NFL announces that the team’s skin is shocked in the game with the "Fortress Night" cooperation

If the exciting NFL game is integrated with the world’s well-known game “Fortress”, what will be aware of the vast fans and gamers? US Time Monday, NFL announces cooperation with well-known game company EPIC Games, this cooperation will launch the jersey of the 32 team in the “Fortress Night” game, the equipment style is the prototype of the NFL exclusive skin, this is “Fortress Night” works in this regard with the Sports Union.

Players can use their own hearts related skin in the “Chicken” mode of this game, and can customize the jersey number according to their own preferences, and except for the jersey, players can buy the skin of the NFL referee and each The class equipment with NFL elements. Not only that, players with NFL skin can unlock exclusive dance, in the NFL skin trailer published in “Fortress”, a group of game characters dressed in the Football Court in the football court. It looks very funny. For this cooperation, the NFL vice-chairman and the game electrical compete in Raise Hogland said this is a win-win decision, fans and fans players will experience different fun.

“This will bring a lot of fun to the two parties, while adding some popular cultures to each other,” Recel Holland also said that female characters in the game can also use NFL jerseys skin, this is weekdays It’s hard to see.

The starting point of NFL and “Fortress Night” is hoping to “encourage schools and families for more sports”. Now people’s lives around a wide range of video games, take the children as example, the game in the weekly is a lot of leisure time, NFL hopes to attract in the game by adding rugby elements in the game. People participate in rugby or other sports to advocate people in sports activities for more than 60 minutes a day.

In fact, the cooperation between NFL and “Fortress Night” has passed a lot of thinking. The Alliance found that although this game also allows players to use firearms ammunition to eliminate their opponents to achieve the purpose of survival to the last moment. But compared to other shooting games, “Fortress Night” is suitable for people of all ages: cartoon type game characters, hitting the opponent’s four splashes, and you can use a variety of strange ways to find Play in the game. At present, “Fortress Night” is the most popular “big escape” game of North America. The second column of the global game traffic share is second. As a free game, plus cartoon style game experience, “Fort Night “is very popular worldwide. In August this year, the data released by EPIC Games showed that “the night” active user has exceeded 80 million, and the historical high is huge. NFL can also utilize such a vast group of players, better promoting NFL brands worldwide.

In addition to ordinary players, this cooperation will make a lot of NFL athletes, and many players in the alliance are obsessed with this game, and Texas’s super superstar JJ-Watt is one of them. This game has helped him have a big boring time during the Watt Season Reminder. In February this year, JJ-Watt has also launched a vote on his own twitter, let people make a choice between “Jedi Survival” and “Fortress Night”. As a result, 80% of people vote for “fortress.” night of”. Previously, “Fortress Night” specially launched a series of football jersey during the World Cup, and added a large football field in the game; and cooperated with NFL, they may also add some NFL teams in the game. The stadium makes players to feel the feeling of chasing on the NFL coupon.