Is water or savior? The relationship between Chicago and Tusabi has come to the intersection

October 23 (Wen / ESPN JEFF Dickerson Compilation / 254) Siye Mi Trubisky What is the performance of the Chicago bear? Bisky’s performance is retreating, the performance of the foreounded sample show is not as good as the past. The 25-year-old Chicago Xiong team did not have improved on the basis of him last season. The Chicago Xiong team in the last season successfully entered the playoffs under the leadership of Matt Naji.

If the bear team (three wins and three losses) want to reverse the trend of this season and enter the playoffs again, can they still endure Trousbuski?

“I must remind everyone that everyone’s play is a very important part – not just the extension of quarter-off.” Naji lost to New Orleans saints at home 25-36.

According to the data of ESPN, the Chicago Bear Current Field Score Ranking League No. 26, the average code number rankings League 30th, each file number ranking League 30th, the average scorpion code rankings Ranking League 28th, averaging Number Ranking League 28th, the three-speed conversion alliance of the average, the field is taken on the first attack.

David Montgomery’s Washhead Dream and Team Offense Frontline (Since the team puts the right corridor Kyle Kyle, the list of injuries is also struggling, plus Chicago The bear in the near-end front is almost unfortunate. The team has only 22 in Tre Burton, which is signed in Adam Shaheen and Team premium in 2017. Supreme ball.

Only the performance of Allen Robinson (41 clicks got 464 yards and 3 reachaes) to give each of the wages he taken.

But the final team’s problem is mainly the team quarterfire. Although the other aspects of the team have also been restricted, Turbuski’s performance is not good enough, and it is still unable to lead the bear team to the place they want to go, and now I can reasonably doubt whether he really has enough strength.

This is not related to the general manager Ryan Pace in Patrick Mahomes and Shaun – Watson, the current problem is whether the Tuseki can Whether it can add flowers in the case of the excellent defensive group and performance beyond expected, but unfortunately he can’t do it.

Turbuski’s quarterfire collections are only 34.3 points, ranked 29th. The total number of passes (167.8 yards) is ranked 28th, and the number of passes of the ball is ranked 29th, the number of passes (5 times) is ranked 29th. On the bear team and the saints In the competition, the team took the three long passions of the team in the final two minutes after the result of the final two minutes. At the end of the third section, Tusbuski only has 84 yards in the 27 pass 14.

“I know we still need to improve the other parts of the team, then what should we do? The team is a team, we need to be in the four-defense position, but also improve in all other places.”

The team is not impossible to make changes in the four-defense position.

The substitute in the team’s list is also playing in Naji’s system, sometimes it is very good. When Turbuski was injured in the fourth week, Daniel made the game and finally led the bear team to win the victory of Minnesota.

But history also proves that when the opponent is ready to prepare Daniel, he is far from making success, so Daniel’s long-term team main four defense cannot really solve problems.

Without the right to choose from next year, the bear team is still facing the problem of wage. Will they try to come to the free market to recruit four-point guard? Marcus Mario Tower? During the four-point guards and offensive coordinators, he worked with Smith in the Emirates in Naji.