NBA-official! Lakers have the latest injury report, Lao Zhan is still suspected, only 2 people are absent due to injuries

On November 29, Beijing, China continued to start, and the Lakers will fight the Pistostat at home. Due to the last two teams, James and Stewart have argued that the two teams of the two teams attracted more attention, but James did not put it too much, the most important thing, still want to help the team to win the game. .

Before the game, the Lakers officially announced the latest injury report, where James was still placed in the list of doubts or trapped in the belly strain. This injury has previously lanes eight games, and now it is a war, just like Davis that thumb sprains. Although it is placed in the list of doubts, James will not absent the game, he wants to stand with the team to help the team win the game.

When I talked about Stelis again, James didn’t have other mentality and said: “The only idea I entered this game is to help the team win, the winning rate will return to 50%. In
addition to this except The idea, victory is the most important thing, this is my consistent mentality. “

The last three plus time is not the king, but also let the Lakers are a little discouraged, and the game will be lost. Lakers behind the ball, the record became 10 wins and 11 losses, and the winning rate was less than 50% again.

Although the first battle has an outbreak conflict, this is limited to Sturt individual, and there is no one to participate in the Lakers, and the Piston players are also standing out. As for the second time, maybe James and Stewart have a little expectation, as for anything else at other times. In particular, the Lakers have recently been in good condition, and they need a victory to enhance morale, and weak travel pistons is a good venting object. I believe that the Lakers will put their attention in the game, rather than staring at these yet.

In the latest hurt list, only 2 people will be absent, that is Aliza and Naen. 2 people have not played the Lakers in the event of the Lakers, which also leads to the team lineup. True to look like. “

The fall of Xiu Rus has been healed, and it can be played today. Waiting for Aliza and Naen return, the lake talent is a real Lakers. At that time, if it still can’t win continuously, then there is no excuse. .