Review the battle of Dao Sihong Socks: These memories we witnessed

Beijing time October 29 The 9th World Competition Champion trophy of the team, after 2004, 2007 and 2013, then let the red socks have entered the only team of the World Competition after the 21st century, and the two teams give fans. There are still a lot of things that have a 2018 World Competition worthy of the 2018 World Competition.

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Regular season 108 winning red socks team history first, three-wheeled series is driving the opponent

From April 1, the first to 17 wins and 2 negative teams are the best starting. Since September 12, I won the 108th wins to the regular season 108 wins, and the regular season of Boston socks. A smooth sailing, on September 20th, defeated the enemy New York Yangji, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States. In the case of the field, the four-game win is eventually on the Houston away. The world contest will win the top 2 home scenes in the world competition, and finally the world competition will win the world competition.

In the conventional season, the third place in the history of 119 victories, the third place in the history of the Great League, only to 125 wins in the New York Yangji in 1998, 2001 Sailor. And red socks have also become the third branch of San Francisco Giants in 2005 in the San Francisco Giants, the League Championships and World Competitions are the team’s team.

Who said that the rookie coach is poor? The fifth person in the history of red hose

Before the start of this season, Boston socks were selected to replace the main coach. The two teams also used the rookie who had no main coach experience. Red Socks Alex – Kara is a history of writing into history.

The regular season 108 wins not only created the record of the Sai Sai Shi Saijie Sorton, and the first year of coaching will take the world contest champion. He also became the fifth part of the history of the big profit, 2001 Calcisten Bob Brenly, a Bob Brenly, a Bob Brenly, a 1961 season, aunt, Ralph Houk, a 1946 season, Shengluo, edddie dyer, and a 1924 Washington team Senator (Now Minsteota Double City) The head coach Harris.

18 games for 7 hours 20 points to create a history of history

The third battle of the World Contest is hit to the early morning of the next day.

The third battle of the World Contest is hit to the early morning of the next day. The third two sides of the Dodge World Competition have experienced the 18th games in the 18th game. The 18 games finally decided, and the San Francisco Giant and Washington, the San Francisco Giant created the longest number. Record, and 7 hours and 20 minutes, it created the longest record in the history of the season.

After the game, some people pointed out that because the newspaper needs to pay in advance, this game became the first time in history, the world contest that could not be published on the second day of Boston, according to the US TV data, the third game of this year’s World Competition The third battle ratio of last year fell 10%, and how to shorten the big alliance competition, the extensive discussion has been raised again.

The big alliance this season has introduced some new rules to improve the rhythm of the game and shorten the game consumption. The most important change is that the number of times the team is suspended 6 times (excluding replacement pitcher). In addition, there are also rules such as the rules such as local rest trends, and some rules trial in the small alliance, all in order to accelerate the rhythm of the competition, avoiding too long in the game. However, the Big Alliance Chairman Rob – Manfund said he did not play the rules of the extension of the extension, while the small alliance broke through the stalemate system.

Kobe leads the celebrity scene of the game, one ticket is hard to find the most expensive ball ticket 20,000 dollars

Kobe wearing a wondered jersey

Kobe wearing a wondered jersey

I have experienced a 7-hour 20-minute war in the World Contest. At the fourth battle of the Los Angeles World Contest, they https://www.maillotspascherfr.comattracted the famous scenes of celebrities. From Ben – Aflek Couple, Matt – Demon to Jimmy Campol, Jason – Bateman Omar Miller, from Guan Yingshan to “Magic” Johnson, in addition to the first list of Kobe Bryan In addition to the Kibson, which is a kick, Dodge’s inner area is basically occupied by celebrities.

Even the US media CBS spits online. The cheapest ticket to see the ball in entering the market has reached a bit of $ 795, and there is a lot of noverages in the Dodge. To 20,000 US dollars, these stars are really crazy, “true love” powder.

Scheduling attracts the president to push Roberts and disciples and Trump

Trump released Twitter, and considered that there was a major mistake in Daoqi team coaches.

Trump released Twitter, and considered that there was a major mistake in Daoqi team coaches.

The fourth quarter of the World Contest was turned over in the case of 4 to 0, and the US President Trump took the direct spit after the game. Hill, which is not bad, sent a nervous truncation, 4 points, this is not so, the coaches are always doing, and they are wrong. “Excellent 38-year-old road in the game Hill, Hill, is a strong response, and Hill said to the Los Angeles Times reporter that has a major shooting event in Pigsurgh yesterday. President US President should pay attention to things that need to be concerned more than a baseball match.

Hill said in Trump: “I know that you are also watching the World Contest, but there is a major tragedy yesterday.” Hill added: “I think that the President’s work should lies in the country’s affairs, and It is not a strategy in a baseball match. “For Trump’s comments, Roberts is also very dissatisfied:” The President said that? I don’t know how many games, I don’t think I don’t think He should say this, his remarks can only represent his own point of view. “

Dodge 30 years without crown magic curse is still continuing red socks on the 21st century first defending team

Dodge 30 years without crown

Dodge 30 years without crown

Two consecutive years of global contests have been allowed to reappear until at least 31 years, and the six-year partition champion has not been able to meet the needs of the team and fans in the history of the team, and the Great Alliance has only 1923 New York Yangji. After two consecutive times of drinking, the final championship was successfully won, and Dodge did not want to be like the 2010-11 Saizhou swimming cavalry, and the convenience of fans can think of the 1977-78 team continuously lost the World Competition. 1981 and 1988 won two times.

Since 2000, there is no team to defend the World Competition in history. Even if the San Francisco Giant, a five-year-crown, there has never been done. This season, the Boston Red Shat Rupture 108 wins the entire alliance. In the playoffs, he defeated the Baoto team Yangji and then defend the championship space. He was smashing the dream of winning the championship. This red sock from the age structure The composition is perfect, the team boss John Henry even shouted this is the best socks in history, and can they win the World Competition champion trophy next year?