The epidemic is tight! NFL player will recommend not to aggregate training

June 21 (Wen / ESPN Compile / Love) Recently, Dallas Cowboy, the multi-teams in Houston Texas have players infected new crown viruses, wild horses, 49 people, pirates, and players are unfortunate “middle” . Perhaps the self-training of the players is one of the turbulents of the epidemic, so the NFL player’s medical supervisor has suggested that the players will avoid training with teammates to prevent the spread of new crown viruses.

Musiel Doctor pointed out in a statement on Saturday that NFL players are working on a safety procedure during the training of players and plans to implement it at the end of July.

In this statement, Meiyer said specially: “Please note that in view of the increase in new crown virus infection, our medical consensus is that players should not conduct private aggregation training. Our goal is Let all players and their families will be as healthy within the next few months. “

According to ESPN reporter Jeremy F Walle, at least one player new crown virus was positive in approximately 10 teams, which prompted NFL players to post this statement. NFL and players have a shared database show that the number of new crown viruses in the past two weeks has a significant increase. The team can detect players in the injury recovery period, or detect when the player has a symptom.

Including the pirate quartz Kham Braddy, giant quartz sani Jones and jets San Sam Darnod, many quarters, recently organized teammates for aggregation training. On Saturday, there were sources to inform ESPN, at least 2 pirate players new crown viruses were positive; then the pirate release statement said that there was a positive test for positive, but did not explain the player or the staff, it is reported that the affected area has been Closed and large-scale disinfection.

At present, the NFL and the player will continue to work hard for the next month’s players safely return to the team training facilities, but many NFL senior players reveal to ESPN, although they are optimistic about the new season, but in college and occupation In the rugby game, the number of positive detection is worrying.

The player will reflect the workers and needs of the players. It is indeed more important than the invasion of the new crown virus than short-term training.