"Live football" they are the legendary team star shines!

And the new fire will try new tea, the poem is a year! In the history of the football, there are countless winds of Youth back to the fans’ mind, but canary meaning in telugu for the Spanish fans, there is a person’s youth, is destined to be replaced, he is the “Jin Tong” Fernando Torres. In this issue, “live football” once again welcomes the gold childhood, and the players who have revived him of the new generation of the people in the past year!

Young shallotians are arrogant, looking for flowers to horses

For fans, Madrid, Spain is a very culturally-cultural city, not only two major giants in the football, but here is the style of Raul, Casillas, Torres, anduri. The star, but in them, the talent shows the most obvious, but also Torres. At the age of 11, Torres got the invitation of the bed linen army and entered their teenage team. At that year, it took 55 goals for the team. The following year, Torres rejected the invitation of the Galaxy Warriol, gnews which was decided to be the hard work of the bed. It is a year who is young. “Golden Tong” is not going to go.

He has not become the character of Fang Yong, and his talent is more practical with the accumulation of years and experience. In the 18-year career in Torres, he shines four European cities: starting from Madrid, then come to Guide Pool, but London, Milan. On the other hand, Torres is also the same as the Spanish national team. In 2008 and 2012, Torres won the two European Cup championships. In 2010, he won the World Cup champion, and individuals also won the 2008 European Cup finals. MVP, European Cup Gold Boot Awards, etc.

In the past, Yingsheng wins yesterday, there was a fragrance in the wind.

Although Torres retired for two years, there online hindi news paper will still be many of the balls at him. As the original version of Konami, the original control football mobile game “live football” will give up this gold boy running in the fans of the fans. Torres who met with you this period is the legendary version of countless Torres, the legendary version specially made, and the gorgeous attributes are complemented by the card surface, and the actual combat and collection value are also!

It is not only the name “Jin Tong” “T9” and other names. Then Torres’s offensive power in the game will inevitably: the number of attacks at 92 after the preliminary level, let the blond boy’s offensive is unstoppable. 186CM’s height combined with 89 controlling ball with 85, making it the nerve of each run in the backfinder of the other party! In addition, Jin Tong is todays news headlines are for example [pick up the ball directly], [outside the arc “, [acrobatic goal] This skill is integrated, so that every player of Torres is commended to him. No.

There is no love in this world, and there is also a kind of feast, and the fans love Torres, and there is naturally the reason why they have nothing. This issue allows us to lock the cartoons [Team Star Legends “, let this shine over the golden children of the football, continue in your hands!

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