Gel Lung has insisted that the joining the lion is a step away from the step.

Imagine, if you have seen Robs Galloski in the past Sunday, he did not wear the deep blue jersey of the patriot, but what scenes were dressed in the light blue jersey of the lion team, sounded Unbelievable, but Gulong once reliably tied to the joining the lion. The new England patriot’s star near Sunday confirmed to reporters on Sunday, as if they were in the outside world, they considered retirement during the court. At that time, the patriots were planning to trading him to Detroum .

“Yes, it happened.” Gronoski said after the team 10-26 did not have a lion lion, “Braddy is my quarter-saving, very simple, no Braddy, where I have Don’t go. “

Earlier this Sunday, the league scholars told the ESPN reporter, the patriot and the lion have conducted in-depth negotiations on the trading during the last season, and the negotiations have made substantial progress, almost a week before the election meeting. The staples are made on the plate.

But Gel Lung did not want the team to do this. When he learned that this transaction, he intervened, he threatened the team to retire, and even refused to answer any call from the lion team management. Although the new people of the lion, the new head coach Matt – Patricsia and General Manager Bob – Quin Dynasty is responsible for the team’s daily affairs in Detroit, but they all come from the patriot, and the patriots have no solution.

According to ESPN, after the election conference, the plan about the transaction Gran is stranded. But in the week before the draft, the two clubs have even reached a specific agreement, almost completed the shock trading of this sensational alliance. The key issue of trading at that time surrounded the contract of Gulong and the patriot. The tensions of the salary caps believe that Gron should take a new contract from the patriot, but the patriot does not want to provide an additional guarantee.

Grono n’t like to play at Detroit, he doesn’t like playing anywhere outside New England. It is reported that in addition to the male lion, there have been several teams to listen to Geron to the Patriot. After the team knows, they also sought the opinions of the parties, and the results were rejected by him. After that, Gel Lung’s negotiations were launched, and both parties discussed the game plans to continue playing. In the end, the patriot and Gronoski revised the contract, both of which were very happy, ease the tension. Following the patriots unilaterally suspended the transaction with the lion, which makes the Detrialtiter very disappointed.

However, before the start of the season, the Alliance has been fully filled with Gronoski’s report on the 2018, and the “news” about Gronet is very flooding every day. The rumors of the transaction are very flooding. According to reports, Gulong has also been “frustrated” compared to Ratike, this frustic sense part from the combination of the superb bowl, part from the team in dealing with Braddy and Jimmy-Gallo, Alex – Toughness used by Grero’s tension. Also perhaps Groner is frustrated because the team has been chattering on trading issues.

The Patriot team adds $ 4.3 million in incentive bonuses for Gronosky’s next two seasons, of which 1 million is used for bonuses in each game, and the remaining $ 3.3 million will be on the number of balls, playing time and reaching Number of numbers are rewarded. As long as this 29-year-old master can keep your health, most of these incentives can be achieved. At present, the patriots encounter 1-2 openings, the attack is blocked, and the Greater is more in the field to create some noise.

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