Can you still rotten? The stork is chaotic, and the gray bear and Morant know where the problem is. 17 defeat 6 wins! The degree of 鹈鹕 is bad than the rocket, the talent is a lie

Beijing time on November 30th, Pelican 123-104 beat the bus. Since then, the Pelican has already lost 6 wins, the state is slightly recurned, and the last 10 wins and 5 wins.

However, in the west, the record is just some of the rockets that are not clear. Moreover, if you look at the game, you know that the degree of 鹈鹕 is worse than the rocket. After all, the Rockets have been able to win, and the buffers are almost difficult to win.

Of course, they did win some games. Can you use this? In the night, the dazzling of the meteor can have been driven by the dark night to usher in the preparation of the dawn?

Taking this game as an example, if there is no three-point explosion point with Varancunas and the inner line, the 鹈鹕 seems to have no winning place. This is only such a situation.

Fat Ti’an injured, the goal of the early season has been resended on the ground. However, the problem of 鹈鹕 is not a injury.

A stronger team is not qualified to look up at the playoffs. Unfortunately, this is the 鹈鹕.

Sometimes I think about it very well, why is such a team to set my target in the playoffs. What happened to them?

The blind confidence of the team came from the team talent. However, talents are the most deceptive things.鹈鹕 天 太 is too false

The impression of
the lineup and the actual gap are actually in the game. The key is that talent and focus.

Failure seems to be a special noun, but there is a team that they have not yet lost a few years. This is the Grizzlies.

The Grizzlies are recognized in recent years, the most victorious desire and vitality team. Morant’s youthful storm comes up, any strong team does not dare to relax here.

Pelican is lacking such temperament.

Grizzlies are full of efforts, but you can discuss the talents, Zion can cover the whole team, plus technology comprehensive interface, on the lineup talent, the Grizzlies can’t even get the tail of the donkey.

Because of this, no matter how hard it is, they can always win the Grizzlies. And the conversion of the Grizzlies is always much better than 鹕.

The two teams have a good shock and the losing swing, just verify the psychological advantages and tough games.

Grizzlies have been good for their tenacity, and the Pelican luminesses are adequate psychological advantages.

In the past two games, the 鹈 and the jazz will win a loss, great victory. Lei said that with the strength and ranking of 鹈鹕, this record is already good. It is only too ugly in the second game with Jazz. In the past three years, the anti-wind bureau of 鹈鹕 has never been lost.

The lack of tactical execution of the squaders, the pursuit of personal performance is completely transcended to the game itself

When leading, habitual relaxation. When it is behind, it is frustrating and accounting for the full field.

This is the deepest impression of 鹕.

23 games came down in the season, the whole team seems to exceed the competition itself for the perspective of data. The most of them are Walker.

He should be a bench gangster or a positive factor in determining the process of the game, but its self-private tactics and teammates.

The most terrible thing is that his behavior has been infected, and the team is only Varanas, Engraham, and Hart is a real game executor.

The attack is dependent on your own single. It is ridiculous that 鹈 no one has a qualified single-handed ability.

At present, the 鹈 场 场 场 分 101.9, the worst achievement of 7 years. The attack efficiency and defensive efficiency are ranked 26th in the alliance. Why isn’t the last or second. Because they have enough ability to keep the attack and defense strength, only there is not enough discipline to persist.

The status and injuries of the core player are the initiator of the team’s performance.

Pelican is on the issue of Ti’an injury, doing things are not authentic. Concealing, deception, fans are disappointed in a time, in a loss in the lost. At the same time, such feeling teammates will have.

You can’t expect a team that takes a high-efficiency 25+ player, you can also make good results. If you really want to, the goal is the championship rather than the playoffs.

Therefore, this loss will appear in the game, such as Ingram.

And what other role players who have no long-term contracts? I will definitely value my own data more than the team’s record, because they have to struggle for the next contract, since the record can’t guarantee, then go to data. This is a vicious circle.

When the team does not set a clear and actual goal, how do you want to expect the players’ outstanding play.

This is what the fans often say, and the 鹈鹕 is failed.


Anyway, now the 鹈鹕 is also a little picking up, and Zion has also passed a good news. Maybe the team will immediately enter the right track. It’s just that the problem is that such a 鹈鹕 seems to be difficult to endure. No one can guarantee that there is a problem in the latter schedule, and there is a bit of wind and blowing the team. Is this a team in the future?