One text teaches you to understand the NFL playoff: single-game winning big year 30 to hold a super bowl

On December 31st, the last day of 2018, the last day of NFL is over, and more exciting playoff is about to start. If there is a new fans just get in touch with NFL, you will definitely feel the NFL playoffs. Confused, let’s give you a science of the NFL playoffs, let everyone know the game arrangement of the playoffs in a concise language.

Single farm

NFL all playoffs are a decision to win the match, and they are also the only alliance in the four major sports alliances in the United States. This means that it is different from the conventional game after a plus loss, and the playoffs must be divided into the game.

A winning warming means that the game will be full of suspense and uncertainty, let your strength, slightly accident, will be looking for a machine by the weak, which makes the game’s wonderful and fierce increase.

Seed ranking

1. In the playoffs, the partition champion According to the high to low, according to the number of seeds, the outer card team occupying the 5 6th seed according to the performance of the record, and the National Union is taken as an example, 1-6 The seed is Saint (13-3), the ram (13-3), the bear (12-4), cowboy (10-6), the Hawk (10-6), the eagle (9-7).

2, the advantage of high-grade seeds is that you can get the main field advantage, such as the Saints locks the National Union No. 1 seed, which means that all the home advantages of the playoffs (except for the superb bowl), the seeds can be Get the treatment of outer trucks.


If you count the superb bowl (Beijing time on February 4th year 35), the NFL playoffs can be divided into 4 rounds, the first round of external card week, the second round of the finals, the third round of the Federation (US Lian, Guoxian) Champion Zhou and Super Bowl final, the first three rounds held in the Federation, and finally the United States champion and the National Federation champion will be super bowl.

The first round of external card is arranged as follows, and the 3rd seed main scene faces the No. 5 seed, and the number No. 4 is facing the seed, while the seeds of No. 1 and 2 are taken in this week.

The wins the team will enter the partition finals to challenge 2 teams of the first round of round. The principle of war is also very simple – a higher step team faces the lower position of the team -1 seed facing the next grade of the team, No. 2 The wins the team in the outer card week.

Did not take the country as an example, the saints have obtained the home advantage of the playoffs, and will be in the division of the finals, and the winners are ranked in the front of the front-of-shelf. And the ram also ensures the first round, and will Partitioned final week, a higher winner of the preparation of the puller. For example, the Saint, which is the Senior Seed, which season is in the second round. If the 6th eagle is advanced, then the opponent is an eagle; if the eagle is eliminated, then the Saint’s opponent will be the 4th seed cowboy and 5 The winner of the seed seahak, it is impossible to be the No. 3 seed bears, and so on.

In this round, the team will enter the Federation Championship, and the final decided joint champion enters the super bowl.

After reading the above introduction, do you know about the NFL’s playoff rules, and also remind everyone that the 53nd super bowl will be held in Atlanta on February 4th, Beijing time, when you are not disappeared with you!