MLB started and then drags the traditional giant Daoqi forced the implementation of the whole staff payment plan

Both / Ramona Shelburne compiled / 耿 皓阳 之, the MLB start date is dragged again, and many small teams have already begun, choose layoffs or pay salary. Nowadays, the Qiqi of the Wealth is also can’t support. Although they promise not to lay off the staff or let employees have no salary vacation, but they also inform full-time employees, the next time they start from June 1, their salary will have certain The degree of cut.

Dodge has a heavy loss in the panesia caused by this epidemic. Some time, there was a message that the total loss of alliances will reach $ 4 billion, of which 232 million lost to Dodge is only 312 million, the second more in the 30 teams.

Dodge announced this on Tuesday afternoon team calling, it is reported that the amount of salary amount is within 35% of the total salary, but the executives may be reduced. An additional salary is only for full-time employees with the annual salary of more than $ 75,000, and the Dodge has repeatedly emphasized that all this is mainly to avoid layoffs.

Most of the MLB30 teams promised to restore the salary of full-time employees before the end of May, before the operation of the team, many team staff opened an indefinite non-paying vacation. But with the continuous resurgence, the promise of the team appears to be difficult to honor.

Several teams in the Bay area have announced their layoffs self-rescue programs earlier. The Auckland sportsman gave them almost all part-time and full-time swapping and quarterly player development department staff, Los Angeles Angels have announced similar news earlier, and small alliance employees will also be in June 1 Rest date.

In addition, Marin fish, red and rays announced earlier that they will have some personnel changes to cope with the loss caused by this extension. If the loss caused by MLB this extension is true as Manfrad said there is $ 4 billion, Dodge’s payment may be just the beginning of MLB’s employees.