Eagle Substitute quarter-saving injured Wenz Sastham trembles Cape Nick or afford Philadelphia?

Philadelphia eagle once has the best substitute for alliances, but now things are gradually getting bad. Nick Foles fare away Jacksonville, after the first quarter, his “successor” Nate Sudfeld was injured.

Lenovo’s main four-point Wei Kakanson-Wenz Wentz encountered a race level in a consecutive season, and the Philadelphia is like a black cloud.

What should I do if the eagle will do? How do you use Wenz? Let’s come and find out!

Sadfield is difficult to be replaced

Sadfield is second in the depth of the Eagle quarter-off guard, which is a reliable substitute for Wenz. But on Thursday evening, the first half of Tennesi Titan, Sadfield left wrist joint fracture, he has been accepted on August 10. It is not a injury to the season. Experts predict that Sadfield will absent 6 weeks, which makes him catch up with the game at the end of September.

The old eagle coach Doug-Peterson, which sounds more inclined with the current lineup, and spend this period, rather than seeking help to the outside world. “Now, we have to continue working. Cody Kessler is very good, apparently Clayton Thorson is also growing.” Peterson said: “Because this is not a season sprint Stage, so we don’t plan to make changes. “

Why don’t you sign Cape Nick?

Now there are several famous quarters in the free market, including the next family, including Colin Kaepernick, front eagle, four-point guard, famous glass after the end of the 2016 season. Sam Bradford, 72 million Mr. Brock Osweiler, DiSh Johnson and Josh – McCown, retirement) It is also a name worth considering.

This week, Capenik specializes in speaking that he is eager to return to the league, can continue to fight. If Sadfield is more than expected, or there is another four-defense injury, the eagle will force a change. However, in this stage of this season, I re-selected a quadrant and let him adapt to the Peterson’s offensive system as soon as possible. The whole process does not seem to.

Can Cody – Can Kasler competent?

He is just a quarter-off value of $ 64,000. In the face of Titan, Kasler 6 is only promoted. Included in the training camp, his no power lacked the imaginative arm made everyone a headache. The eagle reads him only experience. The 2016 three-wheeled show from the South has already played 12 official competitions in NFL, including the 8 games of Cleveland Brown, and the Jacksonville American tiger hit four games last season.

In contrast, Sadfield is only 25 experience in the official game, while Casille passes the hit rate of 64%, and 8 records are transmitted and 5 times.

After being cut by the America, Casler came to the eagle in May, from which time I had been learning the tactics of the eagle. “You will see injuries sometimes come to your team, this is part of rugby.” Kasler said: “It is obvious, now I have to accelerate the pace of learning.”

Sadfield’s injury affects Wenz

First of all, to remind everyone that injury can find anywhere at any time. And the first quarter of the eagle is back to the back of the glass for two consecutive seasons, once attached to the glass label. Unlike the past two years, there is no guarantee that Wenz is injured. If Wenz is injured in the early season, they may not have the second Nick-Wolls.

After Sadfield injured, although the Eagle appeared in the preseason, they did not use four-point guard, but they would be more determined to make Wenz’s ideas to ensure that his health is in the controllable range of the team.

“I have to re-evaluate these players in the next few weeks, see if they have the ability, do they need to participate in some games, then make a decision.” Peterson said: “You must give them enough appearance time, practice Observe. Getting, they all have good performance in actual combat, I will continue to go on the class according to the plan. “