Finally, take the next time the last train! Dodge first fell a pitcher Bille strong return

September 26 (Wen / ESPN Alden Gonzalez Compilation / Love) With the end of the MLB regular season, the playoff gradually puts on the agenda, especially in the case of the increasing sexy after the expansion, the troops will become more Important. Although the Los Angeles Dodge Although the regular season is shining, the first round of the playoffs is also afraid; at this time, the toughness of the first round value is quite important, so in the critical period of the team, the team has met their important first. Pitcher – Walker.

Since a month, Bille is full of right-handed food refers to the pain injury. It has not been able to play, but he completed the warmth before the playoffs in Beijing time on Friday. In the game against the sportsist, he mainly investigated 4 games, showing 65 balls, completed 6 times, only 1 time, peace of mind and 1 time, helping Dodge 5-1 wins. Obviously this warmth of warmth is good.

“My performance is as good as it is.” Bille said in an interview after the game. Not only did he feel good, his opponent also expressed his thumbs up for this 26-year-old. The first battalion of the sportsist is praised by Bisel: “His speed ball is very deterrent, the ball is very good, his bad ball is very high.”

Dodge coach Roberts said before the game, he will pay close attention to the return of Billet, the winner is second, the main purpose is to ensure that Biller will not be frustrated. Biles feel very good, very confident, the finger is also good. “Roberts said,” This is the result of our all people work together, make sure we can do it tonight; if we don’t have such a big confidence to him He won’t behave so good. “

Biller recently sent his front teammates, now played in the double city’s first pitcher Rich-Hill asked for suggestions, the latter has been dealing with blisters in his career, and provides the treatment recommendations to Biller, including how Problem in emotional processing. “He is a very good suggestion, really helped me very much.” Biles said, “Swishes, but we still try our best to solve it, I hope this will not be my problem.”

Dodge has prepared a first round value arrangement for the upcoming outer card, although they are determined that they will fight home at the Dodge Stadium, but because the competition situation of the national affairs card is very focused, Dodge is now not certain. Who is your opponent? Billet and the ace first President Corretton – Koxi is expected to send the board in the top two, but the Qodi has not yet determined that the two people are first. It is possible for the third battle to send a handful candidate, and there is no sure, Urias, Dastine – Mei and Gong Solin have a chance.

Before the injury was lacking, the Barben season completed the 32.2 bureau, 36 three-oscillating and 10 guarantees, and the self-blame rate was controlled at 3.86. In the case of finger controlled, his pitching content is still relatively excellent. “He is still trying to retrieve the state, I hope he can restore sharp-hearted hands.” Roberts said, “You are only one step away from the next game, so I hope he can be more agile, and the state will step into the season The competition. “