102 + 17 + 26! James dreams back to the peak, the lake rebound is complete, Huo Hawa is honest

The Lakers ushered in a grievances today. The last time I faced the piston, I repeatedly repeatedly repeated the Auben Mountain https://www.nbatrikots4.com Palace event, and the Pistons were once again met, James and Stewart were again the protagonist. James has a good performance after a ban on a game, and the water is high, and James has achieved 30+ since James since the backup. This service will face the piston again. James is bound to retrieve the scene in his home. The piston is still no longer, winning the winner is not their main melody, but because the last time, the living will also have a strong force.

The two teams in the first half are quite, the Lakers slowly lead to 1-7 start, chasing the Lakers and Pistons after the score have opened the stalemate fight against the alternating attack, and the brother’s first unique cut 13 points on the lakes. End, the piston, the sharp line of Grant and James, the crowd, the two sides did not take advantage of the whole half, https://www.maillotbasket6.com and the Lakers did the three giant heads and 47 points to obtain 3 points.

After returning, the piston is briefly turned off by the Lakers, the latter can be described as a group, and the attacked 16-0 offensive climax is directly knocked by the piston defense line, which is also the 16 points of this period. The victory lays the foundation, and the final segment sent out a wave of 13-2 offensive to 6 points, but the Lakers have the three giants to stabilize the “suppression” piston. In the end, the Lakers double-killed pistons won the game.

In terms of data, the Piston owner took Grant to the 30+ high score, and 20 shots in the audience, three-pointers 6 in 4 bursts of 32 points 6 rebounds 4 assists. Zhao Yuan Xiu Corningham 16 shot 15 points 11 rebound 2 assists 5 mistakes. Piston replacing the important role, Jackson https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com 17 points 5 assists, Lears 13 points 7 rebounds 2 assists, Dialo 10 points 2 rebounds, Stewart only 5 points 6 rebounds 1 assists.

The Lakers, James still showed a strong score, 20 https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com shots 12, three-pointers 9 in 4, free throw 8 in 5, contribute 33 points 5 rebound 9 assists 2 steals 1 cover, the last 3 game James The next 102 points, 17 rebounds 26 assists, average 34 points 5.7 rebounds 8.7 assists, Davis 15 shots 10 5-break 2 snapped 3 caps. Wiesbrook 16 shots in 10, 25 points, 6 rebounds 9 assists. The Tuck contributed 12 points 8 rebounds 4 assists.

James is very good after returning, a little dreaming back to the peak, but the performance of the Lakers is not very good. At present, the Lakers 11 wins and 11 lifts in the eighth place in the west. If the game has no three overtime, James is probably less than 30+ data. Recently, the situation in the Lakers is poor, James, Davis and Westbrook’s three giants have not played the most powerful, defense is The three stars’ soft, rebounds are also the soft https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
ribs of the Lakers. Although the Lakers win, the three giants have got 20+, but they can’t cover the huge problems of the Lakers.

To know that today’s Lakers win is just the eastern fish piston, in the third quarter, the leading situation is less than being turned over. Howard is directly hidden by Woger, the audience is 0, and the Lakers’ rebound 42-53 is complete, including 12 frontcourts, 2 times the Lakers. The rebound is not good, the defense is weak, and the Lakers are not to use Howard. After Davis and Howard quarre, Howard’s time is gradually cut. Nowadays, they are directly hidden, it is really a tiger, I want to switch James, and now I have to worry about it. People are embarrassed.