A play the Lakers in high spirits! Cunningham performance across the board, he can play champion worth?


Up to now NBA schedule has been carried out to a quarter, the Pistons Eastern Conference teams score still https://www.maillotbasket6.com far from ideal, they are now ranked second to last in the league, although in the offseason they got through the draft Canning Ann, but this does not allow the team has improved, disappointed, especially early in the season Cunningham performance of people, mainly because of poor performance, but also directly to the draft pick into a dispute among, but with schedule constantly, Cunningham’s performance is more prominent, the last few races have a good performance, especially in the face of the Lakers two games in which he has made good data.

The first scene, when the Lakers made a triple-double, in the second game among Cunningham finished with 15 points and 11 rebounds, two assists, had said he would be more fighting https://www.nbatrikots4.com spirit in the face of the Lakers, although data of these two games is OK, but for the champion, but still there https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
are some obvious shortcomings, and that is shooting the hit rate is too low, and he likes to fight with the body, so for the body and mind consumption is very large, but also the risk of injury, it makes him feel powerless in the match, so he needs to go the road is still very long.

Cunningham’s growth rate is very slow, so Pistons this season also need to rebuild again in exchange for the potential of rookie, so the next will also let Cunningham get more exercise, after all, there is a very long race. As concern about the new champion Cunningham suffered is still very high, who did not think this was 20-year-old rookie has become a Daddy, news reports said there has been an Cunningham 2-year-old daughter, his daughter’s name is Riley, he said in an interview his daughter is playing basketball power, it is also the reason https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com why choose to enter the NBA, so he will exhibit she was more mature side to face the competition.

Although Cunningham had his own daughter, but a lot of people really wanted to know how he was in the end find a girlfriend, but Cunningham so far have not revealed who his girlfriend in the end is, perhaps precisely because of media speculation his girlfriend while on the court distracted it, because it seems the fans Cunningham hit rate is very low already found it. For Cunningham is definitely a winner in life, at just entered the Union on the piston and signed a four-year 45.6 million dollar contract for the Cunningham came into the league is already a high price contract, which can make it easy for him to raise children grow up and confidently play in the field, then Cunningham champion next will play its due performance?