Nash: No new news from Owen, Walker’s situation is very similar to Griffin, Durant: I can partner any player

The main coach Steve Nash was interviewed by the media and talked about the situation of the basketball player Kerry.

“There is no latest situation. We have always contacted, but there is no further message now.” Nash said in an interview.

When talking about Knicks prepares to trade Kenba-Walker, Nash said: “This is very similar to our Brake Griffin. This is very difficult, I can feel that he is not easy. Because our team There is also a similar situation. “

When I was talking about the basketball player Ramucus – Aldrich, Nash https://www.maillotbasket6.comsaid: “Aldrich’s shooting is very good, his attack is very killed.” Nets player Kevin Durant recently talked about his own adaptability.

“I have always been a person who can partner with any player, I am also constantly grinding my own game. I can tell you confidently, I can integrate into any system, partner, no matter what, I can figure out. “