Brown or difficult to become the next patriot, but they have made them strong enough

Received an interview, Xiao Odel Beckham believes that the new East CLEVLAN can follow the footsteps of the new England Patriots, open the Brown Dynasty, so he thinks that Brown will become the next patriot, is it? “I planned there (Cleveland) to stay for 5 years, as much as possible, and then change Brown into a new patriot.” In fact, this is unlikely.

When Bi Bilchock and Tom-Breddy joined hands, it was close to half of the season, and I could take a super bowl every three years. We are likely no longer in various sports events. See a team like a patriot. In terms of the honor of the team, there is no ancient patriot, and some people have compained Braddy and Michael Jordan.

After realizing that he said his mistake, Beibei quickly explained this remark in Instagram: “Clarify it! I am eager to be a great player, but now I can’t reach that level, but I have been pursuing, I will Keep working hard with the Brunt team. I never think Brown is a new patriot, but I am full of respect for the team, I am awake, I want to achieve the goal, I have to pay more efforts. “

I would like to pay first, I have said that since he published the above speech, the circle has caused a fierce discussion, and the sports website BR reporter also interviewed several coaches. According to their saying, the Brown team did have the potential of the next NFL Dynasty team. If anyone can become the next patriot, Cleveland Brand may be closest. “This is a terrible team, which may have been a long period of time.” A coach said.

Brown is really so strong? Is it a little sensational, talking, Indianapolis Pony is also very potential, their draft is very successful, and Andrew Ruck is used as a quarter-saving. According to the salary cap data, the pony team also has a salary space of $ 58 million, which is 17 million US dollars than the second Houston Texas, but the coaches believe that the long-term potential of the Brown team is greater than the pony.

The coach praised the talent of Bri, but we have to emphasize it again, the Brown team will not turn into the next patriot, and no team can do. “I think the patriot is a special case.” Aukland’s high-priced executives called Amy Trask said: “In a league with clear goals (super bowls) and interest, patriots are undoubtedly a great The Dynasty (since Foxburg, the dead Snow Night). Well, I will open the memory and question, I don’t talk, the results of the patriot (18 years, 9 times to participate in the super bowl, 6 times) is not dare Imagine, even for me, I think there is still a birth year to do so achievement. “

Trask refused to put the word “Dynasty” with other teams, because since I saw the patriot, there was no team to match the word “Dynasty”. He said that there is now the Kansas City chief, Cleveland Brown, Seattle Hawks and Los Angeles ram may challenge the authority of the patriot, but the “Dynasty” is still far away.

What is the advantage of Brown? Trask said Brown has four key, first of all, quadruple. There is a stronger quarter-saving, such as the pony team. Mefield is an excellent four-point guard, and his helper is envious of other teams – Beckham, Nik – Chabrh, Javis – Randri, Carrim Hunter .. …. This will be brought to the quadruple combat power.

The second is the star. If you want to open the Dynasty, there is no star, and there is even a lot of stars, and Beckham is the most shining star of Cleveland. Of course, the players mentioned above, there is also the potential of Miles-Grett, but they are very young. In fact, only the age of Beckham and Landri is 26 years old. It is true that many people in the league question the Brown team can not be calm, and the personality of the latter may be in the same way as the volcano. But in fact, this is a wrong propeller, Beckham is actually not as bad in the giant team, do not believe what the previous giant’s external coach Tektri-Tolbert said: “We all like Beckham, no matter In the field or outside the field, I want to be friends with him. “

The third is partitioning. In recent years, the United States has turmoil, especially in the 2019 season. Pittsburgh steelman is open, and even the treasure of the two townhouses (Antonio-Brown and Levian-Bell) sold. Baltimore Crows embarked on the right track, Ramar Jackson is very talented, but the passing ball does not dare to compliment. And Cincinnati tiger is not affected, as long as Andy Dalton is still tiger, the score is destined to exceed 7-9.

Finally, it is salaries. Although the Brown team is less than $ 57 million in the horses, there are now 33 million US-free space. Compared with the team of other salary space, Brown’s rebuild has been completed, and the lineup talents are full of overflow the screen. Now, Brown knows what you want to do, this is the most terrible.

In summary, Cleveland Brown is very strong, it will become another big promotion in the alliance, but it is impossible to become the next dynasty team like a patriot. Not because Brown is not enough, because the success of the patriot is not copying, the honor they have achieved is too difficult to catch up. Look at those who want to challenge the authority of the patriot, Josh Rosse has released the rhetoric to take 7 super bowls of the ring, but now as a cumbersome is sent to the big shackles, so small Shell’s remarks can only be understood as being his rhetoric, but it can be realistic.

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