Love! On only 1 day of the winner of the baseball career, the most expensive ticket is the most expensive check.

“Magic” Johnson

On November 5, the fans who focus on NBA must be familiar with “Magic” Johnson’s name. He is the legendary player of the Lakers. He and “Raribed’s battle is still arrived. In fact, Johnson also A professional movement is very interested, that is, the baseball, now the magician is one of the bosses of the Los Angeles Daoqi team, and he has opened a $ 50 million check in order to enter the team.

Johnson’s achievements in the NBA world unparalleled, he entered NBA in 1979. The career has won the 5th NBA championship, the most valuable player in the 3rd regular season, the most valuable player of the 3rd finals, 12 times, 2 times, 2 times Get all-star game MVP, 9 times in the NBA first lineup.

Why is such a basketball name player who likes the baseball?

Only one day! Coach, let him give up professional baseball dreams

Speaking of the knot of the magician and the baseball, maybe many people think that there is a result of acquiring Dodge from the magician group, but is actually. “I love baseball for a long time. Before I became a Taoist, I watched every World Contest I can remember.” The magician said, “I always love the baseball, my childhood is in my hometown.” Lansing (the capital of Michigan) spent it, then I was a super base fan. “

The “Magician” of the teenager is a member of the Boy Girl Club, which is a non-profit organization that provides a post-class project for young people. He often watched the club to watch the local baseball team Detroit Tigers. At that time, the Tiger’s Legendary Parcitz-Brown and Power-Herton’s two heroes have been powdered by him.

“Even now, I will still fight. I will tell you that baseball is a great sport, and I have been so thinking.” The magician said. Softballs are developed by baseball, and the rules are similar. Magicians are now near the year of flower armor, you can see his love.

Magician recalled that he had wanted to engage in baseball in about 10 to 11 years old, but unfortunately his baseball career https://www.maillotspascherfr.comhad poor day. At that time, he tried to practice and hit, the ball of the pitcher was very fast, and he even had a long hand, and he was scared to escape. Not long, he was out of the country. At that time, the baseball coach called him in the past and said, “Child, I think this sport is not suitable for you.” Magician still remembers his answer at the time: “I think so.”

The magician loves to the baseball with a life

The magician loves to the baseball with a life

Although I feel that I can’t play baseball, I still love this movement. In 1979, the Magician was chosen by the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA draft conference. He was considered to be the future of the Lakers. When I just arrived in Los Angeles, the magician was fortunate to see the general manager of the foreigner Tommy Ramada.

“After I sure to join the Lakers, I just went to Los Angeles. The second
person I saw was Tommy-Lasa, I was very excited, because he was too big in the baseball world. He invited me to see the game I also give me a baseball cap, a jacket, telling me a lot of LA’s stories. I still don’t forget to be a kindness against me. “

The Magician said to Rosada is a famous figure in the history of the Dodge. During the player, he was a pitcher, and most of his time was played in Dodge. Master is now 91 years old, still in Dodge. In fact, he retired from the general manager in 1999, but in 2012, the Dodge was acquired by the magician consumption, and was returned to the team, as a special consultant of the team Chairman. This year is the 69th year of Latsa in Dodge, and this record even surpass the Shi Gao Li. And Lasoda is still a member of the oldest baseball name.

Even if you fail to become a baseball player, on the heart of the magician, the baseball is always in a high position.

NBA retirement After the transfer of business fields continue to fail

The magician contributed in the basketball, his name is a thumbs up to him. When the magician was active in the Lakers, the Magic has begun to consider the life after retiring. He thinks that many athletes are fiddle after retiring, and seek advice to commercial elites. In the seventh season of his effective NBA, Fortunately, the CAA CEO Michael, Ovitz, to encourage him to read a lot of business magazines and make full use of the people around them. So, the magician wakes up the business knowledge and often pays the executives of major companies in the team away.

The original attempt of the magician from the merchant is to sell sportswear, this idea looks most appropriate for a world-renowned athletes. But after purchasing a large number of shoes and hats, jackets, the magician has been confused, because two months passed, a large number of commodities were out of stock. “I have paid $ 200,000 for $ 200,000, but this matter teaches me, I have to consider from consumers.” The magician said, “Never start from your own point, you like red, don’t It means that your business is also used in the process, unless your customers like it. “

Johnson and family

Johnson and family

Pain, the magician opened the second venture tour, and made a supplier of Pepsi. This time, his plan is to ask Pepsi truck driver to start working at four in the last route, delivery, and ask the driver and arrangement of the store manager to communicate in advance, and unload the goods where to remove the goods There are countless in my heart.

The attention of the details and the visiting customer needs allow the magician to kill a blood road in this industry that is laughing by a large retailer. Although he was in advance, the supply area was a low-income family gathered area, and there was no business, but the magician persisted tirelessly he finally succeeded. Key factors are still in understanding customers, providing them.

Love! Magic Teacher Group acquired

Johnson’s first bucket of business is the opening of the Bax Shock, which is more familiar with the food in the city residents, and playing the music in the store. The turnover of the magician star Buck shop exceeds the average, and later Also received 3 billion investments.

In December 2011, the chance of the magician looking for a partner came, and he decided to join hands with Gugenheim Baseball Management Company to acquire Los Angeles Daoqi.

“When I first came to Los Angeles (1979), Dodge News is in the” Los Angeles Times “home, the Lakers’ news is on page 3, the influence of Dodge is much more effective than his effective Lakers. “

In order to find a suitable partner, the magician studied the bidders and an interview with one by one. “I ask them, ‘What is the purpose of your bidding, you are for baseball, or it is purely for a real estate.'” The magician puts forward his first question, “I have the first place for those who don’t put the baseball. The bidders are not interested. “

Magician and other shareholders

Magician and other shareholders

If the bidders pass the first question of the magician, he will continue to ask the second one. “I will follow, ‘Okay, once you bought it, do you have enough money to fight cricket?'” He said, “some consortium will spend a lot of money to buy a team, but interest.”

When the magician met the CEO of Gugeheim Mark Walter, he thought he found a person. “I asked Mark’s first question is: ‘Do you want to win? Do you want to invest this?'” The magician recalled, “he said ‘absolute.’ Listening to Walter’s view of Victoria, just like listening (The Lakers Second Board) Jerey – Bath. “The magician said,” He mentioned it three times. “He wants to do it to kill the World Contest. I know some great boss, this guy can also be called Is one of great. “

At the end of March 2012, the magician consortium successfully acquired Los Angeles Daoqi with a price of $ 215 million. In addition to the magician, Walter, Casten, the consortium, as well as the NBA Golden State Warriors joint shareholder Pitt – Gu Boor, oil, natural gas tycoon Bobby Patton, and private investment at Todier.

But in fact, in this 215 million acquisition, there are not many shares of the magician, but he admitted: “That is the maximum check of the amount I opened in my life.” The amount of the check is $ 50 million. 2.3% of total acquisitions. Although the proportion is not high, the magician is a facade of management company.

How to operate? Personal charm affects Dodge in the next big chess?

As one of the bosses of the Dodge, the magician is not only the facade of Gugenheim Baseball Management Company, and it is a facade of the Dodge. Have him in Dodge, will make the influence of Dodge further expand.

Before the 5th battle of the World Competition this year, the magician took the old opponent Larry Bird of the past, and the two were in the event of each other. The influence of the magician does not have to say that Bird is also a legendary figure of the basketball game, and the two have recorded video, which not only has an influence of the World Competition, but also to extend the influence of Dodge to the basketball fan.

Basketball Names, who retired two years ago, also attended the world contest held at the home court, which triggered the fans to cheer. Kobe’s arrival has to be said to be on the face of the magician. It was that the magician did an important speech at Kobe’s decommissioning ceremony and had affirmed Kobe in the historical status of NBA.

Kobe appeared in the World Competition

Kobe appeared in the World Competition

Not only the Kobe, the first NBA first person James also went into the Lakers game competition in the 7th day of the national contest, and cheered in the Dodge of Milwaukee in the afternoon. It is to know that James’s main team is the Cleveland Indians. He has invited a number of teammates to help the Indians in the host. As a public figure, it will often change the support to give yourself trouble, but Zhan Jie still looks on the magician face, and wear a Taoist cap. This is not open when the President of this Summer President, invited the James Get Lakers. With its unique personality charm, the Magician has brought unexpected effects.

The magician is actually a few jobs. He is not only the boss of the Dodge, the President of the Lakers, but also one of the owners of the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks and the Los Angeles football team. In addition, he also operates its own company, while investing in multiple fields.

The viologist’s vision is very long. As early as in 1994, he was already a small boss of the Lakers during the first retirement period. At that time, he entered US $ 10 million (4% -5%). In 2010, the magician sold his shares to the rich, Huang Xinxiang mentioned above. It is estimated that the value of the shares held by the magician has risen to $ 27 million. Although selling the shares, the magician still trailed the team vice president, not paying the salary, and stayed with the contact of the Lakers. In the end, he was re-use by the Lakers Boss, which was held by the Lakers, and the president of the Lakers.

Baseball, men’s basketball team, women’s basketball, football, magician business has extended to Los Angeles four professional sports alliances, only football and ice hockey, rugby has just introduced the male and flashing team from the field in the past two years, while ice hockey It is an anapatic project.

However, I believe that the ambition of the magician is far more than this, and he is under the big chess. In one day, all professional sports in Los Angeles may be real by him.