The crow may change the fate of the team because one person completes tactical change.

On December 23, Beijing time, Ramar Jackson took over the first place of the night game since the Baltimore, and the first show of his night tour will face the powerful Los Angeles lightning, the latter just defeated the limelight last week. Non-two Kansas City chiefs. In the end, the crow relies on Jackson’s rich and diverse attack and tough defensive performance to beat lightning with 22-10, and continue to move towards the playoffs.

Before the 2018 election conference, Baltimore Crow offensive group coach Marti Mozyg and his coaching group began to formulate plans, in case the team has the opportunity to get Raar Jackson, how will future attacks? No one knows that this young black four-point guard will subvert the team for many years to insist on attack philosophy.

Under the spotlight of the night, Jackson fully utilizes its own legs advantage, 13 shots to advance 39 yards, transfer 204 yards in 226, no mistakes, where the 204 yard is set to the season. Even if I have been killed 3 times, Jackson still lost 2 yards by strong running. His brightest moment occurred in the third quarter, a remember to find Mark Andrews to complete 68 yards.

At present, 9 wins and 6-longned crows have a chance to re-enter the playoffs in four years. If the Pittsburgh steel man is lost to the Saints of New Orleans on Sunday, they will take the first throne of the United States. There is also a good news that the crow will be in the home season this season will meet the battle in Clinkland Brown.

I still remember that the season, Joe-Vlaco kept healthy, the crow team gave the ball attack, the team’s passing the number of ranks first Second-rate. But with the 11 weeks of Vlaco, the crow’s offense has fallen into the problem that is discussed in the beginning of the article – How is Ramar Jackson design tactics?

The answer is very simple, reading options. They turned from a traditional pass team to a ground team, hit the opponent with a second time. “The situation is grim, if you want to make it basically in accordance with our previous play.” The coach John Hubble admits that the crow has been studying how to use Ramar Jackson: “We have been studying, practical Whether it is in the training camp or on the court, we are studying the scorpion cover. It can eventually achieve this effect today, I think our coach and players are very unsure, we have done. “

Joe-Vlaco’s first 9 games, throwing out the highest 379 passes attempts, but even the same, they still did not forget Ramar Jackson on the mat. John Harper almost every game will let Jackson participate in several engagement, until November 4th, Vlaco hips, Jackson is dead. After that, the Crow Coach Group’s overtime plug-in is designed to design a mushroom tactics, explore and develop Jackson’s characteristics, re-complining and trying some teams never playing fresh tactics.

The players are not surprised by this change, and the center Matt Skula said: “Everyone knows that ‘Ok, let us get him!” Jackson’s play enriched the tactical play of the crow, Also let the players are more fresh, after winning a few games, the team has strengthened the idea of ??using Jackson and new tactics. Since the Jackson takes over the crow, the team has achieved 5 wins and 1 loss, and returns to the competition team in the playoffs.

Controlling the pavement offense is equivalent to controlling time, and the control time also means that the game is controlled. In order to more intuitively see the power of crow pavement offensive, ESPN combed the following data according to the performance of Jackson’s starting:

· Rushing in the current efficiency, Jackson will try 275 shocks to advance 1366 yards. It is important to know that the number of stroners since 1970 is the 141 times of Bobi Douglas in 1972; while the four-point guard history single season is the 1039 yards maintained in 2006 Michara. .

· The crow averages 230.4 pavement number of 230.4 per game, which is the most since the 1936 heroes are 240.4 yards.

· The crow is averaged 36 minutes and 07 seconds, which is the highest record since 1983.

In the crow, it is a big challenge to another new offensive mode to another in an offensive mode. In NFL, it is a bigger challenge to adhere to a rare tactics. “I feel like facing two different teams.” Cincinnati Mason Wate Wei Vents – Bellevate said: “In the face of Joe-Vlaco, he can only move in your pocket, but this guy (Jackson) Can’t predict what he will do next. “

In fact, the roots of the crow team can be traced back to Corin-Cape Nick in the San Francisco’s 49-person effectiveness. At that time, the Crow team helped Teacher Roman to serve as an offensive group coach in 49 people, and he imitated the tactics of the year. Let Jackson stand in a pistol battle (quad-guards is more close to the center, and the running guards are about 3 yards in the four-point guard), just like the Katnik of the year. In this formation, Jackson’s sides are two near-end strikes. The running guards followed, he can read the other’s defensive choice, and the outer junction can be shielded in front of the front line, but you can run the ball. The offensive front line also has more advantages to block the pressure in a direction, Jackson runs in another direction.

The crow does not think that they are in Jackson’s lead, just like a wild cat array, because the attack of the wild cat is one-dimensional, one but the defensive group judges the direction, then there is no way. And Jackson’s offense is multi-dimensional. The defensive players should be passing Jackson pass, but also send special people to prevent Jackson, so that they can always create air and opportunities. In addition, there is Jackson, the opponent’s defensive group is not 11vs11 is so simple.

In addition, such tactics is to deceive, defensive players don’t know Jackson to give the ball to run, or take over, or rush. This uncertainty often allows defensive players to hesitate. They are unable to judge who will be dominated by this wave, and cannot judge the direction of this wave of attack is the middle or two wings. “When you can build an advantage in the inner mushroom, Jackson’s offense is difficult to judge on the defensive,” the raid people coach Joe-Grunette said: “You must stay first. Foot man prevents people from leaking out from the inside, otherwise else is nothing. “

When Joe-Frab Frach, the crow’s pavement off-planes were only 92.6 yards, and the rankings were previously recurred. Before encountering lightning today, the pavement of the crow is full, and has become a team of 190 yards since the 1976 steel people since the 1976 steel people. Seeing such an effect, the crow does not think that their attack is a play from the previous time, but the current road to success.

Hubble said: “You are difficult to prevent this kind of attack, our players are using the flesh to rush out a blood road. I am proud of them, this is the current rugby philosophy of the crow.” Now the crow is not just a look Can entrunction of the playoffs, or a team that can make noise in the playoffs, unique offensive mode plus the hardest defensive defense of the union, Baltimore is fearless.

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