Curry MVP is stable? Curi conquered the rapids of the hull, bombing 30 + 6, the warrior sinking the ship

On November 29th, Beijing time, the Warriors were worth 105 more than 90 victory, and the two teams made a wonderful game for the fans. Curry also conquered the fans with excellent ball technology, and even the fans shouted for the Kuri, this is the power of the Stephen-King to bring the fans.

With excellent performance, Curry once again leads the Warriors to win, and the Warriors are proud of the whole alliance with 18 wins and 2 negative records. The change of the Warriors is in the eyes. This season may be the best time to return to the final stage. The Warriors fans have always ushered in the dawn.

In the game with the Clippers, the performance of Curry is too bright, and the interaction with the referee is more heartless. In any case, the score of the Curre is extremely excellent. In the face of the defenders of the hull, the Curre seems to have no polish, the excellent offensive ability of the outside, lets the libness are unbeaten.

The fans of the hull even grouped against the Curry, and the Curi became a warrior fan and the hero in the hearts of some fast ship fans. This is the energy that the super superstar can bring. This is a 35-minute time, and Cuturi cuts 33 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, 6 steals, 22 times shots, 13 times, 3 times three-point ball shot 7 goals, All hits of the free throw and become the main hero of the Warriors to win the competition.

Curry is not only in the offensive end, but it is stronger in the defensive end. However, the overall defense of the Warriors is excellent. The whole team contributed 19 steals, the fastess team did not have a zero head in the steal, this defensive strength has a gap.

The fast ship is also more in the mistake. The whole team has a 24 turnover. The Warriors use the rapids of the fastess team, and they have become a counterattack and hit fast attack, and use the ship ship’s lost 31 points. The three-pointer is more sharp. The whole team 17 tributely built the outer line of the fast ship, compared with the speed of the fast fleet, the three-point ball is tired, and the final warrior sinking the boy.

Do you think the Warriors can stand on the stage of the finals?

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