At 3 am! Big Paris is exploded! Dana Ramma is a background board, and the 11-year shame record is born.

At 3 o’clock in the morning of October 30, Beijing, the first round of the 12th round of the 15th round, the Big Paris was at home against the battle guard champion Lille.In the first half of the competition, the Lille left offensive received results, Jonathan-David pushed the door to help the Level of the Jika. 1-0 lead.

Big Paris has experienced the super acquisition of summer, and the 7-point advantage before the game is leading, and it seems that the league champion is just a problem. When I last season, Big Paris became a runner-up with a gap between 1 point, which broke out a big cold door in the French League.

And as a defending champion, the play of this season is relatively bad. After losing the tall coach, Garjie and a number of main players, the defending champion has become a mid-reservoir of the league. Ranked 10th in the front of the Race, there is 13 points in Paris.

On the first list of this game, big breaking news Pochntino did not send the body discomfort Mbpe, and Ashiraf was also arrested in the upper round.At the first choice of the goalkeeper, this 22-year-old Italian main country Donar Ramma will play again, and he replaces Navas in the rounded horse.

english me newspaperOnly 1 minute in the game, the Lille got a chance to fight quickly, and Irmaz was shot from Donaru. Subsequently, the Lille’s Ico, with an injection, and the defending champion opened a lot of threats.

Big Paris, after steadying the opening situation, slowly find a certain offensive. In the 30th minute of the game, Messi left an unmanned shooting opportunity, but unfortunately, the ball was what is the current news played.

At the 31st minute of the game, the Lille took the lead in obtaining the goal.Irmaz took the ball in the penalty area to break through, which almost affected the rear line of the big Paris. As a result, Jonathan – David was built in unmanned anti-door, which made Dana Rama to lose the background of the news of ball.

After the game lost the ball, the broadcast shot immediately gave the Navas who was watching the game. After the new season joined the big Paris, Dona Ramma was not the absolute strength of the team. In the previous game, he broke the door twice by the Rennes, causing the team to finally lose.

After the sale of the ball in the first half, the big Paris once again refreshed a shame and embarrassment, which was the worst defensive achievement of nearly 11 years, and lost 11 goals in the first 12 rounds.The upper half of this field, the sharp line threatening of Messi and Nerma, there is no way to make too much pressure to the Lille.

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