Scored bomb assisted to steal the first team! Only 8230,000 year salary second grade life warrior’s eye

Holding 8.23 ??million annual salary score? The rebound, assists, and the four data of the stealing are the first. Is this possible possible? It’s really true. The player not only did these four data strong brigades, but he was a second grade player, and the annual salary was less than 9 million. He is the Horizontal Player Lamelo – Bauer.

Ramelo is a genius player, and he has become a potential of super stars in the second grade. Seeing Lamelo’s so good performance, I don’t know what the Warriors think.

2020 NBA draft conference. The
Warriors held the list of eyelids, when they chose the inner Wesman. It is very easy to understand at the perspective of standing in the Warriors, because Huosman is an internal line, if Lamelo is equivalent to overlapping the two defender positions in Thompson Cu. But Lamelo is an exception. If the Warriors choose Lamelo at the time, the Warriors will be unparalleled in the next few years.

Lamelo and Curi location overlap, why should the Warriors still choose him? There are two main points. First, Lamelo is a very all-round player, which is a full-gold oil and lubricant on the field. He can do a lot of Curre and Thompson can’t do. Lamelo’s offensive power is indeed as good as Kuri and Thompson, but his defensive and transformation is not bad, especially the ability to pass control. This season, Ramelo has a full-capacity data of 7.7 rebound 8.3 assists. Only six players in all NBA have a strong ability to help Ramelo, Lamelo’s ability. Especially those who are empty-like, people are fascinated. The gorgeous and efficient play of Lamelo is simply born for warriors. The Warriors’ concrete system requires this kind of holding organizer, if the Lamelo can organize, the pressure on the Curie will be a lot.

The defensive side does not need to say more, Lamelo is a second grade player, but he can grab close to 8 rebounds, send 1.9 steals, and there are 0.3 times. His pre-prostitute is very good, very good at fighting the ball. Curry and Thompson have been three years old, and the defensive will definitely fall. If the Lamelo, the team’s external defensive strength must be flying.

Second, choosing Lamelo is considered from a future perspective. Lamelo Tianguo is very different, and the development prospect is excellent. If you can cultivate a few years on the Warriors, wait until Curry and Thompson go to the team equivalent to a core. This season is in the Hornets, and the La Mero has a 33-minute score to reach 20 points, and the three-pointer intermediate rate is 39% amazing. His holders are very strong. Compared with your own brother, Lamelo breaks through the ability to kill.

Moreover, the Warriors are not high on the internal line. When Curre and Thompson are in the team, the inside lines can be done well in the defense and rebound. Warriors don’t need to have more inner lines of the team. From this perspective, the Warriors choose Huosan to have some resource waste.

The second grade Ramelo is now better and better, no accident, he will enter the NBA All-Star in a certain year. The Warriors missed Lamelo is not a regret, just the scene when the fans will delusion. If you have a talent, you can control, you can play a good guidelines around the watercress, what is the warrior? Readers, you think the Warriors should choose Lamelo when the Warriors should choose Lamelo? Welcome to the comment area below the article.