Sincerely apologize or forced to recognize? Antonio Blang also publicly showed a big book

February 13 (Wen / ESPN Brooke Pryor Compile / Fu “) Antonio – Brown continues to” apologize “on social media, and this object is his front team friend. The old Pittsburgh steel team star took over and gave a photo on the ins.

Brown wrote: “You have been rooted in my heart, brother, I have never realized that I have had the beauty, then I was disturbed by too many people, now I want to be sincerely apologize for me. In the past ten years, there has never been another couple like us, I am really grateful. – Dear AB “

Brown’s apology and gratitude compared to his previous attitude, it has a change in 180 degrees. In the past, he has bombarded it in social media, and their relationship has also developed rapidly in 2018. Big Ben will be a bad running route to the wild horse team in a weekly broadcast station, and after the season, Brown is selfish. After entering August, Brown let the big book “shut up” on another Twitter, and accusing the big book first destroyed their friendship. In the past, Da Bing was once Brown’s best friend in the team. This friendship change indirectly directed Brown’s departure.

Since the arrest of a courier driver, Brown has once again apologized to the steel man, NFL, and Hollywood Police Department. During the super bowl, he also expressed the reflection of the bizarre incident inside the past year. . Brown said in an interview: “I think I owe the entire NFL an apology, I need to be responsible for my past behavior, I can handle these things better.”

It is worth mentioning that Brown has been exposed during the patriot team during this season, and he also lost his work, and he said: “I think I have never infringed women, which makes me feel that people feel Put me as a living target, everyone wants to be right with me, let me face some things that must have something. I have no respected, there is no truth, I can find me, even if there is no A little evidence. The media has reported freedom, but I have no sin, people think that I am guilty because they write my crimes in the news, they put these false things on TV and implanted into people’s thoughts, Every time I always sit and listen to those unfair and don’t exist. “

The farce of AB is far from the end.