Protest anthem NFL players play without the ball anchors often accompanied by his girlfriend around Jieyou Chou

Nick Capet in NFL stadium set off a “protest anthem ceremony,” the tide “against racism”, which made him famous and the whole world knows the name Nick Capet. But he’s not a good time, after all, even the great black human rights leaders, they have to eat to support their families. Since he started to kneel down protest anthem, with his NFL playing days drifting away, so far, he has been away from the NFL more than 2 years, so that he can not play lost millions of dollars in revenue. But Capet Nick’s heart is still calm, because his life had flowers and have a dream, it is a graceful and elegant, exquisite sexy woman, but also to appease him with the best comfort, she let the gentle and beautiful Capet Nick bearish money and interest, the courage to pursue justice and fairness in mind.

Capet Nick’s girlfriend is called within Lufthansa – Diaby, he is a well-known television and radio anchorwoman. But once Capet Nick NFL’s hottest quarterback, even standing on the Super Bowl field, he did not waver, however, met after the intellectual and charming female anchor, Capet Nick’s heart began to tremble, an uncontrollable desire to dump him in the good graces at this. That pair Autumn mildly sparkling charming, obsidian-like flashing a trace of deep warmth, two slender Liu Mei flirt with burning eyes; Xiuting Yao exquisite nose, small mouth slightly tilt, dripping cherry red lips inadvertently spitting round hot and humid atmosphere. Capet Nick looked at within the auspices of the central station of Shakespeare, he is obsessed with this sexy and silent, staring like a fool, completely lost sense of proportion.

So Capet Nick internal Lufthansa – Diaby launched enthusiastic pursuit. Capet Nick make love the female anchor let them go, but she really captured the hearts of Nick Capet is that the pursuit of great ideas and charisma captured. In early 2016, it disclosed a relationship, and it is this year Capet Nick decided to protest the national anthem ceremony in NFL stadium, called on the community pay attention to racial issues. Have to say, within Lufthansa is a notice of management of the woman, she knows Nick Capet hearts are thinking, so she strongly encourage him, support him, day and night to accompany Capet Nick opened his solution to the social reality of sorrow. Sha Fensai that a faint inside looking, smooth and supple Jiaoye, Capet Nick firm thought he knew doing so might provoke countless people abuse, attack, but he did fear, although millions of people also carry on as long as there is in the Shakespeare in the side, he will be able to calmly face everything.

Nick let Capet within Lufthansa no longer worry, when he Chuo never touch that tender skin color of wheat, feeling like a piece of creamy tuberose, pain disappeared in a life time. He hugged his girlfriend that curve stretches of ketone bodies fell asleep, this is Nick Capet withstand the pain of social reality, the best consolation against all criticism. So he began training day and night, hope one day to return to the NFL to play. But two years ago, no team is willing to accept Capet Nick. Within Lufthansa – Di Biya watching boyfriend vain effort and hard work, she began to hate the NFL, NFL she thought it was a conspiracy against Nick Capet, to that end, within the Lufthansa do not want to sit still, she publicly declared that it is in the NFL Nick secretly persecution Capet, so that we can not continue to play.

“All the teams know who holds the state, ready to play. He is in training every day, even harder than before, all the teams know this, but they turn a blind eye, alliances, management, bosses do not re willing to accept him. The media should take ask NFL, why do they continue to persecute Capet Nick. “

Today, Capek’s influential far beyond the scope of the athletes, a lot of people, he was praised as a contemporary of Martin – Luther – gold, but also by numerous people as a thorn in the flesh. Capet Nick protest damage to the NFL and the interests of more people, which make it universally condemned US President Trump even thought of him as enemies of the state, so Capet Nick reduced to such a fate. But even if the attack was over the body of public opinion Ling injury, Capet Nick is also no fear, because in the Lufthansa gentle always make him forget all the troubles, so that he can continue to stand their ground and continue to quietly waiting for an opportunity to play.