In this way, how you conquer you to listen to how to get rid of Rogers

October 22 (Wen / ESPN Rob Demovsky Compilation / White) Medical Corey Linsley is the old player of Green Bay packaging, the god-level performance of Alon Rodgers yesterday It is also not strange.

But it is certain that he is absolutely the first time I saw Rogers playing the ball to score 158.3.

This season is the sixth season of Linsley for the effectiveness of the package. It can be used in his eyes, and all the four-dimensional guards in the 42-24 defeated the Auckland raid. Super God? Dragon brother is God. Zhou Bai Zhong brush data to take Daren? He saw more.

In the game against the ram, Rogers 31 passed 25, which was pushed in the 429 yards. This is the number four high of his career. This is not the most horrible. It has also completed a rush of a mushroom, of which his fourth pass is a Rogers career 350th pass to the grouse, and become a player who reached the achievement in the history of the league.

Since Mark Rypien, Mark Rypien in 1991, the number of NFL players who completed 5 pass to Deta and 1 shinkle reachable array in single game.

“We can see him (Rogers) every day in creating history.” Lin Sley said: “This guys are full of talents, and it is a great player. He is also a perfection. I heard the gods you hear. Dragon, Dragon Ge can be turned true, he can solve the battle in an incredible way, we all happy.

But to tell the truth, this performance has no fresh feelings for us. Just like you spend an ordinary working day in the office, you just have your colleague is Alon Rogers. “

Lindsley is really surprised that Rogers’s passage score, coach Matt-Lavler, launched Rogers in the dressing room as the face of the team.

This year is also David Bakhtiari’s seventh season to celebrate in the Lanbao Stadium. He leaned against the wall, calmly said that tone is so true:

“Alon will at all weeks, but I mean to hear that you are talking about him tired?”

Barcaty said: “Our coach said this is the first time I got a full score for the first time. I said to him ‘our coverage is very good, but I think if we give you time, You will ignite the attack. If each of us can do a good job, Alon will form a pool of the original. ‘This is his performance today. “

This is not to say that Barker Bakhtiari and Billingsley other players do not like Rogers, but by their experiences for this thing is really flattering.

Old players fatigued, but for those who just joined the Packers, Rogers has never been witnessed performance over God’s people, Rogers what is existence? Let’s listen to the “new man” is how to blow Rogers:

Right front retaining Billy – Turner (Billy Turner)

Turner before his career was spent in five NFL seasons Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins, he is experienced quarterback Ryan – Tannehill. Trey Feng – Xi Mian, Paxton – Lynch, Bullock – Oscar and Keith Wheeler – Keenan.

Turner said he had never seen this life Rogers things done on Sunday.

“I have only seen in the video. Never before has teams quarterback can play such a result in the football game.”

As for the video where the quarterback who is who, Turner said:. “Even if he is, he is not the best, absolutely the greatest after seeing a lot of people try to imitate Rogers whether his style of play, imitate tactics. “

“When you and a quarterback like this together, holding the ball in his hand, from Xinxinbaopeng, it feels totally different. I experienced a lot quarterback, the players are together, but did not emboldened.

It’s like trying to boost the morale of the quarterback got to go, impact player around, you have to motivate his teammates. But the situation is entirely different Rogers, his powerful aura will be able to mobilize the team. “

Elton front left guard – Jenkins (Elgton Jenkins)

Jenkins is the second round of this year’s Packers selected Mississippi State University, a rookie, in the third week of Ryan – Taylor injured as a starter.

“I’ve never seen such a thing. I think I’ve never seen a quarterback who can pass more than 400 yards passing touchdowns to take five, to be honest, to be joining such a team, there are so a good quarterback is simply too lucky.

He took the contract price to play, your job is to protect him. Now I understand, if we can protect him and give him enough time, he is worth the money, he will make the impossible possible. “

According to ESPN statistics, Rogers in the game against the Raiders passing attack 34 times in only five felt the pressure, which is to put pressure on Rodgers rate over the past three seasons, the second lowest (14.7%). Rogers shot more than 2.5 seconds pass, the 18 pass 15, the throw three touchdowns.

Zada linebacker Darius – Smith (Za?rius Smith)

Zada Darius – Smith’s first four seasons most of the time with the Baltimore Ravens, Joe – play with Flacco, in March this year, Smith signed with the Packers four-year deal worth $ 66 million big contract.

“I have never seen a performance like that, man, that’s God’s manifestation Rogers super Sunday ah!”

Linebacker Preston – Smith (Preston Smith)

Preston – Smith, a four-year career, most of the time played for the Redskins, he experienced quarterback Alex – Smith and Kirk – Kirk Cousins. March of this year, Preston – Smith and Packers signed a four-year $ 52 million contract.

“In the four years of my career played against him three times, I’ve been watching him now and then I became his teammate, I could observe how he trains, to see him in training how to prepare.

I’m like a curious baby, like, everyone is training, I would be very concerned about Aaron is how to do. If he passes, I will see what he came up a ball. So watch him on the court.

Now even more exciting is that I can not see him training, but also to see him play. How he does in training on how to play in the game, everyone was excited, I was so excited, I said, ‘I’ve seen him play so! “”

Wide receiver Jack – Ku Meiluo (Jake Kumerow)

Kumei Luo was the team of Wisconsin-Whitewater Samsung player, he ball forward 54 yards against the Raiders twice in the game, including a record 37 yards touchdowns. This is Kumei Luo effectiveness of the Packers in the second season, but there is little chance to play last year.

“When we stand on the court to play the game, we do not know him in the end how many touchdown pass, a pass code number of these until we returned to the locker room know.

In college, we have played some great matches. Our quarterback Matt – Behrendt pass in the first half of the six touchdowns, which I received three touchdowns, and then we encountered difficulties, failed to finish the race.

Yesterday we started the game very smoothly, but other than that I had experienced with that game a little different. It was against Stout’s game. “

Backup quarterback – Tim Boyle (Tim Boyle)

Three Boyle Last season was quarterback this season to become the main substitute Rogers. He spent three seasons at the University of Connecticut, where he threw 1 touchdowns were steals 13 times. Then transfer to the University of Kentucky finish last season, came 11 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

“Everything he (Rogers) to do today is really incredible, absolutely incredible. In fact, today, Aaron played a perfect game, perfect score passing score, I can not believe it!

He stood on the court, calm pass, then hit the ball, continuing to attack the next file. To be honest, on the sidelines watching him play, watching him operate again and again, all the people to fill the gap awe.

In addition to his leadership qualities for me are also going to learn. Yesterday he simply perfect, I feel I met him simply to transport, everything is worth it. “

“Obviously, we have been accused before the offensive end, that we hold back the attack, they rely on the defense group hold the thigh, but not like that of yesterday, but we scored 42 points!”