MLB-single field is selected 14 times to keep the national away 7-1 knocking warrior

On September 16th, Beijing time, the 2018 season MLB American Professional Baseball Grand Union Competition continued.Atlanta Warriors are sitting at the home of the Washington.This is the second game of the two parties.Basic Loss of the National Fame Hope’s nationals are quite patient, the whole strip is selected from 14 guarantees, plus 5 pirates, and there is a timely placement, and there are 4 kinds of safety.At the same time, the pitcher’s combination force presses the Warriors to work, and only the Warriors will beat 2 security.At the end of the country, he defeated the Warrior at 7-1, and won a victory.

Colombia Pitcher Hulio-Teeland 4 is 7 K, but there is 6 guarantees

Colombia Pitcher Hulio-Teeland 4 is 7 K, but there is 6 guarantees

[Data Highlight]

The national first firing Jeremy-Heilixsen main investment 3.0 bureau was played 2 security hits without being lost, sent 1 three oscillated, because the line was eager to be replaced in advance by playing. The replacement of Rodriguez, which is bought, not only 4.2 bureaus has not been hit by anything, but also contributed to the blow, playing a housing with a point, and accept the third victory of the season. In terms of work, the National National Team played 7 security, and I chose 14 guarantees, which is the most important reason for the team wins. The first batter Eaton 1 is played 2 points, and Lunnden 2 is also contributed to 2 points. Sodo has three times with 2 pirates, causing a lot of damage to the Warriors in the hive, and also indirectly destroyed the confidence of the Warriors, thus appearing.

Warriors first pitcher Hulio-Teraran’s main voter 4.0, although only three security places, there are seven times, but invested more than 6 guarantees, but also let him lose 2 points, swallow The 8th defeated season. The Warrior cowshed pitcher is also a mess, in addition to solving the Sobotka of a player, the other 5 succession pitcher is guaranteed, especially Tuced, only 1 game, send 4 three-vibration, free Opponent 1 point. In terms of work, the Warriors only played 2 security, and only 2 ways to fight, relying on Fremman’s high-flying sacrifice to the only one of the only points, avoiding zero.

[Competition process]

In the middle of the 1st game, the visited the team’s national first. After Eaton was hit, Tenian was hit, and the pirate was attacked before the second base. The National Team still did not give up attack at 2 out. Harper chose 4 bad balls to keep it, and Lunden will make up a hick, and then the bright rookie strike this year, this year, the right half is hit, this is a point of play to make the national get 1 -0 lead.

20-year-old Super Newcomer Akunia continued to maintain a good performance, and nearly 7 hits in his hits. 423

20-year-old Super Newcomer Akunia continued to maintain a good performance, and nearly 7 hits in his hits. 423

The second half of the 1st game, the main team warrior made a response. The first battalist Akunia rely on a wild security to the first base. Subsequently, he was able to try it on the first base, it seems to have a strong pirate desire. His active also agled the Warrior to make a pitcher Hulio Turiland’s heart, finally occurred at the time of trying to contain a leader, and Akunia runs two lines to the three bases. This also
gave the Warriors’ a chance to earn a dot, in the end, he also grasped the opportunity, and a high flying sacrifice will be 1-1 flat.

The 4 games are half, and the Sodo is then selected, and then the stolen is successful. After Renault was quenched, Di Fu was also selected. At the time of Golden Bum hit, Sodo was launched with Di Fu, and the national attack accounts for two or three bases. The constant pirate also makes Hulio Te. Teager control, and he has doubled four bad balls again in the absolute lead of 2 good balls without bad balls. National 1 out of the game. Although Stephenson, the Stervinsen, but Eaton is selected to be guaranteed, and the national crowded 1 point. In the middle of the 4 game, the national guaranteed 1 point for free, no more place, 1 point, leading 2-1.

Lunned Laden 2Geranga hit Eaton and Turner

Lunned Laden 2Geranga hit Eaton and Turner

6 bureaus, Jinbm is then selected, pitcher Rodriggz chooses to sacrifice to send Jinbm to the second base. Eaton played the far-reaching two-way second base, Jinbm returned to the homework, and the ratio was 3-1. After Turner and Harper have been connected to the guarantee, the nationals once again captured the base. Lennden played a far-reaching area of ??the left and far-reaching venue. The two runners who came back to the barrier, and the national gains 5-1 leaders.

In the middle of the 7 bureau, Di Fu’an was played again after the base, and then pitted Rodriggs and also played a place to return to Di Fu, and the national 6-1 leads.

In the middle of the 8 games, after Lenndden is reported, Reynolds played a profound second base to beat, just in the wilder to choose the upper base, the three-speed package back home score. The national will change to 7-1.

Then there were no points in both sides.

[Two sides starting]

Washington National: First Batter Right Outfielder Adam – Eaton, the Second Bar Triend Turner, the Third Bar Sinovies Wild Hand Black Les – Harper, the Fourth Radger Anthony – Lennden, Fifth Left outer wilder Han – Sodo, the sixth stick Jeremy Herixon

Yada Lanka Warrior: First Bar Left Foreign Word Rhoned Akania, the second stick Baro Ozi – Albes, the third stick棒 right outer wilderness Nick Malcaki, fifth stick catcher Bell, sixth stick Chinese and foreign wildebel – Due to West Atart, the seventh stick three bases Bi – Swansen, the ninth stick Holio – Tera

[Next prospect]

On September 17, Beijing time, the two sides will launch the last one of the series, and the last game of the two parties. The national is expected to send Tanner-Royak, and the current 8 wins and 15 defeated, the self-sharing rate is 4.37. Warriors expect Shawn Newcomm to first, currently he lost 12 wins and 8, the self-sharing rate is 3.82. The Warriors currently ranked first in the country, leading the leading advantages, can say that a feet have moved into the playoffs. The national universally optimized national will be in the sixth card, and there are seven winners of the second card, and there are also red birds, the sound of the Snake and Philadelres in front. It can be said that unless a miracle occurs, the national national will have to say goodbye to the playoffs. Undoubtedly, this is an incomparably disappointed season for the national ball with their fans.