 won in the European Cup Group 1 win, in the best group, third out, knockout They played with the World Cup Champion French team. In the case of 1-3 behind, they played into 3-3, and finally, I won the French, and the 8th game was also kicked to the final game with another World Cup. Spain. Although the final Chelsea Jersey point is lost, the strength is still quite good, the team mainly enabo, Sterff, Gaverolavic wrapped in 4 grains, the foot is quite, the team passed 8 The field events remained continuous score and won four games. The status is quite stable. The European pre-selected in Switzerland can be zero opponents. At present, the defensive end is more good, and the strong team is not weak.

This field: Although Switzerland lost to Italy in the European Cup Group this summer, after entering the Manchester United Jersey world, the two teams handed over Switzerland 0-0 kicking flat italy, and did not let the Italian goal, In the first 6 rounds of groups, the two teams were 4 wins and 2 flat, 12 Italian scored 12, 10 Switzerland, the ball is the same, both parties are basically almost the same, the two teams pay attention to the defensive team .

The two teams have played again, I believe that there is no change in style. Dialogue is directly dialogue in this round of two teams. This game is the first place in the group. It Liverpool Jersey is related to the opportunity to go directly. The two teams will certainly not rush to the attack, maybe First make a good defense, patiently look for opportunities, then take the other party, this game goal is not a lot, initially giving it to Italy’s good support, there is a loss of weakening in the later period, the difficulty is not very difficult, it is too easy to avoid The individual is more optimistic about at least one point in Switzerland.#Italy#

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Win Victory with your football concept – "Football Manager 2022"

Integrate your football concept and win the victory for the fans.

The most realistic data, the most comprehensive simulation, “Football Manager” is in the past two decades for more than 20 years. It doesn’t have a beautiful picture, but it is still able to attract a large number of enthusiasts with gay, there are many active players. As the five major leagues started, the new generation of “Football Manager 2022” is about to be listed. In the face of this “New Year” series, we will definitely have a question: What is it changed compared to “Football Manager 2021”?

After all, the core selling dot database of “Football Manager” can be directly introduced into the old version. Because the single mode is dominated, if the system changes is not large enough, the player may lack attractive.

More real engine evolution

Not long time, I can feel this huge improvement on the animation engine. The players’ “slip”, and “transient” before the ball, almost no longer exist, all the ball movements, it seems to feel the earth. The players’ turn also have a lot of progress, faster turning speed, let the players can quickly adjust the face quickly, to achieve “one football”, play the convergence of the row of clouds; more smooth turning action, Let the players who are good at playing technology, sometimes it can make a fancy highlight such as “Marseille Rotating”, bringing me more visual enjoyment.

Beautiful football “putting the ball into the ball”

Engine improvement and player AI improvements, but also make changes in the game. The header is the most intuitive point, and its frequent frequency and score rate have greatly improved, which has become the most threatened offensive means. Most score opportunities are from the sidewalk, or the heads in the ball. When I manage Paris, only 1 meter 69 Messi is even higher, and I have to rely on the head.

In addition, the striker is more reasonable when playing a single knife. In the past few generations, the striker’s single knife had encountered the fate of “Hundreds of Messi, Temple”, eventually only chasing the viewer. In this work, I often see the forward ball, or draw a beautiful arc with a pick-up, which seems to be more diverse in the shooting choice, and let me see excitement.

Rules change

Synchronous with realities, is also a major feature of “Football Manager”. Britain offsum, new crown epidemic … These incidents have affected the game content in the previous generation. This year’s football big event is the new golden owner of the Newcastle, and the championship has changed.

In October this year, the British Old Bad Club Newcastle was acquired with a 32 million asset of Saudi, which became the world’s “richest” football club. The game also reflects this major event, and the New card has 230 million euros transfer funds, enough to buy many big players. The team is back on the Lord of Saudi, with sufficient investment support, nor does it have to worry about the damage of the Financial Affairs Act. This makes the Newcastle a “true protagonist” this.

Right transfer budget 233 million attention

Like reality, this European Champion League has also been fully canceled away from the entry rules. This rule refers to two rounds in the knockout. If the two teams have the same amount of goals, they will determine the winners with the number of passengers. After canceling, the two teams that score will continue to perform overtime and penalty battles to decide the final winner. This change is also more difficult to stage like “Rome reverse Barcelona”.

The new rules of the Champions League have also increased

These changes allow games to reflect the real world more truly, but also add a lot of generations to the team.

Very convenient system optimization

It seems a very complex system that makes many people always look at the “Football Manager”. But today, this series has become very friendly. Members of the employed coach groups can help players share most team management matters, training, renewal, conference, friendly games … As long as the player does not want to do, it can be pushed to the assistant coach. The generation is an introduction of a new “staff meeting” system to make the convenience further.

Arrange personal training, change the player positioning, adjust the positioning of the ball … These trivial and essential things, in the past generation, it is recommended to send to the player inbox in the form of the report. And this lengthy report always makes me don’t want to read. Good in the new staff conference system, has a substantial improvement in efficiency. In the face of the various proposals of the coach group, I just need to read it, and you can quickly handle a lot of items quickly all the way. The frequency of the meeting can be adjusted to January once a week. If the player doesn’t like this form, you can also choose to recover email reports.

Chelsea Jersey

In addition, many systems have also received further optimization: the original “Team Report” menu, evolved into a “data center”, pay more attention to data visualization on the UI; transfers deadline, it will switch into a new interface, In the countdown, I feel that the broker’s success is improved for the game; the player’s rating has become a letter system from the original percent system, which is more visual; the middle and defend has added “Bian Defang” tactical options, More in line with the modern Sanzhong Health system, can be pulled by the attack, inner …

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There are also many detail modifications such as worth, VAR probability, and pinching humanoid, which makes the system more user-friendly and makes players’ game experience more convenient.

“Who is in the database? Mero.

The database is always ahead of the football game, which can be in line with the latest transfer window of the time, reflecting the performance of the actress, and updates the “demon” of high potential. Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey The most worthless place in the database in the database, is the new east of the “Double Double Pride” Messi and C Roz.

When C Luo once again ponced Mansha No. 7 jersey, the cheers of the old Trafford Stadium, as if I returned to twelve years ago. In the Manchester United Lathouse, C Luo, who has just returned home has been distributed in the game, and only 550,000 ohms, and it can be stupid compared with Messi, which is more than 1.7 million Eugs. The full game ranked fourth CA (current capabilities), strong body and nice headband technology, also made him a good performance in the new engine. When Manchester United is no longer subject to the Vampire owner of the United States and “Ren Yusi”, it is still a powerful compete for the European champion in the game.

Mbappé Jersey

Big Paris has also become a true Galaxy warship after promoting superstars such as Messi and Ramos. However, the promising star Mabpe has decided to continue to renew, regardless of what the player uses any means, he will free transfer after a year. Players can choose to open him, if they are properly operated, they can directly switch the new star Halland.

Of course, players can also choose Liverpool, which is still versioning, or lead Barcelona to renew the revival, or use a low-level league team to board the peak. The huge database is enough to meet the players’ needs.

Some regret

The copyright of the “Football Manager” is not as comprehensive as “FIFA”. Most players’ avatars are “blackheads”. Due to copyright disputes, the name of the MAN UTD is also forced to replace “MAN UFC). However, players can still choose to play “false name correction patches” and avatar bags to solve these problems.

Too strong header, also makes some time the game is monotonous. I want to see players to go into the way with more skill, not a simple air bomb, can only expect the official version to adjust the appropriate balance.

Overall rating:

Compared with the previous generation, “Football Manager 2022” has no big breakthrough, but some small repairs that fall into practice make players have a more comfortable experience. The engine upgrade makes the game process, and the system improves many operations more convenient, and the database and rules that are in line with real-world, they have become the reasons for players to buy this generation.

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China’s football development is included in the 21st National Social Science Fund Major Project

On August 8th, today, the official Weibo of the People’s Daily Weibo issued news, China’s football business development strategy and countermeasure studies were included in the 21st National Social Science Fund Major Project.

The official Web official Weibo is as follows:

Recently, the National Philosophical and Social Sciences Office issued an announcement, and the national public bidding for 2021 National Social Science Fund Major Project. In the research direction of tendering selection, # China Football Business Development Strategy and Countermeasure Research # is included in it. If the bid is obtained, it will roll funds according to the research progress and the quality of the quality, and the assessment of two or the medium-term examination is funded.

With the 2021 National Social Science Fund Major Project Bidding Section Research Direction:

1. Study on the theoretical contribution of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking in new era

2. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Discussion on “Four Confidence”

3. General Secretary Xi Jinping on China’s Spiritual Discussion

4. General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Development of the People’s Democracy

5. Research on Marxist People’s Democracy

6. Research on the “two combinations” and its relationship between Marxist China

7. Research on the theory and practice of fairness and justice of socialism with Chinese characteristics

8. Research on the new path of Chinese modernization and human civilization

9. Research on the scientific connotation and intrinsic relationship of socialist roads, theories, systems, and cultures of Chinese characteristics

Football Shirts Wholesale10. Research on the common value of all humanity

11. Research on the theoretical construction and communication system of the new era

12. Research on the overall original contribution of Marxism in the Communist Party of China

13. The Chinese Communist Party has moved to the second century of new contribution to the development of human social progress

14. Research on the Community of Overseas Chinese and Human Destiny

Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey15. Foreign Marxism on the Discussion and Compilation of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

16. The spirit of the great website and its relationship with the Chinese Communist Party

17. Research on the topic of the CPC Centization of Communist Party

18. Research on the historical process and basic experience of the construction of leadership ideology of the Communist Party of China

19. Research on the Change of the Communist Party Discipline Inspection and Cheap Soccer Jersey Monitoring Ideology and Historical Documentation

20. Research on the 100-year ethics of the Communist Party of China

21. The history of the Red Army

22. The finishing and research of the Chinese Communist file document in the Far East region of Russia

23. The Communist International Conference (布) is collected and compiled into the collation of the Communist Party of China.

24. People’s army test and resettlement history literature finishing and research

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25. Collection, finishing and study of the Chinese party history files in the Northeast China, Japan Collection (1921-1949)

26. Research on the history of the Chinese Communist Revolutionary Music

27. Collection, finishing and research of the Chinese Communist Party of 100 Years Medical Health

28. Collection, finishing and research of China’s Communist Party Workers and Peasants Relations (1921-2021)

29. The Historical Experience of the Communist Party of China on Prospecting the Philosophy of Developing Philosophy

30. Research on the Construction of Manchester United Jersey the Communist Party of China, academic system, discourse system construction

31. Research on the theoretical system of the party

32. The Chinese Communist Party shall rule the Party ‘s Historical Logic, theoretical Logic and Practice Logic Research

33. Research on the 100-year evolution and experience of the construction of China ‘s Communist Party System System

34. Research on the theory and practice of China ‘s Communist Party promotes the construction of Chinese nation

35. Research on the Party Construction Theory and Practice of Major Communist Party (Worker Party)

36. Centennial history and experience of leadership and leadership of the Communist Party of China

37. The Chinese Communist Party ‘s Original Contribution to Marxist Philosophy

38. China Marxist philosophical historical data finishing and research

39. Pan Wei ‘s philosophical ideological research

40. Research on the understanding of the basic principles of Marxist philosophy of foreign scholars and literature research

41. Standardized philosophy

42. The field of Chinese philosophy, basic issues and methods

43.20th Century China Analysis Philosophical History

44. Ming and Qing Zhu Xi Tong

45. “Jiang Yongquan” to organize and study

46. ??Wang Shi Mountain Thought and Research on Socialist Cultural Resources of Chinese Characteristics

47. Modern philosophers’ contemporary enlightenment on Chinese academic thinking

48. Research on the basic literature sortation and basic problem of Chinese classic hermeneutics

49. Research on Chinese Medicine Philosophy Inheritance System and Innovation Development

50. Study on the Ethical Path of Human Health Community

51. Empirical study of China’s rural morality and map platform construction

52. Research on civic moral construction project under the context of cultural strong country

53. Philosophical study of artificial cognition on natural cognition challenges

54. Since the 1960s, Soviet (Russia) Science and Technology Philosophy and Science and Technology Research

55. Philosophical study of responsible artificial intelligence and its practice

56. Research on the theory of modern technology governance

57. Research on the localization of Chinese translation logic terms and China’s logic language system construction

58. Marxist aesthetic history

59. The historical development of aesthetic image and its theoretical construction research

60. China ancient aesthetic proposition finishing and research

61. Adorno literary aesthetic book translation, note note and research

62. Qimir Mestal Artistic Ideological Document Solutions and Research

63. Research on the theoretical system of socialist political economy of Chinese characteristics

64. Research on the theoretical innovation of great practices and development economics in the new development stage

65. The formation mechanism of China’s economic toughness under the new development pattern, dynamic evaluation and policy synergies

66. The impact of the global industry chain is constant on the global economic governance system and China’s response

67. Research on improved urban and rural integration development mechanism from the perspective of labor

68. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties Since the historical examination and research of the traditional industrial and commercial books (1500-1949)

69. History of modern economic ideological economic ideas in the world

70. Research on the History of the Economic Strategic Thoughts of the People’s Republic of China

71. China Taxation History

72. Study on the Risk Path of my country ‘s Economic Effective Prevention of China during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period

73. The theory and experimental study of China’s macro-regulatory cross-cycle design and regulation of China’s macro-regulatory cross-cycle

74. Research on the Adjustment of International Trade Policy System and China ‘s Strategies under the Background of the Global Value Chain

75. Intrinsic mechanism and implementation path research of urban and rural integration and new development pattern strategic linkage

76. Research on Open Economic Safety Monitoring Early Warning and Comprehensive Evaluation

77. Study on China’s Family Economic Risk Measurement, Causes and Herbers

78. Research on my country’s digital economic security risk warning, prevention mechanism and security capacity

79. Research on theoretical Logic and System Construction of Platform Economy Digital Governance

80. Study on the Construction of Long – term Mechanism of Employment Increase in Characteristic Agriculture

81. Study on the construction rate system for agricultural science and technology development facing high quality development

82.RCEP impact and response strategy research on the high quality development of China’s agriculture

83. Modern Finance – Research on Local Government Debt Management under Financial Combination Framework

84. Research on the Optimization and Reform of China Tax System in Promoting High Quality Development

85. Research on Safety Stability Stability of China ‘s Industrial Chain Supply Chain under the New Development Pattern

86. Research on the construction of a major controlled modern industrial system under the economic conditions of the big country

87. Accelerate the development strategy of “dark blue fishing” in my country

88. Research on the implementation path and policy system for high quality development in my country’s food industry

89. Research on China ‘s Strategic Emerging Industry Supply Chain Restability

90. Research on high efficiency utilization and economic security and high quality development mechanism of natural resources

91. Study on the development strategy of “double cycle” new pattern

92. National Strategic Research of Strategic Mineral Resources Industry Chain Supply Chain Safety

93. New infrastructure promotes the integration of economic development and mechanism operation in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau

94. Research on the innovation mechanism and wind control of my country’s new energy industry under low carbon development

95. Research on the development mechanism and realization path of energy supply side and demand side

96. Research on the path and synergistic mechanism of large scale development of renewable energy under carbon and target

97. Study on the theoretical system of green finance promoting carbon neutrics and targets, policy framework and innovation path

98. Research on the optimization of financial structure and high quality development under the new development pattern

99. Digital Finance Effectively Supports Research on High Quality Development of Economic Economics

100. Research on my country’s Financial Risk Evolution and Prevention and Control Measures under “Double Cycling” New Pattern

101. Financial support research to continuously promote the revitalization of rural residence

102. Relying on the construction of digital RMB internationalization

103. Online platform information value and information behavior

104. Research on the Innovation and High Quality Development Path of Modern Circulation System under “Double Cycling” New Pattern

105. Research on the Marketization Reform of Land Elements under the National Land Space Planning System

106. Research on the market mechanism and policy path of technical breakthrough under new national system

107. Promote the common prospective research of persons with disabilities

108. Research on cross-border flow path of Data Elements in Guangdong, Macau

109. Study on community home pension mode and quality safety system based on block chain

110. Digital empowerment promotes high quality development of public services and its implementation path research

111. Research on the effective assessment and advancement mechanism of cultural and tourism integration development

112. Research on the previse prevention and control of emergency prevention and control of public health emergencies in my country

113. Research on the synergistic emergency mechanism and scheduling optimization method of regional medical resources in the regional public health incident

114. Research on the Construction of Open Open Source Science and Technology Innovation System

115. Research on the national innovation system of focusing key core technology breakthrough

116. Research on key core technology of intelligent manufacturing strategy and policy research

117. Synergistic mechanism and implementation path research of multi-capable complementary systems under carbon neutralization

118. Research on Platform Enterprise Governance

119. Research on the major problem of fission development of China

120. Research on the theory and practice of low carbon value creation

121. Research on the theory of high-end strategy of Chinese enterprises in high-quality development situations

122. Research on the China ‘s Intellectual Property Marketization Protection and Value Transformation Mechanism

123. Research on the national enterprises along the “One Belt”

124. Research on the Practice of Intelligent Control Accounting System and Intelligent Control Accounting System in the New Times

125. Evaluation of the Modernization of State Governance Capacity, Method and Progress Evaluation

126. Path and measurement of digital communication China global value chain

127. Research on the statistical measure and process monitoring of my country’s large health major industry upgrades under the new pattern of “double cycle”

128. Statistical research on China’s economic “double cycle” and its synergy and effectiveness in multiple complex backgrounds

129. Research on the theory, method and China Practice of Productivity Account Compilation

130. Research on Statistical Measurement of Industrial Big Data

131. Research on marine economic statistics, monitoring and evaluation system based on strategic objectives of marine strong country

132. Research on the statistical measure and realization path of military enterprises during the new development stage

133. Adhere to and improve the study of the main system of the people

134. Research on the International Influence of China ‘s Core Terminology

135. Source and influence research of political polarization of contemporary Western countries

136. Theoretical Paradox and Practice of American Democracy

137. Social organization promotes the institutional mechanism and policy system of common prosperity

138. Research on the mechanism and optimization path of digital transformation of social governance of extra large cities

139. Research on the strategy and implementation path of my country’s digital strong edge

140. Strategic Research of my country ‘s Participation in Intellectual Property Global Governance under the New Situation

141. Study on the System of Intelligence Social Security

142. International leadership research in the new era

143. Research on the construction of large data sovereign security security system

144. China-US Science and Technology Competition and Maintaining my country’s National Security Research

145. Study on the relationship between European Foreign Strategic Adjustment and China European and American

146. History of the Blazing Regional Cooperation

147. Institutional Challenges and Countermeasures of China Participating in Global Climate Governance under Carbon Neutts

148. Research on the Construction of Global Transportation and Human Destiny Community under the Cultural Development

149. Social science affects the history, mechanism and China path research of public policy

150. Social form of social form in China

151. Memory research in digital age

152. Establish and improve the mechanism of rural low-income population normalization help mechanism

153. Research on “Red Culture + Tourism” Fusion Development in Revolutionary Old Areas

154. Research on China’s Experience in Global Poverty Reduce Strategy Studies

155. Research on the main employment risks and multi-dimensional governance facing my country under the new situation

156. Research on the social mechanism of social organization of disabled people

157. Study on the Governance and Post – resection of Intercommunication Community

158. Study on the rights issue of workers under the zero work economy

159. Playing a third distribution role to promote the healthy development of charities

160. Study on the Collaborative Mechanism of Ecological Product Value and Rural Revitalization

161. Trend of the measurement and change trend of health expectancy in my country under the healthy Chinese strategy

162. Study on disabilities and application research in the context of population aging

163. The impact of population aging on scientific and technological innovation and strategic synergy

164. Research on the theory of people’s livelihood guarantees in Xi Jinping’s Ideology

165. Research on the theoretical and practical problems of the development of administrative law

166. Research on technical regulations based on rule of law, national governance and global governance

167. Research on the Construction of the Rule of Law System of Network Information Security Supervision

168. Research on the social impact and governance path of Internet platform

169. Qin and Han to Tang Ling, Legal Language Classification, Page Construction and Database Construction

170. Collection, finishing and academic history of academic literature in modern Chinese and foreign treaties (1842-1949)

171. Research on the legal protection mechanism of social credit system

172. Research on the Rule of Law System of Public Data Technology Standards under Digital China

173. Improve the research on the supervision of the medical security fund

174. Research on the Construction of my country ‘s Economic Sanctions Legal System

175. Modernization of risk management of industrial intellectual property rights under the overall national security concept

176. Research on the modernization of civil judicial procedures

177. Study on the Case Study of China Sanctions in the US Global Unilateral Economic Sanctions and Its Countermeasures

178. Research on the Construction of Criminal Safety Risk Prevention System of Digital Economy

179. Maxist classic writers on important literature finishing and contemporary significance of national and multi-ethnic countries

180. Research on the Dynamic Mechanism of Population Flow and Deep Intelligence between Nationalities after the Establishment of New China

181. Investigation and research of water culture in the southwest

182. Research on the investigation and protection and utilization of traditional village resource surveys

183. History of democratic reform archives in Tibet and the four provinces

184. Collection and research of China’s excellent traditional ecological culture Tibetan literature data

185. China National Museum Tibetan Dunhuang Tufen Document Squits and Research

186. Research on Dunhuang Grottoes Document Release and Graphic Mutual Performance

187. Dunhuang Tubo Historical Culture and Grottoes Art Studies

188. Dunhuang 书 草 书 本 本本

189. Historical culture of interdependence in ancient Chinese people

190. The history of China’s northern national exchange exchange and the formation of Chinese national community

191. China Customs History

192. China Special Education History

193. “China Historical Ocean Atlas”

194. Research on the Protection and Utilization of Hydroce in South China Sea

195. Research on the changes of ecosystem of China

196. China’s blood anti-history data finishing and research

197. Rare Yellow River Ancient Map Corrugation and Research in At Home and Abroad

198. Research on Civilization China in Ancient District

199. Samsung Pile Culture and Chinese Civilization

200. Tang Dynasty “Village” System and the “Western Evolution” of China ‘s Ancient Grassroots Administrative System

201. New Discovery Song Yuan Ming Qingguo Communication Paper Back Document Corruption and Research

202. Research on the development of ecological environment in the Yangtze River Delta region

203. Study on the Hybrid and Governance System of the South China Sea in the Republic of China

204. The history of the Northeast Border Border Border after the Han Man Mongolian archives

205. Xinjiang Governor Treatment Historical Desire

206. Qianjia learning version of transcript

207. China’s modern counties report collection, finishing and research

208. China ‘s modern postal historical standard finishing and research

209. China ‘s modern railway investment Chinese and foreign archives data finishing, research and database construction

210. Lushun Museum Tibetan Xinjiang unearthed Chinese literature classification and research

211. Overseas Tibetan Chinese Sugar Industry Information Collection, Correction and Research

212. Correction and research of architecture and research in the University of Columbia University Library

213. China’s ancient ocean rare literature rescue finishing, research and database construction

214. Research on the theoretical system of Chinese characteristics in the new era

215. Investigations and related historical documents along the national archeology along the Han Dynasty sea Silk Road

216. Solvent and study of the archaeological data of the Spring and Autumn, Hubei Province

217. Claim and study of tomb data during the 16th National Times in Guanzhong Region

218. Guizhou Gui’an Niuchao Cave Site Site Claims and Research (2012-2020)

219. Archaeological survey and comprehensive research on the surnsiciency remains of Xia Shang period in Sino-Boxing Mountain

220. Anyang 洹 洹 商城 铜, 制 骨, 陶 作 作 考 发 发 整 整 整

221. Surgery and study of field archaeological data in Zhouyuan ruins

222. Human plague history

223. South Korea’s Han Wenshi Department of Nianxian and Special Research

224. China’s image historical material finishing and research in foreign history textbooks

225. Southeast Asia Tibetan China Nanhai History Note Correction and Research

226. USA on the Korean Peninsula Policy Archives Documentation and Research (1945-2001)

227. Middle Eastern Economic History

228. Research on the history of modern socialist thinking

229. Commissioning and research of colonial expansion history of the third Republic of France

230. China ‘s Westward Road Teaching Documentation and Database Construction

231. “Buddhist statue art dictionary” Chinese translation and research

232. Han Wen Buddhist English translation, research and large database construction

233. Discovery, finishing and research of the Buddhist literature group in the country

234. The formation, rheology and academic system construction of early classic text

235. Chinese music and literary relationship

236. History of Chinese Chaotian Literary Campaign

237. History of ancient China

238. Research on the editorial intention of the colony and its literary concept

239. Sorting and research

240. Song poetic assessment and research and database construction in the past

241. Historical examination and research of Chinese Communist Literary Ideology (1921-1949)

242. Research on the History of Literature and Art System of Communist Party

243. History of children’s literature under the sight of Chinese literature

244. “Ouyang Zuqian Complete Works” New, Research and Database Construction

245. China’s modern literary criticism of ideological resources finishing and research (1907-1949)

246. Red Literature and Centennial China

247. Study on the Relationship between China ‘s Rural Literature and Rural Construction

248. Study on Chinese Literature Academic Modernization

249. Research on the theoretical resources and external spread of literary ethics criticism

250. Research on the cultural inheritance and overseas spread of online literature in China

251. Research on the Issue Research on the Origin of the Origin of China ‘s Modern Literature Local Path

252. Research on the history of classical traditional heavy release reconstruction and interactive relationship in the modern Chinese literary trend

253. Research and interaction between study and classical literature

254. Translation and research of European and American drama theater data

255. Opera image data finishing and database construction

256. Strihood and study of new Chinese ethnic minority text literature

257. Southwest Minority Drama History Research and Database Construction

258. New unearthed epitaph and Sui and Tang family literature literature finishing and research

259. Liao Jinyuan Note Literature Compilation and Research

260. Chinese Literature Submission and Literature Research

261. China ‘s drama monuments in the Chinese drama, research and database construction

262. 台 海疆 文学 文 整 整 整 整 与 (1602-1895)

263. Chinese novel review history and related literature finishing and research

264. Research on the history of Caribbean literature

265. History of ancient Chinese literary theory

266. Study on Soviet “Cultural Symbolics” under multi-dimensional view

267. Study on the Community of Listen Literature and Human Destiny

268.18 Century Eurasian Literature Exchange Mutual Research

269. “Freud text” translation and research

270. Translation and research of “Princeton Poetry and Poetics Encyclopedia”

271. Study on the cultural community ideology in American ethnic literature

272. “Warz Huss Complete Works” Translation and Research

273. Yuri Lotman Works

274 Research on the origin and evolution of the Chinese Tibetan language system under multi-discipline

275. Research on the common time-time comparison and lattice exploration based on large corpus officials

276. Construction and research of national language safety big data platform

277. History of Chinese poetry rhythm – space transformation, brain confirm mechanism and database construction

278. Study on the language of language in the background of “Two One hundred Years” and Language Planning Research

279. Development and application of oversized multilingual Chinese parallel language library surrounding Chinese

280. Time and space for Chinese virtual words and database construction in Hunan and surrounding provinces

281. Research on the establishment of the national general bilinen fencing connection rules and the construction of the word library

282. Research on the social integration path of Chinese autism

283. Construction and application of Montan Mixing Codes

284. Study on the normal mode, assessment and intervention system of the language ability of the elderly in my country

285. Modern Chinese word relationship cognitive scientificism

286. Eastern Han to Tang Dynasty unearthed literature Chinese

287. Middle Age Modern Chinese Character and its database construction

288. Rhyme research and database construction of the Non-rhythm of the Republic of China

289. “Hongwu Zheng Yun” is a comparative study and data mining analysis of word and data mining in Ming Dynasty

290. Census, finishing and research of new materials in the Qing Dynasty

291. Amendment study of “Chinese Large Dictionary”

292. Research on National Text and Chinese Cultural Inheritance

293. Wu Lian’s literature syntax research and database construction since the late Ming

294. 语 方 地 地 学

295. Chinese Miao Dialective Locket

296. Chinese dialect

297. Research on the Development and Construction of China ‘s National Language Large Scale Method Text Online Retrieval System

298. 阳 汉 简 整 整 与

299. Striving and method research on extreme sexual bamboo books in Ding County

300. Warring States Writing Research Big Data Cloud Platform Construction

301. Collection and research on the collection and study of hundreds of rare earth and common literature in Gu Yic Yue Border

302. Development of ancient Chinese characters based on public database

303. Construction and theoretical innovation of Chinese Words in Chinese and Western Exchange

304.19 centuries since China Han Dynasty, foreign double language dictionary

305. Research on Chinese Communication in Africa Hundred Years under the Perspective of Human Destiny

306. Research on the evaluation and improvement path of adolescents based on brain science

307. Research on the construction of global communication new pattern under the mutual training of civilized exchanges

308. There is no change in the change of the Chinese Communist Party ‘s Image Global Communication and Identity

309. Improve media chemical management capabilities in the face of major emergencies

310. Research on the Innovation of Journalism in the Internet Environment

311. Research on the role and function of new media in rural governance under the perspective of rural revitalization

312. China’s publication academic historical artist finishing, research and database construction

313. Research on the International Competitiveness of China ‘s Digital Copyright Trade under “Double Cycling” New Pattern

314.20 century, Half Ye Himalaya, Tibet, Tibet, Issue, Issue, Issue, Research and Digital

315. Japanese Collection of China Communist News Propaganda Historical Historical Treatment (1921-1945)

316. Research on the Privacy of Citizens’ Privacy Protection in Items

317.5g of the pattern change and research paradigm transformation of the news spread of the times

318. Virtual Reality Media Narrative Study

319. Research on Artificial Intelligence Technical Specifications for Minors

320. “Chinese Ancient Books Books” (Fresh Edition)

321. Research on the scratch evaluation system of the scientific literature in large data

322. Humalanan historical geographical literature collection, finishing and research

323. Construction and application of China’s ancient classics cross-language knowledge base

324. Collection, finishing and research of Chinese ancient farmers

325. China’s scientific and technological classics should be checked (outside Chinese medicine)

326. Research on the construction and service of cultural heritage intelligence data resource

327. Research on public data open utilization system and capacity building for digital development

328. Innovation of privacy risk measurement and protection mechanism for government data

329. Research on Intellectual Property Intelligence Safeguards in Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Dashang District

330. Archives and research in the Farm Battle District in World War II

331. Research on Management and Development of Beijing Olympic Files

332. Sports has become the theoretical connotation and era promotion of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

333. Innovation of China’s Sports Strategy Transformation and Development Model in the New Development Stage

334. Research on the Construction of New Times Sports All Media Communication Pattern

335. Research on the Development Strategy and Countermeasures of Football Career

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"Double Eleven" is coming, want to help baby taste development? You can’t miss this kind!

But why modern China’s football will kick this stinky, this is because the royal family is more inclined to hunting, so the 蹴 蹴 will begin, in the modern times, the country pays more attention to industrial and Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey technology, not for sports is not Very emphasis, especially for football, basketball and other playing exercises are not enough, this leads to our national football, there is no foundation at the beginning, so the national football has never played well, almost a lost game.

However, China has already recognized this problem, and began to pay attention to the development of young football. Although some achievements, the reality is still having Liverpool Jersey a lot of young people and parents will not choose to let children choose football, they prefer to learn cultural classes, walk This road is not the main business, even if it is playing football, more is to play the role of exercise. But the development of young football is very important. It takes a good coach to cultivate them, guide them to make more formal, more systematic training, and have the opportunity to fight for the national team, this is helpful for Chinese football, but Nowadays, people who are now giving their children to play football are also relatively small, because football is a confrontational movement, it is easy to be injured in the training process, falling, sprained is home to the house, like fracture, there is Mbappé Jersey no happening, so the home is generally Willing to let the children are suffering from this bitter.

Dalian football female reporter Zhao Ziping passed the mourning, the ear of the ear offered! Just 54 years old

Dalian football first female reporter Zhao Ziping went to the monk, the forefoot + Shaanxi football mensterees! Just 54 years old

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Beijing time November 1, 2021 (Monday) afternoon, 54-year-old Chinese football in the famous Chinese football, Shaanxi Changan Competitive Football Club, front coach Shangqing and the world.

My friend circle, the trainer of the football community and the players are painful, and they have sent pictures in the circle of friends. The bad news came, I didn’t expect it to be still a constant.

The photo above, and the photos taken together with our family and the photos of these people, completely sentenced to two. I didn’t expect for so many years, and the winds of the northwest softened the sturdy iron bones, and the handsome teenage of the handsome boy I met was turned into the northwest wolf. What makes it makes a big change, so I didn’t recognize it. I am shocked, I can’t believe it, this is the beginning of the year in front of me, Handsome youth is still happy? Is there two still? How I hope, this still blue is another person I have never known.

In 1995, I took my daughter to participate in the birthday party of Dawang Tao, in the end, I interviewed the eight-year team, Jia Xiuquan, Wang Zhenjie and others, wrote the character interview. Shangqing gives me the impression is particularly enthusiastic. I have been taking care of me. I have a gentleman’s style … I especially like the photo below, I also wrote the photo of the photo: Dalian football coach, the players spread all the country like a seed. And it is handsome.

In 1995, I (Zhao Ting Ping) and left Qing Wang Zhenjie, Jia Xiuquan, Shangqing, Wang Tao took a photo. This photo has always been placed at home!

In the past few days, I really don’t dare to believe this genex fact, and I have been immersed in grief. I have sent WeChat to many friends of many football, I have been confirmed: Shangqing’s late period, after treatment, after treatment, fail to defeat the disease … Yesterday, Jiangjin representatives of the eight-year team 1316 teammate In the past, the funeral parlor in the eastern suburbs of Beijing is still a final end.

Recalling the past, the father of Shangqing Shang Jiaqi is born in Dalian in 1940, I have been doing Shangqing as a Dalian person. Shangqing and his father’s father and son, run through the love of the family father and son and the national strength, because of his loyalty and persistence, becoming a good story of people.

Shang Qing (1967 – November 1, 2021), has been selected for the national team, the National Youth team, and the national team. In the career, Shangqing’s effectiveness of eight years in Bayi team, leaving a lot of precious memories. In 1996, Shangqing chose to leave the Bayi team and transferred to Shaanxi Guili. With his help, the team finally succeeded in to army.

Shangqing has effectively achieved the Shaanxi National Force team and served as the captain to help Shaanxi Guili team to upgrade A A A A A A-league; he also served as the main coach and assistant coach in Shaanxi. In 2018, Mr. Shang Qing and Mr. Zhao Changhong were coached the water team of Shaanxi Daqin, with his help, Shaanxi Daqin Water Team has achieved many classic victories. As a player, he can fly, helping the team to win; as a coach, he can play a proceed, lead the team to advance; and in the green field, he is also a noble person, a football full of arrogant HK.

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Shaanxi Changan Competition official issued: Shangqing’s contribution to Shaanxi football is so excellent, because his bones engraved with the netwolf of the northwest wolf.

These two days, I have been regretted, I went to Xi’an in 2019, I didn’t go to the team to visit them. Who can think of it, Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseysome people suddenly leave, let people can’t prevent it …

Shangqing, all the way!

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CCTV5 live harbor vs Shenhua: Oscar suspension affects the big harbor 5-1 leading stable counterattack

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The Lii is the world’s famous, the World Cup champion coach, and the Guangzhou team and national football team coached the peak period. At that time, the annual salary of the national football is as high as 20 million euros, which is the top annual salary of Kits Football Kits the world football.Due to the “skirt” relationship of the Lipper, his assistant Madoni also coached the Olympics, and the result was true.The newbie coach in Canarvaro, in the Guangzhou Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseyteam to get a 5-year big contract for the annual salary of 12 million euros, more reasons are the relationship between Liubi, the European top coach in Concerti, the salary of the coaching of Intermi is 12 millionEuro, Xiaozuji’s level of coaches in Serie A is also around 3 million euros.