Each body: Barcelona wants to sign a new mid-site supplement short board, Endong Belle, Za Carria is a potential goal

Live Bar November 3 “Daily Sports” google www google com is a report, Barcelona considers a B2B midfielder in the winter, the thermal thorn is a potential goal.

It is reported that Harvey is expected to return to the coach, and he believes the team needs to make up in midfield.Barcelona will news18 network enter the transfer market to find the right annessory opportunity, and will take the thermal thorn Endong Belass as a goal.Barcelona began to pay attention to him in Endong Belle, but the pile spent 60 million euros will bring him to the breaking news live breaking news live Premier League.

As for the pony, with the Confi picking up the team, the pony intends to introduce Kathy, so I will consider the Write Bele.Endong Belle has been interested in leaving the thermal thorn this summer. He is not very happy live news in delhi today to treat it in Bailu Lane.

However, Barcelona may only be used in rental forms, so there is not much purposeful goal.Menxing’s Camaria and Marseille cnn election results Kamara is another choice.It is worth mentioning that Barcelona eliminates the possibility of introducing Kathy, because the Milan midfielder has the ball capacity does not meet the requirements.