Socks in the London courts expand a trump card in the international market

This weekend (Beijing time 1 o’clock in the morning of June 30th), the American Rules Coal League (MLB) was first held in the London Olympic Stadium for the first time in the London Olympic Stadium. New York Yangji, Boston Red Socks These two American baseball ICONs have more than one century “world hat”, will also write a historic in the history of the two teams.

In general, in the 2019 collected London, the enemy war, the Boston’s red hose, and the Boston red socks are given to the New York Yangji, the third year of the United States. Leading partitions, the hot New York Yangji took the lead in announced, the first game of the London competition has been determined that it has just completed the 9 bureau in the end of the 9 bureau, the hot field will be large; the second game of the first game has not yet Finally, some people guess may be 38-year-old old will have CC Sabathia. After all, he has laughed, and he can participate in this year’s MLB London, which is a big reason that he has not retired.

And the MLB World Contest defends the championship Boston socks, this season and New York Yangji, the result of the smoother, the result is obviously not what they expect, so I want the whole team to fight in the European battlefield. In particular, these two games have also been remembered as the home of red socks. At present, the first lineup of the reddock team London has not yet been announced, but it is believed that they will definitely show the European fans to show defending championships and play two wonderful games.

Yangji's total coach Bohen said to London.

Yangji’s total coach Bohen said to London.

One day double games allow two teams to prepare 26 people’s participating players, and New York Yangji’s coach Alon Boone is even more choosing several players to go to the UK to deal with long-distance attacks. Time difference affects, health status. Although it is necessary to experience the boat rushes, the two team players have expressed their expectations to the London, and many big-name stars are driving a big welfare of the fans who can go to the scene.

The high-visibility top team, the topic is rich and the enemy, determines the tone of the MLB London series, but also let the “stockmas” becoming the two-door bricks in the European market. The propaganda of the entire series surrounds the theme of “Old Rivalry, New Ground”. The second London competition in mid-June 2020, also revealed this road: Chicago Winnabo team and St. Louis Pair of Staff were killed in the country of China.

British Yangji Red Socks Fans

British Yangji Red Socks Fans

At the same time, it is different from some commercial events in the Football League, and the MLB London Competition is part of the regular season, and it is possible to ensure the full attention and investment of the team players. The extent of the event.

The fiery of the box office data has also given the positive feedback of MLB London. It is said that the ball tickets in the two games are close to the light in dozens of tickets, according to the official ticket website TicketMaster, as of 4 days before the game, the ticket below 100 pounds is already selling light, 100-450 pounds Tickets are only the number of sporadic tickets. MLB official website London series topic page of FAQ, it is also a word “child ticket already selling light” early. I believe in the game day, can carry 60,000 people’s Olympic stadiums will be a prestige.

Behind this from the team, the player to the audience, is the back of MLB in the operational level of the overseas racing, the other side of the related area is unambiguous.

First, we will build from the stadium to communication technology, unified standards, and strive to show the original authentic MLB series.

The London Olympic Stadium was once the 2012 London Olympic Games. In this baseball, the stadium is far from the city, the stadium uses a three-week time, a baseball field that meets the MLB Stadium – Not only the site size meets the requirements, but also equipped with the eyes of the player (Batter’s Eye), blocking net, hit Cage, player seating area, temporary dressing room, etc.

It is more important to be worthy of communication with technical support, MLB strives to make the team and the referee have the same game experience as the Fenwei Stadium or Yangji Stadium. From 2018, the 30 stadium communication systems of MLB can ensure that the player’s seating and cowshed coach is at any time call, the on-site referee and the New York playback center real-time call negotiation decision, or in timely informed important information in time. To this end, MLB and communication
service provider Mitel collaborate, specializing in the London stadium to meet the above standards, ensuring that the event communications, and the penalty is not different from the local competition in the United States.

Lin Du played a cruel in the UK

Lin Du played a cruel in the UK

Second, combined with the propaganda offensive offensive of the target market, triggering attention, drawing the distance.

In addition to this year, Francisco Lindor visited London, experience crickets for the baseball match, MLB recently collaborated with Jimmy Carr, the famous British comedian Jimmy Carr (Jimmy Carr) The London game series propaganda film, the big play of the British and American cultural diversity, aims to tell the British accent, the British who sent the gentleman, we really took the pure American baseball experience to eat fried peanuts, and relaxed and enthusiastic American culture, brought to your door.

In addition, MLB also contributed to the origin of “baseball originated from the UK”. An expert studying on the US writer and baseball origin named David Block, found the earliest description of the baseball in a children’s graphic pocket book published in 1744: a boy put the ball When you sway, you will fly the next position (POST) until the end is happy to return to the “home” – this is not the original state of baseball, even earlier than the United States.

History is so beautiful, I originally came to the UK immigrant in the continent, bringing baseball motion to the United States. More than 200 years later, the two teams of MLB will bring this “American National Ball” back to the UK and open up the “New World” of Baseball.

The London Saiyangji invited to Belchuan promotion baseball guidance tall player

The London Saiyangji invited to Belchuan promotion baseball guidance tall player

Third, from the doll, create a full range of activities, convey a relaxed and simple baseball.

The love and participation of children have triggered the development of a movement, while MLB also brought this idea to the UK. In the past few days before the start of the London Race, MLB held a large number of baseball popularization activities for young people and communities in London and surrounding areas, encouraging families, children to walk into the court, and feel simple and relaxed baseball. From the “MLB Cup” stick game in London, to the classic “Play Ball” baseball enlightenment project and showcase interaction, and then invites the “Elite European Development Challenge”, MLB, which comes from more than ten national youth baseball players. Declare with rich surrounding activities, “London” is more than two top depends, but also to spread baseball culture, lightning a spark in the child’s heart, helping the British and even European baseball development.

In 2019, 8 overseas races were arranged in the unprecedented MLB history. They were held in Japan, Mexico, and Britain, marking MLB development overseas markets, and expanding the determination of baseball influence. Despite the MLB, MLB is a post-NFL’s London bowl for more than 10 years, and the NBA London has also entered the ninth year – but with its own high-traffic stock socks, it is undoubtedly Opened the European market for MLB.

On the other hand, in the F1 Chinese competition, international events such as China Race, China, and even the NHL Chinese competition have entered China. In these years, we still can’t ask prone to say, we are in the next MLB China, how far?

In 2008, the Los Angeles Taoist Team and the San Diego priest were held in the Beijing Olympic baseball competition, held two MLB China. That is a Chinese fan with MLB’s recent contact, and many fans who come to the scene will also be 津 乐.

2008 – 2019, 11 years, what is China’s stick?

We regretfully see the absence of sticks in 2012, the Olympics in the Olympics in 2016, the Chinese stick team is silent; we lame prizes the dismantling, renovation, reform of the baseball stadium represented by Wuke Tongji Stadium. He uses.

And we also be careful and optimistic: MLB and reach a broadcast cooperation, the number of people, the number of visitors increased year by year; MLB Development Center Softball strike theme clubs have gradually emerged, relying on the roofer, sticks and soakariological activities, construction, training and other models to seek ways; whether it is based on quality improvement, the initial intention is the original intention of going abroad, and more parents have begun to let children accept sticks. Training; the baseball game is gradually increasing, and the participation is not just a professional team player, and there are more and more new hands that come into contact with this movement from zero.

Some of the Chinese people today have more channels to touch the stick, and no longer just brings our baseball complex through the blood of Japanese anime.

Of course, these are far less than enough. In football, basketball enthusiasts still need to fight against the scene of the scene, the masses are still very slightly smoking, and the location of the venue is more huge, and the attention is still in a small part of self-entertainment. We still have not reached the ideal “good era”, the Chinese appreciates an original MLB competition at home, there may be a long distance.

There are too many unknown conjectures about the MLB China, which can do, maybe it, maybe it, more chat, play more, then, continue to expect.

Author: Bai Da