Curry 12 3 only 8 points!Warriors behind, Poor 18 points, Bak injured Paul 5 + 7

The whole half of the competition, the warriors, the two sides of the Warriors have defensive points, and Cole has bite the Baked in “a stare of four”, and the latter has a total of more than 30 points in the past three games. The sun is mainly tarnient.However, the Warriors have another score in the first section of Po. Purg, the first section of Pur, 16 points, and the front front Potter’s half-scene will take 12 points, these helpers, the libraryVery big pressure, even if the Kurry has been strictly guarding
the death, the warrior’s attack will not have too much problem.In terms of half-site player data, Poor’s 18 points 2 rebounds, Curi 12 in 3 points, Vilins 7 points 2 rebounds 2 assists, Potter 12 points, Rooney 5 points 5 rebounds, Green 2 points 7 rebounds 5 assists.The sun is 11 points 6 rebounds, 10 points in Bark, and Paul 5 points 7 assists.