I hope to return to the old house? "Where is Dez," ushered in a big turn

Front cowboy came out of Duddz – Bryant was idle after being cut, but he kept returning to the league. She Jingde is still his first choice in the individual social platform, if the fate of the two sides is not enough, then he can only go to others.

The following is the transaction or signing of each team since the first team since the first week of the NFL self-beginning:

Dallas denim signing Ten Tomson

· Auckland raid signed Brandon Raphael

· Philadelphia Eagle signed Marcus – Huifan and Jordan – Matthewas

· New England Patriots signed this Ni-Wom

· Washington Red Leather Braine Blane – Kuik, Michael Freud and Barshael Perriman

· Minnesota Weijing signed Adrique Robinson

· New Orleans signed Brandon Tatt

· Cleveland Brown put the Jose Gordon transaction to the patriot

· Tennessee Titan signed Richard Matthewas

The names of some of these people have left the big list now, but most people remain in the team. However, this transaction record has a name that has not appeared. Dedz – Bryant seems to have been forgotten, the Cowboy will be effective in April this year, and his gradually declined statement, there is no more than $ 1.65 million, the top of the top, with Old to Germany is no longer the sorrowful killing.

After the first week of the regular season, Dedz said in the tweet, he would like to be a red skin or patriot, but immediately following the red skin skein, Michael Freud and Barshand, Perryman, and Patriotism Also chose Josh-Godden, did not have the idea of ??Tinds. On Tuesday, Dez also released a video of his own crazy fitness in social media. This video has caused people’s guess. Is it “Where is Dez go?” However, Des’ response is a bit unexpected: “I would rather go to Dallas Cowboy, if not there, I will also go to other places to play.”

This sounds interesting, after the fourth week, the cowbur’s pass attack ranking alliance is third, the current team is the most balloons, the Bi Bisley, 16th ball acquired 185 yards, both data For the first place in the team. Tarvin-Osding doubled is the largest player of the team. In addition to the Austin, only Jeff Swindong and Eliot have got a ball to reach.

The 29-year-old extension is selected three times in a career bowl. After the past eight season, it has taken 73 times during the cowboy, close to 7500 yards. The sniper period Dedz has always wanted to join the team that has been competing, has been favored by the crow and Brown, but eventually did not sign. In addition to 2-2 cowboy, the Alliance is now, other teams seem to be not interested in Dide, which can explain Dude to the reasons for the elderly.

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