Don’t have your face!George Event on the feet ZK4 generation, your signature shoes don’t worry, PG6 is not expected?

Recently, in the game, Paul George’s feet have a pair of signature shoes. He he himself has a signature shoe. I also on the previous
day, I also put the PG5 generation, how to wear someone else’s signature shoes?This is really uncommon in the NBA. The net transmission PG6 will continue to go public, but now, this pair of shoes will not be able to cover up the PG series “fail” conclusions, Nike basketball again “I am defeated myself.

Paul George’s feet in this game is ZK4 generation. It should also be a protro series of the front time, the configuration is very low, the upper side of the upper is added to the large-area Flywire flying line, but the actual effect is not very good, this should be After retaining, “Narcas”, at the time, this kind of upper is very powerful, light and supported, but now the weaving upper is better, dog brother thinks he is still a bit hard.

In the middle, the combination of PHYLON and the postmodel cushion is used. In the middle, there is TPU, the first year ZK4 generation palm is lunar foam, the tightness of the shoes is better than the replica version, Nike called Protro In fact, it does not exist, this is a copy of the castrated version. Later, Kobe did something, Vanisa and Nike, the ZK series can no longer be produced.

What exactly does Kobe’s signature shoes? NBA’s wear than signature shoes, such as Drozan, Anthony, etc. They have begun to complain, before a pair of shoes, now a pair of shoes to wear a few games, and wear a pair of few pairs, George This pair should be his own collection. He is very worshiped, and many people are discussed by his successor.

Nike also has done some “joint”, such as the PG3 substitute “Mamba Spirit” as the theme, and has made a few coloring, but it is very good, but the shoes are a bit pull, or they can’t cause too much water. George’s present performance is really very fun, single-core tape, no small card, the clipper is not collapsed, George has proved himself in the playoffs last year.

However, with the appearance of George’s ability, his signature shoes are getting more and more, the PG1 generation is the peak. At that time, the pair of shoes was actually a medium rule, and even a bit of cold acid, the front of the shoes, the dynamic magic stickers, the front palm ZOOM talks to no, good in this pair of shoes, it is still possible, now, he is still a pair of performance-effective practical shoes.

The PG2 generation and PG3 generation have inherited a generation of design ideas. The top three generations of philosophy is the same, and the configuration is similar. The dynamic bonding system of the front palm is also reserved. Although the generation is not as good, but at least this double basketball The shoes can also wear, the most important thing is that the master Paul George is also wearing, wait until the PG4 generation, the PG5 generation, George has been wearing them, choosing other shoes.

PG4 generations and PG5 generations, dog brothers have been spit for a long time, the two shoes are indeed a very low price, which is indeed the AIR SOLE air cushion of the full hand, and the PG5 generation also has anti-twisted and support, and even netizens say PG5 generations. Performance is OK, but there is such a thing in basketball shoes, it is really quite a wonderful, it is better to fill in the middle of the EVA, and do a pair of basketball shoes.

The strongest practical payment of the PG series may not be a generation. It is the PG2.5 generation. This pair of blending a generation of upper and second-generation fedectures. He combined with the advantages of two-parallel shoes, George’s last playoffs last. I have been wearing him, it should be very trustworthy. This season, the pickled pepper has a new color PG5 generation, the dog brother has asked everyone, if this is the first color match of PG5 generation, can this pair can be saved?

This color color is really good, light tones, the middle is a gradient treatment, a bit of cotton candy, but the color can save a pair of actual combat shoes? Dog brother felt can’t, and he couldn’t help George, which was a team, this shoe was a team, that is not so big, but he is a signature shoe, a signature shoes that is launched to the league.

What about Nike’s philosophy? From the needs of the player, build the top basketball shoes, now this sentence slogan, let the domestic brands shouted out should be more appropriate? Now Nike basketball shoes, most paying attention to design, performance, innovation, but created, marketing, replica, PG series is the most classic case, the design of the shoes is completely two things, design drawings Some things have, how do you get a finished product?

Because of the cost restriction, Nike put his signature shoes, also divided into three or six, high-end flagship model LBJ series, KD series, the subsequent Kobe series, now, then the Owen series, the last is the letter brother and PG Series, should the signature shoes should be all characteristics? According to the characteristics of the star, a pair of top-level basketball shoes, see how Li Ning is doing, CJ1 generation is low? Poor performance?

Other team shoes can be divided, but the brand decided to give the star, don’t be configured again. If you don’t just look, you can’t do it, you will do a good job in the team, and Nike’s team will not work. Before, HyperDunk, now there is a zoom GT CUT, and a pair of actual combat basketball shoes are also stirred up high, before the netizens of domestic marketing, I hope you will come to Nike.

Paul George’s own signature shoes are not worn. Although the rumors say that the PG6 generation will still be sold, but the dog brother thinks this is also a signal, which may really end, from the PG6 generation picture of the net, this pair The shoes still maintain the style of the PG4 generation and 5 generations. The shoes are high, and the big probability is also being hurt. Maybe still have to fracture, George estimate is not too much to wear this pair of shoes.

Owen 8th generation, LBJ19 generations, the LBJ19 generations, the LBJ19 generations, and the PG6 generation, maybe really want to give this absurd series, I hope George can choose a brand that is more interested in himself, he It is worth having a good signature shoes, well, this content is here, do you think the PG series will be ended? Why does George choose ZK4 generation? Do you think the domestic brand is likely to cooperate with him? Welcome everyone to leave a message and dog brother.