Plan to change!A-Smith: If James keeps the walker’s shooting lake people can enter the West

Beijing time November 27th? The front of the Lakers defeat the pedestrians, James performance is excellent.

He played 43 minutes and 28 seconds, 29 shots 13, three points 12 in 5, free throw 9 8 cut 39 points 5 rebound 6 assists 2 caps.In the overtime, James two-point plus a record and got 8 points
and helped the team to lock the victory.

Commentator A-Smith said in the show: “James’s shooting is open, he cast some very critical three points. If they will continue this kind of shooting, the Lakers will enhance the western final, as long as they don’t have advanceTouch the Warrior. “

A-Smith: Even if the Lakers are 100% health, there is no prospects James will never win.Related links >>>

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