If you have any forty, love basketball, but as long as you play basketball, you will hurt your knees. Please see this article.

Love sports and your body, which one chooses, this is really a problem!

When you go out,Because there is a lot of people around the 40 years old of the basketball, there is a lot of people.There are some problems in the knee joint, and some patients have a serious problem, but they are still fighting for their enthusiasm. In the process of communicating with them, Xie did not ask such aproblem,”Love sports and your body, you choose which one?“The answer really is not very uniform, some friends think,Better to let him play basketball to his life, And some friends finally realized that they have reached middle age, should no longer excessive use of their joints, the knee is the maintenance of the time! Well into middle age, in the process of playing basketball, which easily lead to joint problems common then, Dr Tse today to give you a detailed chat.

Favorite basketball sports people, there is a feature

Movement will inevitably lead to sports injuries, Especially as basketball such a relatively intense sport, so a lot of people love sports in the entire athletic career which have become accustomed to small knock a small touch, forThe ability to endure pain is stronger than the average person, A lot of people around the joint favorite sport is very well-developed muscles, even if there are some problems in the joints, but particularly strong due to muscle symptoms tend to reflect not particularly obvious, this is actually not a good thing,Because it is easy to cover up the disease,Some patients have been able to induce severe pain condition, but were not taken seriously among the many sports people.

Chondromalacia patella and articular cartilage wear is common

Sport basketball are relatively intense, knee often needs to be doneTorsion Sharp stop, bouncingAnd other actions, which will increase the wear of the inner invisible articular cartilage, in particular, and the rear patella femoral articular cartilage wear, such early wear and joints do not induce specific symptoms in patients, many patients will feel flexion joints when there is a sense of friction, but because there is no pain no longer give seriously.

butWith age, articular cartilage degradation will occur slowly,PlusStrenuous exercise blessingCartilage wear and tear will become increasingly important, it will begin joint symptoms, such asSquat upWhen there is significant pain,Down stairsWhen there will be significant joint discomfort, or even a clear sense of pain, some patients may even be many yearsJoint effusion. But because too fond of sports, so even if the pain does not stop the movement, soMore serious symptoms and eventually can not stand up, only to the hospital patients are very many.

If such symptoms appear, it is recommended to go to the hospital to seek professional medical help,By examination, patient symptoms, and combined magnetic resonance imaging examination,To clarify patients with articular cartilage to wear to what kind of degree, according to the degree of wear is determined by what kind of means to help patients to solve the problem or alleviate the symptoms.

● If less than cartilage wear, it is recommended that patients should try to control their weight and minimize strenuous exercise, especiallyJoint yaw and bounceaction.

● If the cartilage wears heavier than the articular surface has been significantly rough, pain is more serious, and even have joint effusion, it is recommended for oral or topical non-steroidal antiinflammatory analgesics, e.g.Sodium loxoprofenorFlurbiprofen gel pasteTo help patients control symptoms, control inflammation in the joints, observation can help patients resolve symptoms, if symptoms can not be alleviated, the need forIntra-articular injection of sodium hyaluronate factor or platelet-rich plasmaTo help patients control the disease, and the patient is recommendedTo try to stop the basketball, take some time off,Observe whether https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com the symptoms can be alleviated.

● In fact,Most of the crowd favorite sport, doctors should stop exercising caution, many patients are not fit, Then in this case, if you are forced to exercise, be sure to do a good jobwarm up, After the motion to doStretch, After knee problems, the process of movement must take a knee joint to help themselves to protect it, so the knee following figure, sports people have problems in terms of the protection of the patella cartilage is very suitable.

● Due to vigorous exercise for joint irritation is relatively large, especially for already existing joint articular cartilage problem, thenAfter the movement to help themselves to ice to control inflammation, Ice-water mixture must be taken each time the ice should be controlled at about 15 to 20 minutes.

it’s hereDr Tse, 40 years old https://www.nbatrikots4.com want to advise people still love basketball, if you experience the wear and tear of articular cartilage, we must consider whether to stop or reduce the amount of movement of the movement,BecauseOur articular cartilage is not renewableOnce the wear occurs, we want to delay the progression of the disease is very difficult, but vigorous exercise will increase the degree of wear of articular cartilage, for the future to have a relatively good joint state old age, we must consider whether to change the movement way, such as turn into swimming.

Meniscal injuries are also very common

MeniscusIs located plays a very important role in protecting our joints our two very important structures within the knee cartilage, we can increase the lubrication of the joints, can help us withstand the pressure of the buffer joint. butPlay https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com basketball this movement is likely to cause damage to the meniscusBecause this movement whichIt requires repeated twisting stop knee and Sharp, And this action is very easily lead to torn meniscus damage occurs even, becauseSharp stop and reverse the process whichMeniscus withstand axial torque, this power very easily lead to damage to the meniscus.

When the meniscus injury occurred, patients oftenAt that time, I hear Cui Xiang appeared within the joint, but did not appear at the time of painStill able to kick a basketball, but by the next day, slowly began to appear swollen joints, pain, began to clear up. This is mainly due to theMeniscus lack of blood supply,After tearing joint bleeding are relatively small, or pain caused by an inflammatory response time will be relatively slow and after the occurrence of tearing,There is a delayed effect,General pain began to appear after 8 to 12 hours, some patients will begin to appear even in pain after 2 to 3 days.

pass throughMagnetic resonance imaging examinationWe will find that in the end whether there has been meniscus tear, the extent of the tear occurred, to determine what kind of therapy. For particularly severe tearing, have a serious impact on the patient joint function, the doctor will recommend arthroscopic surgery,Attempting to suture meniscal surgery in which, molding or partial resection surgery.

Here is to say one more thing, and that is if there has been torn meniscus, for about 40 years of age is concerned, is really a more serious injury, we do not recommend playing basketball later after medical treatment.

Common causes of patellar tendinitis also lead to knee pain

Another reason is prone to knee pain among sports people are patellar tendinitis.Patellar tendon connectspatellaThe electrode and the tibial insertion, The top is very powerful piece of our body muscles,Quadriceps. Thigh muscle strength, conveyed through the patella along the patellar tendon down to the dead center of the patellar tendon, knee before they can do so very powerful straight or twisting action and other activities. However, if prolonged use of the knee for a long time to do an emergency stop Sharp and bounce of action, it is easy to wear and tear caused between the patellar tendon and tibial insertion, in which case we call itPatellar tendinitis. The figure is the patellar tendinitis pain area and the common area.

Patellar tendinitisSymptoms relatively speaking it is quite likely to be diagnosed, often by physician examination and diagnosis can be made, of course, were musculoskeletal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging examination, can also help doctors confirm the diagnosis, but there is no need to do so much to spend.

● determined after patellar tendinitis, personally recommend topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic to help control the symptoms of the patient, such as usingDiclofenac diethylamine emulgel, Each painting three minutes in the affected area, applied 6 times every day, adhere to two weeks or so, can be a good help patients control symptoms. Many patients say that this medication does not help, but in fact is not the method used.

● For the symptoms persist for a long time, continued for several months or even more than one year in patients with locallyShock Wave TherapyThe effect is still very good, there was a patient in the knees patellar tendinitis six months ago, particularly serious, it has been going on for several years,45, loves basketball,Even double knee pain did not stop playing basketball, and later can not stand the pain, only to the hospital to seek treatment, which was given shock treatment after two courses, the patient’s symptoms were alleviated.

If you must exercise, it is recommended to wear patellar!

Prepatellar fat pad inflammation, is very easily overlooked problem

In our front knee, patellar tendon behind a filling fat, which we callPrepatellar fat padIt has a very important role, can secrete synovial fluid, can withstand the pressure of the situation Prepatellar fat pad wear occurs in people who love basketball player or basketball which is very common, as do more running and jumping action.

butThe issues are often misjudged, Be mistaken for example, meniscus injury, patellar tendinitis or synovitis.

● before the diagnosis of patellar fat pad a little trick.

Want to determine patellar fat pad before if there are problems, do a little experiment on it, this experiment is calledScaffolding experiment.

  • In a relaxed state, press firmly position Prepatellar fat pad, to see whether pain.
  • After indicating that the patient strained patellar tendon, then press the patellar fat pad position before observing whether the pain.

If there is pain in a relaxed state, and in the state of tension pain, then that fat pad before there is a problem. If the state of tension and relaxation, all pain, the problem from the patellar tendon.

● treatment Prepatellar fat pad inflammation and treatment of patellar tendinitis Similarly, above all, to consider the adoption rest, topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic-based, if ineffective, considered to be the shock wave treatment, the effect is quite good.


For basketball sports injuries that may occur, Dr Tse for everyone in this paper which introduced here, I hope you can help your favorite sport.

Next,Dr Tse think about 40 years old and chat with friends, this sports thing, it is a little nibbling chatter children, Movement is certainly a good thing, can improve our physical fitness, give us a better physical condition, but at forty, the decline in all aspects of the body is inevitable, and if the body is particularly good, without any joint discomfort, conduct basketball nothing wrong, but if there have been joint problems, such as the emergence ofThe wear and tear of articular cartilage, meniscus injuryAnd other more serious sports injuries,The sport of basketball, they are really not suitable, andBecause once this damage occurs, the control is not good, really it will become increasingly important.

While vigorous exercise is great for stimulating these injuries, although some patients after treatment can be a good therapeutic effect, butAnd do not completely cured,Patients need to actively cooperate,Important measures to reduce overuse of the joint is to try to delay exacerbationsThe so-calledChanged timesWhen the body there is a problem, we need to consider the love of sports and how to choose the body in the end,Sometimes this is the two can not have both, Forced movement, although there may vivre, but wait until old age more and more important joint pain, joint replacement when necessary to solve the problem faced, then you will feel right choice to do it?

Of course, this is only the doctor Dr. Xie Zuowei point of view, specifically how to choose, or to see your!

I insist explain complex diseases knowledge in simple language Xie Xinhui, the code word is not easy, if you agree with me, please help point followers or point a praise it, if you, or your family and friends but also love basketball but trouble with joint pain, please forward this article to them need it, thank you!

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