If the peak O’Neill came to CBA, he would play out what exaggerated data?

O’Neill ruled in the basket, many people saw that the defenders were lilated, and they could not stop him. O’Neill basically does not solve the existence in NBA, because it is too strong, this has the appearance of “there is Qiao Chi Qiao, no choice shark”. Then we are bold today, if the peak O’Neill comes to CBA play, what data will he play.

O’Neill wants to say the most focused moment, is definitely a finals, because it is necessary to compete for the championship at that time, he https://www.maillotsbasketfr.commust invest 100%. The regular season of O’Neill loves water, the data will not be his limit, only the data of the finals can most reflect the true ability of O’Neill.

The domineering data of the O’Neeier finals is in the 200https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com0 season. He is 38 minutes 16.7 rebound 2.7 cap, the hit rate is as high as 61.1%, in the basket, he is really like falling into the unmanned land, the other party has no way.

In the NBA Finals, he can close the field is 40 + 17, and that CBA data will definitely rise. As for how much, I will know if JR is known. JR is a qualified starting strength in NBA, but CBA is Jordan strength, average 34.4 points of 7.4 rebound 4.1 assists, that is, it is found. His best season in NBA is 18.1 points 5.3 rebounds in the season in 2013, and it has doubled it.

Take a look at Yao Ming, Yao Ming has not yet grown during the CBA, and the technology and the body have not reached the peak, but it is the same. Yao Ming was in CBA5 seasons, and the top season was 32.4 points and 19 rebounds 4.8 cover, and the attack and defense were fully https://www.nbatrikots4.com ruled. If it is the peak Yao Ming, the noverage 40 + 20 + 5 is too easy.

In the last, I finally saw O’Neill, according to his in NBA data, if the peak of the peak is CBA, the conservative estimate is the data of the field 50https://www.maillotbasket6.com + 25 + 5, if you are more 55 + 30, then the monopoly score king, The rebound king, the cap king, MVP, champion, FMVP, etc.