Brown Si Baikhek – Melfield is placed in new crown reserves

Cleveland Brown is currently welcoming the round week without competition. But they will want their quarterfield to play the game.

Since its close contact is diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, Brown 4-point Bayek-Mayfield is placed in the new crown reserves on Sunday.

Brown said that they were positive for a staff virus test on Saturday, and all close contacts of the staff were immediately isolated. Brown will follow the affected emptograph of alliances when returning to the base on Monday. As a close contact, Mayfield must be self-separated for 5 days.

NFL TV Network Reporter Mike Garafolo reported that Mayfield earliest can be trained on Wednesday.

Since the first quarter of the team in 2018, Mefield has not lacking the starting and has been playing 37 consecutive games. In the eight games in this season, Mefield completed 61.4% of the pass, and got 1514 yards and 15 times, and 7 passes were copied.

The current 5 wins and 3 losses will face the Houston Texas in the 10th week of the main scene.